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This episode is a business coaching course that discusses ways to pass the gatekeeper.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Today's Topic: How to Get Past the Guard Dog
  • Lesson Nugget: Six part system to cold calling: Rapport, Needs, Benefits, Close, Isolate Objections, and Confirm Details.
  • Lesson Nugget: The goal of cold calling is setting an appointment!
  • Lesson Nugget: 1. Rapport - 70/30 rule of conversation
  • Notable Quotable: "To be interesting to others, talk about their favorite topic: themselves."
    -Dale Carnegie
    (How to Win Friends and Influence People)
  • Editor's Note: Email us at info@thrive15.com for the downloadable!
  • Jargonization Translation: Getting the other person to like and trust you.
  • Lesson Nugget: 2. Needs - Find the dissatisfaction gap.
  • Lesson Nugget: 3. Benefits - Solutions to needs supported by fact.

- First time a objector like they say, "What's it gonna cost?" Your like, "Wait, that's why I wanna set up that meeting with you. You can meet them and have all those details in front of me. I can just say-- You know talk slow. All right, Marshall. We were talking about getting past the guard dog. Talking about getting past the guard dog. We're talking about how to do it. And we teed it up with a little bit of Justin Bieber. Here's a little more here for ya. Little Justin Bieber acousitic right there. - Just a touch of it. - Just a touch because I just got back from a Justin Bieber concert. - Yeah. - And trying to get through the guard dog in sales is kind of like trying to get past a security. - Okay. - You know what I'm saying. There's always that guy there who's kind of ugly. He's kind of mean. He's kind of tough. And before we get in to it, we have thrivers all around the world who want to know, "How do you cold call and get past the guard dog." - Sure. - Real quick. How many thrivers have you talked to they have the same question? - Oh, a ton. A ton of thrivers are always asking. Specifically, I know that I need to like pitch to the business owner, the person who makes decisions, but they have no idea on how to have that conversation with that front level person. That person that is actually in that position to filter out people that aren't for real. - Now here's the deal. We're gonna give you three promises from today's training. One, we're gonna teach you the specific system you need to do to get through the guard dog. Two, we're gonna give you a script a downloadable script so that you can actually have a script that has been proven to work. Three, we're going to give you the audio file of somebody actually using the script to get through the guard dog. Boom! Are you pumped? - I'm pumped. Let's get into it. - Okay. Here we go. So there's a six part system. The first part we've kind of drawn our little drawing. Let's flip to the iPad screen so we can kind of see it there. It's rapport. Then there's needs, benefits, close. Real quick. You can't unlock that lock. Is that a lock or a turtle? - Well, it's kind of like a turtle and then I went for a lock so I kind of transformed it. - You're kind of a modern artist. - Yeah, it's modern. - Okay, but anyway. So it's rapport, needs, benefits, close. That's the system to get through. Build rapport. Find their needs. Deliver some benefits. Go for the close. That's what unlocks the lock. That's an opportunity. Now once you've unlocked the opportunity, you still have to isolate, I, the objections. And then you have to confirm the deal. So let's repeat one more time. Rapport, needs, benefits, close. And then isolate their objection and then confirm the appointment. Okay that's the whole goal. The whole goal when you're cold calling guys is to set an appointment. That's how you do it, okay? Set an appointment. So here we go. Let's get into the first one here. This is rapport. So rapport, there's a 70/30 rule of conversational generosity. You want the other person to talk 70% of the time. - Marshall, why do we want the other person to talk 70% of the time? From your experience, because I know you've done some cold calling. Why do you want to keep the other person talking 70% of the time? - Well, I think it was Dale Carnegie in his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, he said that people's favorite topic is themselves. - Yeah. - So if they feel like they're talking about themselves, they love hearing that. They love hearing their name. They love hearing what they think and what they feel. - And just so we're clear, I have taught doctors, we're talking about cosmetic surgeons, dentists, lawyers, school universities, banks how to do this system. It always works. It's the 70/30 rule. It just works. So what you want to do is you want to script out you're rapport building questions. Now good news, thrivers. We have a downloadable you can download right now. Just email us at info@thrive15.com. You can download the downloadable and follow along. And we're actually gonna role play. It's gonna be exciting, okay? - It's gonna be good. - So you wanna script out your rapport building questions. So you wanna ask them questions, the person on the phone, when they answer when you call. Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. Hey I'm trying to get in touch with the owner. They're going to immediately ask you a question and you want to control the conversation by asking them questions. You got to ask the guard dog questions. It kind of lulls them to sleep. Kind of a snake charmer. If you can imagine, it's kind of like You will let me talk to your boss. You will let me get through. You're mesmerized. I can see it in your eyes. When the music plays. And they're going, "That was kind of weird." But the point is that you got to get through. It's a rapport. Now the next part-- And by the way, rapport means just getting the other person to like and trust you. Rapport. Second step is needs. The goal of the needs is to find a dissatisfaction gap. To find a problem they have that you can solve. That is the whole point of the needs. On the rapport, you're maybe spending like a minute and a half, two minutes on the rapport. And maybe a minute on the needs. I mean we're talking bam bam. Because you're just trying to get on the phone because you're gonna get through the guard dog to the decision maker. Right? - Sure. So super quick. - Super quick. I see a lot of people screw this up. They start talking for long periods of time. Don't do that. You can't be doing that. Now the third move here is benefits. Now benefits are like truth bombs. They're knowledge bombs. They're things that when you say it they have to be supported by a... - Fact. - Fact.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: Only relay benefits you can prove with a fact.
  • Lesson Nugget: 4. Call to Action - Assume the close and verify details.
  • Lesson Nugget: 5. Isolate Objections - People will always have an objection you will have to overcome.
  • Lesson Nugget: 6. Confirm Details - When, where, what, and how long.

- Why can't you just say whatever? - Because most people are like making up statistics and you yourself, if they don't know who you are they don't know that you're credible. So you have to pull on credible sources. - So if you call somebody and you say yeah hey I wanted to talk to you, say you're doing a benefit, and you go well our company is 700% better than anything else in the world. That's not a knowledge bomb, that's a bomb sound effect but that's not a knowledge bomb because if you do that, I mean you want to have it where you go I was calling because we have a product that can absolutely help your company make another $20,000 a year of profit, decrease your expenses, and I can prove it all, I want to meet with you about it. You wanna be able to support what you're saying, you wanna have facts okay. You have to be able to do that, because when you give somebody a knowledge bomb, and I'll give you an example. With our wedding entertainment service, I used to tell event planners, listen, I wanna meet with you for five minutes because I believe a five minute meeting with you can help your company generate another five to ten thousand dollars in profit this year, simply by helping girls find the best entertainment possible. And they say well how is that possible? And I say well what it is, is that we're an entertainment company and we provide sound, lights, video equipment, all the kind of sound equipment you need, microphones, whatever. And brides for their weddings need all that. And we have an unbelievable solution. It's guaranteed pricing, and we give you a percentage back as the venue if you refer us. So if you refer us, you can make money, you know, to refer us, and you're already, brides are already looking for a great service anyway. And in fact, we won the award from the knot.com as being the best entertainment service in our category last five years. - So then it's not yourself promoting yourself, somebody else has actually verified that you are the top. - Yeah in fact, you can say in fact, theknot.com awarded us with this award. Now, and you say, in fact, we actually won the award from the Metro Chamber of Commerce as being their Young Entrepreneur of the Year. And you go, in fact, I'm gonna send you over 75 pages of references from recent weddings before we meet. It becomes a deal where you're like, are you guys playing with napalm back there? Because you guys are just knowledge bombing everywhere. What's that bomb? The MOAB? The Mother of all Bombs? - [Marshall] Yeah. - Yeah. - That's what I'm talking about, truth bombs okay? - Truth bombs. - Give 'em real stuff. Now the next thing okay, that remember a solution, a bit of it is a solution to their problem, supported by a fact. The fourth is the call to action. You have to go for it. Because if you ask them when? You've dealt with this, we've talked about this. Why when you go for the win, when you ask somebody when do you want to get started or when can we meet? When you try to set an appointment, and you say when would be a good time to meet? What happens when you ask 'em when? Almost every time? - In my mind, two things happen. One, it assumes the close okay. It's going to happen, just when is it going to happen? Second thing is it gets them thinking realistically when is it, when are we going take action? It's an action question. - So instead of it being this nebulous thing, where they're like, yeah it sounds great, email me. Then you're like, wait when would be a good time for me to stop by? Now they're like What? When would be a good time, like tomorrow? Or the next day you know? Now they're going now I have an objection. That's why our little drawing here, once you go for the close, now you have to isolate their objection. And I'll tell you this, if you're dealing with any kind of sales, and you're selling anything other than ice cream to kids, right, if you're selling ice cream to kids, you don't need this training. But if you're selling ice, if you're not selling ice cream to kids, let me give you the real and raw truth here. Real and raw truth folks, Yeah, yeah. Okay, this is deal, real and raw truth. When you go for the close, you're gonna get a no. What? A No? Am I gonna get a no? I thought this was easy training. No, you're always gonna get a no. Why do you always get a no? Because the person you're talking to is not a kid, and you're not selling ice cream. Anybody who is just not a delusional idiot not's going to go okay yeah great here's my wallet. You know? I mean you can't just cold call people, and build rapport, find their needs, deliver benefits, and go now I just need your credit card number and we'll get this going. I mean people, anybody, is going to object. Marshall, you've been on some dates. Now when you go on a date and you meet some ladies, and you've had some ladies that you've had to blow up some deals. - Oh yeah. - But you're going for the close, like you're trying to set up the next appointment, the next date. - Yeah. - Or maybe she is. In this case, let's say this has happened, in all sincerity, she's like hey when are we going to see each other again? And now you're going, oh no. I mean you're having an objection that comes up. But why do you get the objection, right when you start to think about like are we gonna get married, or are we gonna get engaged? Why does it all of a sudden force the objection to pop up in your mind? Why? - Why, because you're thinking about the next steps. One thing leading to the next, leading to the next. - So you have to understand that anybody who's thinking with you realistically is going to have an objection. You have to learn how to isolate it. Then you have to learn how to confirm the deal. Like book the appointment, confirm the deal. Rapport, needs, benefits, close. Isolate objections, go for the close.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Lesson Nugget: Email us at info@thrive15.com to get the script!
  • Lesson Nugget: Email us at info@thrive15.com for the audio files.
  • Lesson Nugget: If you can't get someone on the phone, try texting, emailing, or any other form of communication you can think of.
  • Lesson Nugget: When cold calling, don't stop calling until people cry (ask you to stop), buy (set an appointment), or die (become unreachable).
  • Lesson Nugget: Depending on the industry a 5-6% conversion while cold calling is amazing.
  • Lesson Nugget: People don't call back numbers that they don't recognize. However, they may if you call several times without leaving a voicemail.
  • Lesson Nugget: For one-on-one training on cold calling sign up for the Thrive workshops by emailing us at info@thrive15.com.
  • Lesson Nugget: Hesitating during a cold call comes across as strange. Know what you are going to say before calling.

- What we're gonna do now is now we're gonna bust out the script. Now all the Thrivers, I want you to have this script. You know the script in front of you; this training is going to be weird. So Marshall, I pass you the script. - [Marshall] Okay. You pass, oh-- - We can do it. This is a romance that just happened. Unbelievable. Okay, anyway, lots of sound effects going on there, so let's go ahead, and we're gonna role play this. Now when we role play, you don't role play... when you're role playing this, you don't role play, like, "Okay, that was great; I'll repay you." You wanna role play, like, realistically. This is how we do it; this is what's really gonna happen. We have an audio file, do we not? - [Marshall] Yep. - Audio files, three audio files that we're gonna give you. We had to edit it a little bit, but three audio files. You can hear a real cold caller, setting a real appointment, going through a real stack of 50 leads and setting three appointments. Don't tell me it's not possible. Now, somebody's gonna say, "How do ya get through the guard dog?" And then they have other questions; there's like five or six more questions-- - [Marshall] Sure. - That aren't related. One is, "How do you get people "to ever pick up the phone?" Well, what I do is I call somebody once, I hang up, I call again, I hang up, I call again, I hang up, and every time that you call, someone misses the number. Misses the call from a number they don't know. Most people that don't know the number don't feel the psychological urge to call the person back, but if you missed four from the same number, what do you do? - Must be important. This person's really trying to get a hold of me. - See, that's what we think. Now, also, I get people to woof, I send them a text. If I'm trying to get a hold of you, and I can't get you on the phone, why do I send you a text? Because a lot of people don't read the email, they don't answer their voicemail, but if they see a text, they'll respond, right? - [Marshall] Sure. - Then I email you, because some people don't do text or phone, but they'll do email. And I may hit you up on social media. Why? Because some people don't do, so the woof is the call, text, email, social media, all those things: call, text, email, social media. You have to go for the full force, if you're gonna do this. You're gonna get through the guard dog, to the decision maker, you better be serious. - Okay, so the first question is, "Do you have a better response rate "if your emailing or calling?" You're saying you have to at least call, and if you're serious about it, you should be doing everything, the woof. - Yeah, those five questions that are kinda behind this; they stand between you doing this system, or one we always get is, "How do you get them "if they don't answer the phone?" Again, I said, "Call, hang up, call, hang up." Two, "Which medium's better? "Call, text, email, or all of them?" The woof. Why? Because everyone's different. Third, "What expectation should I have? "If I call a hundred people, "how many of them should I get a hold of?" I'll tell you this. You wanna call every single deal, every single potential buyer, until they cry, buy, or die. If you got a call list, baby, you paid for it, it's legal, you wanna call those ideal and likely buyers until they cry, buy, or die. Meaning they either set an appointment, you know, they buy, you set an appointement. They cry, like, "Don't ever call me again." Or they die, like, you can't reach them, it's impossible, whatever. So you wanna do that, okay? Fourth is, "Realistically, what percentage "of people are gonna commit here?" I have found that if you call a hundred people on cold call list, with this system, you should be able to book, like six appointments. And the final question is, "Can you guys work "with me one-on-one with my staff?" Yes, which is why we have... workshops. That's right. - [Marshall] Damn. - I didn't feel we choreographed it very well. Which is why we have... Workshops. - [Marshall] Workshops. - [Clay] Boom, those are all included in your Thrive 15 membership. Just email us info@thrive15.com. Tell us the weekend you wanna get out of here, and boom; I should've hit that. See, I need to get better at that. Okay, so here we go; we're gonna role play, and ring, ring, you're calling me. "Hello, thanks for calling Smith's Plumbing "and Air Conditioning Systems." - "Hi, is the owner available?" - "Who's this?" - "I'm Marshall Morris, "and I am with... "Marshall's Plumbing company." - I didn't like the pause, timeout. Can you go ahead write that down? Here you go, I'll throw you a pen, here you go. Ah, that was bad, that was so weak. Alright, so go ahead and write that down, 'cause here's the deal, Thrivers, this is real talk. He had to think about what company he's with, so right away, I'm like, "Sketchy, sketchy. "Maybe this guy's a communist. "Maybe he's a sketchy person. "I bet you he doesn't even have a mom. "I bet you he hates people, he's a scammer, "he's a con artist. "That guy doesn't have his stuff together. "I'm not gonna put him through to the boss, no way. "I am upset, that is it; he's not available." That's what happens, so now he's prepping. This is how you do, guys, this is why we're role playing. This is the real and raw; you're really not gonna get this kind of training anywhere else. That's why we're doing it here for you, okay? Are you ready there? - Yeah, I just opened a new LLC; it's great. - Okay, here we go, ready to do it? - Yeah. - Here we go. Go ahead, I'm gonna call you, you answer. - "Hello, this is Marshall." - "Uh, yeah, Marshall." That's never gonna happen, Thrivers. Real quick; people are not gonna call you to buy. If you're cold calling, so if you're waiting for the phone to ring, what's gonna happen? You're gonna have skinny children. You're not gonna make any money. You're gonna be on the Ramen noodle diet.

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