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This business coaching session teaches about the software needed to start a podcast.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Things You Need To Start a Podcast: The Software
  • Software You Need For a Podcast: A. Podcast Recording Software
  • Recommended Resources: OPTION 1 - Adobe Audition - PAID - $29.99/mo.
  • Lesson Nugget: Adobe Audition allows you to record in layers.
  • Editor's Note: Clay is having a little too much fun with his new toy!
  • Recommended Resources: OPTION 2 - GarageBand - FREE It is super user friendly because it’s made by Apple.
  • Recommended Resources: OPTION 3 - Audacity - FREE

- Okay, so we're getting into the software and the webware that you need to actually get the podcast from your home or workplace up into the Internet so that other people can listen to it. - The great Interwebs. - [Co-host] The great Interwebs. - Invented by Al Gore, by himself, alone. - Oh wow, ok, so- - [Clay] Alvin Gore. - So the first thing that you're going to need is podcast recording software. There are thousands. - [Clay] Thousands. - Thousands of different programs that you can use. - Paralysis by analysis, I went online and I was looking up like tons of podcast- You're like, have you slept today, Clay? No, I was up all night looking around and I just found, there's thousands of options. I think they all look pretty good. I made a spreadsheet of all of them. You eventually have to make a decision. So we've done the research for you, we've been doing this forever. So we're gonna kinda go, yeah, you could do this, you could do that, but here's what you should do. - Okay, so the first option is the one that we use and that we recommend, ok? It's Adobe Audition, it's a paid program. You can go onto Adobe.com. - There's a millennial right now going, bro, paid? Like, I don't remember the last time I paid for anything, bro. Bro, like my bagels, I get them every day at Panera after the sell the bagels they give the leftover bagels, bro. I got my sweatshirt, I bought that for free too. - Well, the paid version is going to be awesome. Because you're gonna have a lot more control over the audio, it's going to sound a lot better. You can have multiple different tracks. You may be asking, why do I need multiple tracks? Well, we're going to actually walk you through specifically how to do it. - Yeah, you're record in layers. Let's me just walk you through it. We're going to record in layers, so you got one audio track here, one audio piece of sound here, one audio track or piece of sound here. And when you hit one it goes, - [Voiceover] Broadcast from the center of the universe. - This is one track and I want to add underneath it something else, so watch this. This is one track. And now underneath it, I want to add something else You know what, right now, I need a little bit of air horn. So now you got two layers. Now what I want to do is I want to have three layers. I want George Michael, I want America, I want the notable quotable, I want my podcast intro. I want to get raw, I want to download it, I want action steps, I want air horn, I want notable quotables, I want everything and I want it to stop. But that's how you would do it. That's why you have a tool like that. - So Adobe Audition - I thought the Thrivers wanted me to mute you for a second so I just, cause a lot of Thrivers are like, can I go back to that sound? I prefer all that, ok sorry. - Ok, so Adobe Audition, that's what we recommend. If you're looking for another option, it is awesome, Garage Band. That's the second option. It comes included with a lot of Macintosh Apple products. - Are you a Homer, are you going like, yeah, Apple they pay me to say this, or would you actually use it? - No, Garage Band really is excellent - - [Clay] It doesn't sound very good, garage? - It is super user friendly, so if you're just getting going if you're going towards that more less expensive option with the blue yeti microphone. - [Clay] Who Blue Yeti? - Blue Yeti. - [Clay] That was your nickname in high school, wasn't it? - Yeah, I was the blue yeti. Ok, and then the third option is Audacity. If you have a PC and you're looking for a free option to record all of this podcast sound, then Audacity is a great option for you as well. - As a former disc jockey, I can tell you I've used all those programs. I highly recommend Adobe. I recommend Audition, I think it's very important that we use Audition. It's absolutely important. And the reason why I say that is because I know that it works, I know it gives you options. I know they're constantly updating. And I know that it's a monthly service where you're paying a set fee every month for it, and they want to keep your business. They're not going to make it screwy. - There you go. So the next thing that we're going to have to do is can you go ahead and hit the farm logic button. That would be great for us. - Absolutely, let me do it. Oh, we got all sorts of sound effects going on here. Here we go, awesome. Guys, this is my first day, I've never actually- I founded the company years ago and I just, this is my first day on the job.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Software You Need For a Podcast: B. Call Recorder
  • Recommended Resources: Skype | FREE calls
  • Recommended Resources: 1. For Windows Users - Pamela Saves Audio & Video for PC
  • Recommended Resources: 2. For Mac Users - ECamm Call Saves Audio & Video for Mac
  • Editor's Note: Both cost a one time fee of $29.95
  • Software You Need For a Podcast: C. Way To Distribute It - RSS Feed
  • Ways To Distribute Podcast: OPTION 1 - Online Website
  • Ways To Distribute Podcast: OPTION 2 - Direct Hosting
  • Editor's Note: If you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at: info@thrive15.com
  • Recommended Resources: Direct Hosting: 1. Soundcloud.com - FREEMIUM pay model
  • Recommended Resources: 1. Archive.org - FREE 2. Libsyn - Liberated Syndicated - $5/mo 3. BluBrry - $12/mo + $5/mo Stats

- Next thing that we're getting into is the call recording. So if you've chosen to do an interview format - [Man off screen] Yeah. - An interview format for your podcast, you're going to want to be able to call other people or accept calls from people to interview them. - [Man off screen] Awesome, yeah. - So what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to use Skype, Skype - [Man off screen] Skype, Skipee? - It's a way for different computers to be able to call each other, you can access it at Skype, Skype.com, Skype, and then you're going to need a call recorder, something additional to actually record the calls on Skype. - Okay, what do I need for that? - Okay, so there's two options, if you have a PC you're going to want to use something called Pamela. - Pamela? - Pamela. - Pamela? - Pamela - Pamela - Pamela - Pam? - Pamela - Pamela. - Okay - If you have a Macintosh, an apple product, you're going to want to use ecam. - ecam. - Yep. - [Man With Glasses] Kind of a weird name, I think Pamela is more of a normal name than ecam. - [Man With Blue Tie] Well, there you go. - [Man With Glasses] Kay - Both of them are $29.95 so that's what it's going to cost to install these products. - [Man With glasses] One time or every month? - One time. - [Man With Glasses] Okay. - Ba-bam. - [Man With Glasses] Bam. - So, the next thing that you're going to need is a way to distribute the podcast. - You just pass 'em out to people there you go - [Man With Blue Tie] Yeah, you just pass out... - A cup of podcast, would you like a cup of podcast? - So there's a couple different options. The first option is the one that we recommend. So whatever your company's website is, that's where you're going to want to host your podcast. It makes sense. - [Man With Glasses] You're going to post your podcast on your website? - Exactly. - Okay got it. - Another option is direct hosting, so maybe you're saying I don't have a website, I don't want to invest the six grand, seven grand... - Time out, if you want a world class website, I'm just tellin' ya, our web team is phenomenal and we have scaled it up so we can provide you guys with an unbelievable website at an unbelievably discounted rate or we could refer you to somebody, we can help you. So whatever, if you want us to help you, if you want to help yourself, but just make sure it doesn't look weak sauce okay? Just make sure it's a high-quality website and we have an SEO, a search engine checklist, and a website conversion checklist, all these cool tools to help you. So if you're like "ah, you just lost me there buddy I don't know how to make a website". We can help you with that, we can coach you, we can teach you, we can make it for you, just don't get lost there. - Okay, so the first option is hosting it on the website. - [Man With Glasses] Yep - If you're going to the direct hosting option, there are a lot of different companies that can do that. One is soundcloud.com - [Man With Glasses] Soundcloud, heard about it. - Basically, it's just a site where you can upload MP3s, it's a freemium pay model where you get some access for free, downloads for free, listens for free, and then if you want to expand the library of what you uploaded it costs money. - [Man With Glasses] Once you get caught up in the game, you've gotta start to pay. - There you go. Some of the other options for you to check out are archive.org, Libsyn is being another, blubrry, b l u b r r y We're going to put all of these graphics up on there but if you're looking for just a direct hosting. - [Man With Glasses] I just want an answer. I want an answer. - If you're looking for a direct hosting just use soundcloud.com. - Soundcloud? - There you go? - Can you show us what it looks like if we were to use this soundcloud. - Absolutely. - Okay and because you already didn't have it queued up I must... oh you did. I was ready to hit you with some George Micheal. - There you go, I had it queued up. - That's a penalty. - Now, If you're doing it on your site, there's a couple of different tools that you're going to want to use. Now we're telling you all these because in the next training we're going to walk you through how to use them. We just wanna make sure that you have all the resources you need before that training. - You need to get all of this stuff together, it's like the blues brothers, y'know, that old school movie, you can't go out there and perform a concert till you get the band back together. - [Man With Blue Tie] There you go. - You've gotta get all the stuff, you gotta get the mics, you gotta get the interface, you gotta get the chord, you gotta get the stand, you gotta get the soundcloud going on, all these different things, you need all this stuff because if not, you're going to get frustrated, because you're going back to the store all the time trying to buy stuff and we're trying to help you cut out the BS. This is the best business school in the world. We're here to help you.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Hosting Podcast On Your Website: 1. Wordpress site
  • Hosting Podcast on Your Website: 2. Podcast Player Plugin a. Smart Podcast Player b. Blubrry PowerPress
  • Recommended Resources: Smart Podcast Player https://smartpodcastplayer.com
  • Recommended Resources: Blubrry PowerPress
  • Definition Magician: RSS (Rich Site Summary; originally RDF Site Summary; often called Really Simple Syndication) uses a family of standard web feed formats to publish frequently updated information: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video.

- Okay, so for the Thrivers that want to specifically host it on their website. - [Clay] Yes. - These are the things that you're going to need. - These are them. - [Marshall] Yup. - They are who we thought they were. - [Marshall] They are who we thought they were. - We let them off the hook. - So the first thing is a WordPress Site. You'll see in all of our SEO trainings that you can actually build a SEO site or have a group like the Thrive15.com web team do it for you. We will walk you through, specifically, what you need to be able to get that up and running. - Somebody is saying, "Well I already have a website, "it looks bad but I made it myself." You need to have world class site. It needs to be on a WordPress format. If it's not, I'm just telling you Google doesn't like it very much. So you need to get over and get serious. We can help you do it, don't get it wrong. - Okay, so the first is a WordPress site. Then, WordPress operates with plug ins. Basically, they're add ons. - [Clay] How do you say that again? Ploog-pl pl? - Plug ins. - [Clay] Oh, plug ins. - Okay, so plug ins are something that you want to use with the site. So if, let's say that WordPress is the actual, physical computer body, okay? - Yeah. - [Marshall] It is the computer, okay? - It's like that squirrel. - Then the smart podcast player is kind of like the operating system. - The brain of the computer. - There you go, okay so, - [Clay] Kind of like I am the brain of this training. You're like the computer and I am the brain. I mean, without my massive skull, I have like an eight and three quarters hat. I have to have a hat that's so massive to hold the contents of my skull, my brain matter. - Yeah. - Just kind of a commercial for myself I just did there. - Okay, so you're going to want the podcast player. That's what actually lives on your Wordpress site. That different people, different visitors can actually play the podcast with. This particular one that we use is called, Smart Podcast Player. You can access it at smartpodcastplayer.com - [Clay] And it's by Pat Flynn? - By Pat Flynn. - [Clay] So let's go ahead and go to podcast.thrive15.com and show people what it would look like when it's all done. When it's all doneski, when it's all put together. You've built all this but what's the end product going to look like? Alright, here we go, here we go Thrivers. Here we go, oh yeah. Scroll on down real quick, so you can show them that glory, that glory. See down there, Thrivers, that's where the play button is. Can you hit play on one of those? Can you do that real fast? You just hit play, that's how it works. You can pause it, you can download it. You can share it, there's a share button on there. That's all accessible as part of the Pat Flynn experience. - So that is the smart podcast player. I misspoke, the smart podcast player, in our analogy is kind of like iTunes. So it's like the application. - [Clay] Now I'm confused. - Yeah. - [Clay] Try again, I don't get it. - Okay, so the computer is kind of like your WordPress site. - [Clay] Got it. - Then, the smart podcast player is kind of like iTunes but in order for iTunes to work you need an operating system. - [Clay] Got it. - The operating system that you're going to use is Blubrry PowerpPress. That's B-L-U-B-R-R-Y PowerPress, P-O - Why do I need it? - Okay, you need it because it is going to basically orchestrate all of the information and create something called an RSS feed for your website. - What does RSS stand for? - [Marshall] RSS stands for, - Richard, Richards, Richard, Sherman's, S-Services. Is that what it stands for? - It is not stand for, - Why doesn't it stand for Richard, what was it? - [Marshall] Rich Site Summary - Rich Site Summary, now why am I, why was I putting Marsh on the spot there? Because you don't need to know all this technical jargon to necessarily get it done, okay? You don't have to be going, "Rich Site Summary, that's what it is, I'll tell you that. That's why, in the 3rd episode of Star Wars, if you've seen that final scene there, where the thing takes off, what actually what happened was, that they you know. Your vast knowledge of everything doesn't help you get stuff done, necessarily. We were tryin' to get to the practical, stuff you need to know. - We're just trying to get you the tools that you need to be able to do the how-to in the next training. - [Clay] Bang.

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