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This business coaching episode talks about non-winnable keywords.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Step #7: Determine to not waste time if winning is not affordable or possible
  • Lesson Nugget: You have to pay someone to get backlinks.
  • Definition Magician: An incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.
  • Lesson Nugget: Pay minimum wage, plus pay them per backlink and the process will move faster.
  • Editor's Note: Feel free to dance to the beat!
  • Ask Yourself: How much money am I willing to invest to get backlinks?

- Step number 7: Determine to not waste time if winning is not affordable or possible. Ok, so we're talking about, we've determined the winnable terms, and now we gotta determine what are the non-winnable terms. So Clay, get us into this. - Well, first off, I'm happy, I'm so excited to work with you guys here today, that I decided to wear pants. Fine, that's fine. You don't wanna laugh, that's fine, because I'm gonna laugh at my own, that's fine. I thought about that for hours and I've given it to you as a verbal bouquet. If you don't want that gift, that's fine. I'll keep my ideas to myself. Don't worry, thrivers, it will get worse. Moving on. Bottom of the barrel. But here's the thing, is you don't wanna waste time if it's not possible to win. Bottom line. So you have this spreadsheet from our previous episode, I wanna pull it up here. If you're looking at the list here, guys, And you need to get, what is it, 137,000. So, I wanna do here, is I want to just make sure we're getting this. Make one more column here. F, Ok? F. Put in "Backlinks Cost". Backlink Cost. So, cost, you can't pay for backlinks, but you have to pay someone to go get backlinks. So I'm just telling you, if you have a backlink boy and he spends his entire day sending emails to companies, going, "Will you backlink to me? Will you backlink to me? Would you be willing to backlink to me?" He's maybe gonna get 2 an hour, and let's say that Bernie Sanders is President, and you're paying 15 dollars an hour for labor, you're talking about a cost of $7.50 per backlink. So let's take 20 times $7.50. For those of you who aren't, you know, you don't have a calculator near you, use the phone. And, as we stated earlier, if you don't have a phone, you need to see a psychiatrist. - It's true. - Yeah, so anyways, here we go. But you won't be able to call him, you'll just have to show up. Here you go. So it's gonna cost you $150, so go ahead and put that, $150. Someone goes, "How did you come up with that math?" Please put a dollar sign, by the way, I wanna make sure we have a dollar sign there. Again, I'm just saying, if you're a really good backlinker, and I'm gonna have episodes, trainings coming out on how to do this, you're gonna get about 2 an hour. So it's $7.50 per backlink, roughly, if you're paying someone $15 an hour. And you may go, "I'm paying someone $10 an hour". That's fine! I recommend, by the way, you pay someone minimum wage, and then pay them per backlink, and you'll find they go faster. But, moving on, so 19 times $7.50. What's that come out to? Ok, come on. - This is, this is writing the content, right? - I'm sorry here, there we go, yes. Go back here. On column, it would be 2C. So 472 backlinks is what we need, times 750. Good catch, Marshall. Thrivers, that's why we have Marshall Law here. I'll tell you, Marshall Law, he keeps people focused. The other day, I was on an airplane with Marshall, and he made sure I got off the plane. I probably would have stayed on that plane, and had that conversation with that guy with that blue ring. - Yeah? - For at least several more seconds, if you wouldn't have said, "We need to get off of this plane." - You might have been on your way to Des Moines? - Yeah, "Des Moones", as they call it there. - As they call it. - Ok, so it's $3,540 is the backlink cost there. Ok? And the next one here. Now, real quick, can you kinda queue up an old school beat while Devin's doing this, just to kinda make it a little sweeter? Aww yeah. Crank it up just a little more, can we get a little more? Alright, that's nice, that's nice. Ok, 19, so you got 62 backlinks times 750. Oh. Oh yeah, okay. Can we restart it there real quick? Just kinda restart one more time. I don't want Devin to feel any sense of pressure, but I want him to know that he better hurry up here. People have things to do. I don't want him to feel any pressure right now, but he's gotta take 377 backlinks times $7.50. I don't want Devin to feel any pressure, but thrivers, right now, let's just kinda... Devin, Devin. You've got this, Devin. Just kind of extend your fingers towards the screen. See how fast he can go. Mystical powers he has in those fingers. Awwww, yeah. Ok. Let's go ahead and kill that music right there. Ok, boom. So this is how many, and you can ask yourself, "Is that an amount I'm gonna be willing to pay?" So let's talk about it here, OK, again. One, ask yourself how much money are you willing to spend on those backlinks? And if you're not gonna spend the money... Have you? You're in these meetings. - Yeah. - How often do we see a small business come in, a small business owner come in and they're like, "I wanna be top in the world for the word 'razors'" And you're going, "Bro, that's gonna cost you, like" Let's just do an example, please. Ok? So, if you're pulling this up, go ahead and Google search for "razors", and let's see if we can determine how many backlinks they have and how much it's gonna cost, and while you're doing that, Stu, can you kind of explain that infinite sadness you feel in your soul when someone is trying to become top in Google for a term that they have no concept of how much it's gonna cost to do so? - Yeah, this is the level set. This is when someone comes in and has no clue what it's gonna take, time or money, and yeah, the look on their face is quite interesting when we reveal the time and money factor to get to number one for these kinda terms. - So, let's look here, we can't click on those ads, we gotta click on the first one there for Google. So we Googled "razors", is that right? Did you Google "razors", is that what you searched? We googled "razors", we scroll down, and the first one that came up was Dollar Shave Club. And by the way, that was a startup that started a few years ago with a viral YouTube video, and now it's become a multi-million dollar brand, so you can do it too.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Editor's Note: www.smallSEOtools.com
  • Definition Magician: URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, and is used to specify addresses on the World Wide Web.
  • Notable Quotable: "Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless."
    -Thomas Edison
  • Editor's Note: I think that this is what they mean.

- [Voiceover] So we're gonna take that, we're gonna copy that website, copy that web address, we're gonna paste that into, the... spammy website, we're gonna paste that in there. I know I give the guys a hard time there, but you've gotta admit Thrivers, I mean, look at all this crap, it doesn't seem very reputable. - [Voiceover] It's glorious. - [Voiceover] It's like when you meet somebody at the bar, and their name is generic. "'So what's your name?' 'Josh.' 'So Josh what?' 'Smith.' 'Where are you from Josh?' 'Around.'" I mean, it just doesn't feel right, that's how this site feels, it just has a little bit of... it's sketchy like Bob Ross when he starts painting, sketchy. So they have a thousand mac links. So a thousand mac links. Okay, a thousand mac links, how much are they per, Backlink Thrivers roughly, if you're gonna pay someone to do it, about $750, so, somebody with a mathematical degree... Dr. Zellner, by the way, studied mathematics in college, we should probably have him here, - Really? - right now, The CEO of Thrive15, we should probably have him here right now to educate us on how to use a calcumometer, to determine these... People at NASA, aren't the only ones that use calcumometers. People at Oklahoma use them too. - [Voiceover] And they're good. - [Voiceover] Alright, so let's go ahead and do another one, let's make sure, because if somebody says "I don't like Backlink Watch," it's fine, so let's do one more tool, I wanna show you one more tool, Devon I wanna show them one more tool. Go back up here, and let's do seo, small backlink checker, just search for that, seo small backlink, it's not a .com though, it's a seo small backlink checker in the google search. By the way Devon, people in their home right now, some people who are doing these Thrive trainings, are not even wearing pants. There's no pressure, you don't have to go fast. If someone isn't motivated enough to put on pants while watching these episodes, we're not gonna pressure you for that, okay? So here we go, we pull this up here, let's paste in that URL again... Jason, what's a URL, just kind of a simple, what is a URL basically, if you're trying to be simple about it, to understand it, if I don't know what a URL is. - [Voiceover] Same thing as a domain name, like google.com. - [Voiceover] And you just gotta put an http, - [Voiceover] Exactly. - [Voiceover] Okay, so you paste that beast in there. And you know what's happening there? Invalid Captcha. You've gotta put the captcha there Devon, you've gotta put the captcha. - [Voiceover] Now Thrivers, I realize, some people are going, "this is not very exciting." And that is why, I want you to understand, doing this process takes you hours, and hours, and hours. This is not a quick thing, through the power of editing, we can cut ahead, I'm sure editors will probably cut out what I'm saying right now, but the thing is, we can cut, we can go faster, but this is real work, this is like ditch digging. You gotta do it. So here we go, paste that URL in there one more time. Paste that URL in there, paste it. Paste like a champion of freedom. I think what it's doing, is I don't think it likes the s, because it's a secure deal, so I think you get rid of that s, http, and then paste that beast. I feel like it's gonna work, if it doesn't work, in my face. Doesn't work, is there a captcha somewhere we're not seeing? Are we not seeing a captcha somewhere? - [Voiceover] It's not loading. - [Voiceover] So let's redo it, it's not loading, Marshal says. Would you at least have the courtesy of saying, you're over there, away from the mic, talking at me, trying to make me feel small, but you know what, I'm not gonna, just cause I'm on a free site called smallseotools, I'm not gonna do that, I'm not gonna let you do that to me. Let's do another one, check it up there, pull it up, and if it doesn't work, we're gonna go, and we're gonna do the incognito mode. The reason why I'm pushing through here Thrivers, is cause this is gonna happen to you in your living room. This is the stuff behind the stuff, there's nobody out there making content about the stuff behind the stuff. Everyone's like, "Well what you're gonna do is you're gonna build a website, you'll be toppin' Google, and you'll make millions, come to my seminar!" And no one says, "But what happens when I can't get the freakin, tool to pull up for free?" I'll tell you what happens, you sit there, and you cue up hip-hop beats Marshal, and you look at Marshal, while Devon grinds, let's do it. He's got this, we got this. Go Devon. Go Devon. It's your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday. Go Devon. It's your birthday. We're gonna party like it's your bitrhday, and now pause it, pause it real quick. Now, you guys remember Nintendo games? You remember that? - [Voiceover] Of course. - [Voiceover] Yeah. - [Voiceover] Duck Hunt? - [Voiceover] Yeah. - [Voiceover] Can you cue the Super Mario music real quick, the Super Mario theme? Because this'll take us back, those of you, remember quad skates, and Volkswagen Beetles when they were legit, you know, all metal? - [Voiceover] Oh yeah. - [Voiceover] So when the game didn't work, you're playing the game and it stops working, so what do you do, you pause it Marshal, you pause it and you go... You take out the game, and you blow in the game. - [Voiceover] That's the move. - [Voiceover] People in India were blowing in the game, we have Thrivers in Singapore that were blowing on the game, we have Thrivers in Australia that were blowing on the game, was that released in the owners manual? - That is problem solving 101. - Was it a technical release, did Nintendo send out... "Hey, attention Nintendo players. If your game..." But why did we do it, cause it worked! Why did we pull up another tab, cause it worked! Why is somebody who's technical going, "Well that's actually, probably a user error." Listen here. Devon never makes a user error, and I don't want you saying that about him. He's my good friend, and I will fight you. Okay, unless you're a Thriver, in which case I'll give you a hug, and then charge you $19 every month, but, just, please maintain your subscription.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Editor's Note: These are paid tools you can use: SEMRush.com SEOMoz.com
  • Lesson Nugget: 1. Figure out the number of pages you need in order to win, and can you afford to do it? 2. Figure out the number of backlinks you need to win, and can you afford to do it? 3. Understand that you will need two times the number of page content and backlinks than your competition in order to win.
  • Editor's Note: For any questions call us toll free at 1-800-594-4457 or email us at info@thrive15.com

- So we pull this up here. So Devin, we use the tool, scroll up real quick. How many back links does it say we have here? Scroll on down. Oh, Billy. Is it still, is it still doing its deal? We might never get that -- - [Billy] It may be done. - [Clay] Keep scrolling down. Keep scrolling down. Keep scrolling down. Keep scrolling, up, up. So this says 90, 90. This thing is saying 90. So go ahead and back to our spreadsheet. Now someone who says, "I want a more scientific tool than this." That is okay, okay? But what I do is I check on back link watch and I checked on SEM, the SEO small back link checker, and 90 doesn't seem realistic when the other number was so massive. So I'm gonna go, "That tool's a bunch of bunk. "It's not giving me the right stuff." But there are paid tools that you can use. That's SEMrush, and that's SEO Moz, that's Moz.com, M-o-z.com. You can pay for those tools for about $70 a month, ish. And you can learn everything you need to know about determining the back links, but you look at that list there and you go, "Am I willing to spend that kind of money?" And if you're not, get out of there. Quit trying to optimize for that term. Second is you have to look at the amount of content. So we talked about, they estimated time. Devin, I wanna make sure you type in "hours." So I wanna make sure, estimated time to victory, I wanna make sure you put the word hours after it. So, if you're paying a back link boy to write content, let's say you're paying him $15 an hour. Let's do the math. So how much money, let's make a little tab next to that called "content cost." So there's 20 hours times 15. Somebody with a calcumometer or a great understanding of the planet and mathematics, what does that come out to? 15 times 20. $300. $300 weenies, 300 big ones. Next, 19 times the 15. What does that come out to? Yes, $285. How am I determining that? It's because Bernie Sanders is going right now. He's kinda high in the polls right now. If Bernie wins, everything's $15 an hour right? Subway sandwiches are going to be $22 a piece. I'm so excited. - [Marshall] Oh my. - [Clay] So 377 times 15. Oh, I'm sorry, it's the hours. It's the hours, so it's the how much content do I need. So it's 16, sorry 2.667 hours times 15, yes. And that's $40. So, it kinda determines the cost and you just have to ask yourself, "Am I trying to do something that's reasonable, "or am I not?" So I wanna break this down for you and then I'll stop harassing you, okay? So one, figuring out the number of pages you need to win, and figuring out if you can afford to do it. Two, figuring out the amount of back links you need and can you afford to do it? And then, three, understand that you're gonna need about two times as many back links and two times as many pages of content as your competition to win. So those numbers? You'd multiply those times two and that's what you need to win. Okay? If you have just the same amount of content as your competition, you probably won't win because Google gives preference to the site that's been there the longest. So if you have the exact amount of content, the same amount of content as someone else and the same amount of back links, but they've been there longer? You won't win. So you gotta follow all these rules. This is how you do it. If you get stuck, again, Marshall if people wanna ask, ask a mentor a question, how do we do it? - So you can do a couple things. One, you can just pick up the phone and give us a call. That's what I recommend and we want to connect with the Thrivers. So, you can call us at 800-594-4457. That'll come straight into our direct line here in the headquarters, or you can email us at info@thrive15.com. - And how often does this happen? This happens everyday, doesn't it? - [Marshall] Yeah, every single day. I connect with Thrivers every single day. - Thousands of people all over the world will call us and go, "I cannot believe that you guys are actually doing this." So, this is what we're all about. We're all about building a scalable technology, to make business school affordable, and to help you grow your business. So Marshall, as we take it out, I wanna kinda give some shout outs to people all around the world, some of the countries that we're represented in. - Oh, wow. Are you cuing up some old school Wu Tang? Is this gonna be, is this gonna be explicit, Marshall? - [Marshall] I don't know what's gonna happen. - Okay Marshall. I turn it over to you. Big shout outs to Thrivers all around the world, hit it. - So we have a Thriver in Tuscon, Arizona. Big shout out to her, Jennifer. - [Clay] Yay. - [Marshall] Okay. - [Marshall] And then we have some Thrivers down in Australia, big shout out to them. Sydney, Adelaide, um, Melbourne, Australia -- - The largest living marsupial is in fact, the red kangaroo which is native to your land. Four point nine feet tall folks. Boom. Back to you. - Wow. So we also have Thrivers over in India that have been emailing us. It's been awesome, been awesome - [Clay] Aww yes. - [Marshall] in India, as well as Shanghai. Shanghai, we've had a number of different Thrivers there. And then we're big in the Scandanavian countries right now. - Yeah, we've got, all the Scandawhovians who are excited that you're on the site. - [Marshall] Scandawhovians? - [Clay] Yeah. - [Marshall] Scandawhovians. - [Clay] And real quick I wanna put it down as we end here, there's one more I wanna mention, one more I wanna mention here. We've got Thrivers off the coast of Okmulgee, Oklahoma who've been reaching out to us. We wanna say a big shout out to you as well. We're excited you guys now have internet and computers.

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