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This business coaching course teaches about proper image naming.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 25 Variables to Google and User Compliance: 10. Proper Image Naming
  • Lesson Nugget: Google Rules For Proper Image Naming: 1. No more than 8 words per image 2. Alt Attributes properly named

- Okay, so the next thing that we're gonna work through is proper image naming. Okay, so we have a ton of images all over the website, and we're constantly uploading them. - [Voiceover] Yeah. - So, we have to make sure that they're named correctly. So, how do we name the images correctly? - I'm gonna go over just a few kind of rules and I'm gonna let Stewart show us the rules in action, if that makes sense, okay? So, let's talk about Google for just a second. What is Google trying to do? They're trying to make money by selling ads. What is the best way for them to make money by selling ads? To have people use their search engine. What's the best way to have people use their search engine? To make it a good search engine. So, if you're looking for Sam Smith, let's do that. You look, Sam Smith, and if you click on images now, do you see all those images pop up there? There he is, Sam Smith, Sam Smith. Scroll down, Sam Smith, Sam Smith. So, that's Sam Smith, right? So, let's scroll back up and let's go ahead and put in my name, so Clay Clark. If you Google search for Clay Clark, you know, why do these images pop up? Why don't other images pop up? I mean, shouldn't there be other images, or does it need to be these images? That guy right there, Clay Clark, down on row three, he's a Biochemist, and I am not happy that he's on page three. He's been like my nemesis for a long time. I don't know we've ever talked. And, he looks like a good guy, but he has to go down to page four or five. So, take screen shots of videos of me and put it up there and they named those images Clay Clark so we can beat that Biochemist. We can all work together and achieve these goals These are the big goals. So, here are the rules. Here are the rules, okay. Because, Google wants to be able to have the images named properly, so people can find them, okay? Is one, you have no more than eight words per image. You can't have more than eight words per image towith, okay? You wanna, you know, you wanna make sure that you name the Alt Attributes, it called. You have to make sure the Alt Attributes are in there properly. You have to have Alt Attributes. And so, we're gonna go ahead and do an example. We're gonna show you now how to name an image, and we're gonna show you how to correctly put in the Alt Attributes. So Stewart, I'm gonna turn it over to you. - Okay, so let's pull up an interesting blog post that we found here, on WordPress. - [Voiceover] Yeah, about Sam Smith and Marshall Morris. - [Voiceover] Marshall is somehow tied into this character named Sam Smith. So, I'm gonna List Insert an image here, so let's go to. [Voiceover] Okay, here we go. - [Voiceover] Let's do this. So I'm gonna search for Sam Smith. Okay, just for a second, I'm gonna violate, copyright violation. Folks out there in the real world, don't do this. - [Voiceover] Yeah, don't do this. - [Voiceover] But, I'm just doing this for demonstration. So, I'm gonna click this image here. He's holding his chin for some reason. - [Voiceover] I know that nobody who uses the internet ever does this. - [Voiceover] No, first time ever. - [Voiceover] Never seen this happen, okay. - [Voiceover] So, I'm just gonna ignore this kind of, yep, blurred out whatever you guys gotta do. Pretend that this is your original image that you photographed, you saved. It's your image, okay. But for the sake of this, we're just taking an image related to the - [Voiceover] Also, pretend you're watching this video on a beautiful island. - [Voiceover] That's true. - [Voiceover] Okay. - [Voiceover] So, this is from Marshall's personal Sam Smith image gallery. - [Voiceover] And, it's full of collection. He's got thousands of images. - [Voiceover] Thousands, okay so, what I'm gonna do here folks, is I'm gonna click right here. This is the content, and I'm gonna click Add Media. Again, this is WordPress. Upload Files. - [Voiceover] Upload the files. - [Voiceover] So Clay, let me back up here because I didn't do the first thing correctly. - [Voiceover] Okay well, and this is real. This is how it is. This is the real nitty gritty training you're not gonna get anywhere else here. So, give hop into it.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: If you want to optimize your images, you can change the file name. By using a descriptive file name you can help search engines.
  • Lesson Nugget: Use ALT attribute text for descriptive text that helps visitors – and keep them unique where possible.
  • Lesson Nugget: Remember, no more than 8 words per image.
  • Steps For Proper Image Naming: 1. Locate saved image on your computer. 2. Click "Add Media" on Wordpress. 3. Click "Upload Files." 4. Rename the file. 5. Find Image on your desktop. 6. Click "Open." 7. Image will upload. 8. Write a proper image name on the "Alt Text" field. 9. Click "Insert Into Post."

- [Jason] This is the nerd stuff, okay? But it's super, super critical. So, what you're looking at folks, if you can see this, I've highlighted this, this is the image, okay? This is the actual graphic on the desktop of my computer. See the "Sam-Smith"? That why it shows up in Google because it is coded with that keyword, okay? You see all these numbers? That means nothing to me. So, Clay, help me. I'm going to rename this file. - [Clay] Okay. Let's do it. "Sam Smith-Marshall Morris". You know, a lot of times you, you don't have a lot of respect for what Jason and I are trying to run a very serious show here, and you're over there, like, "Oh, I guess I'll hit the crickets because you're talking about Sam Smith too much." You know what? This is why Thrivers love it, so back to you. - [Jason] Okay, so, I've renamed this image, because that's part of what we're talking about, image naming, okay? So, I've renamed that so I've got those keywords in there, I'm going to flip back over here. I'm going to go back over here and I'm going to find that image on my desktop. There it is right there folks. Open. See it's uploading right here. Okay, so, Clay, what do we want to do? We've got a named image that you want to look at in Alt Attributes. - [Clay] Yeah, we want to name it properly, so you just show us the whole deal, the whole game. - [Jason] So, give us a tiny bit of strategy on Alt Text, Alt Attributes, whatever we want do here. - [Clay] Let's go Marshall Morris vs. Sam Smith. I think there's a lot of people searching that. The want to go, "Marshall vs. Sam Smith Cage Fight Who Would Win?" Okay? - [Jason] Okay, so folks, what I'm doing at WordPress here, as I'm uploading them, I'm coming over here to Alt Text. And so, I'm going to hit Insert Into Post. - [Clay] Boom. And there's other things we could've done. There was Description. Did we need to do all that stuff for every image? - [Jason] You know, I don't believe so. I believe that Alt Text is good enough, but, if you want to really kick it up and do more, you absolutely can. - Now, Thrivers, what we're doing here is we're talking about the MVP, okay? Some people want a name, and put out words, like, you have your alt text in there and you name the file properly, it'll pop up high in Google. Now, if you're whole game though, let's say you sell art, you're an art dealer and you want your art to come up top to showcase that, I recommend you fill out every aspect of the file name. I would recommend you do that. - [Jason] So, Clay, I'm going to preview this page, okay? - [Clay] Yeah. - [Jason] So, Sam Smith, The Best Male Vocalist Ever. - [Clay] Yeah. - [Jason] We've got that text that we wrote. - [Clay] Can you play, just for a second? - [Jason] Sure. We won't really hear the sound. - [Clay] Okay, alright. We can just pause it. - [Jason] Pretend it's the best music ever, though. So, that's the video, Clay, and that's the image we just put in there. All me. Look at that. Look at that. I'm going to hover over that image, and, so, the alt text, what that is, I just want to go into History here, okay? What the alt text started out as is for, like, blind users of the web, for example. They will have a reader. That's a piece of software that goes down the page and it'll say, "Image here," right. Well, that's not helpful to a blind customer on a website, so, that alt text is what would read out loud to a blind user. - [Clay] What they were seeing. - [Jason] Exactly. It would say, in this case, "Marshall Morris Sam Smith, versus." So, what Google though, it did is adapted that into their algorithm, that's why Google Images works, because it looks for the image name and it's looking at the alt text, and that's where that's coming from. - And the only way Google can get a ton of images on their search is by all of us following the rule. One by one we populate the Internet with relevant images, which makes it more of a relevant search when people are searching for images. - [Jason] Exactly. - So, that's how it works. Marshall, did we skip anything? - No, we didn't skip anything. No more than eight words per image, so when you get into naming the image, when you're in your Finder window or in the Library of where you're uploading the photo from, make sure it's less than eight words. - In all fairness, I know I have been harassing Marshall quite a bit on this, but, I have a confession to make before we move on to our next part. I am attending the Justin Bieber concert here in just a very few number of days, and I am, I have secured a ticket on the fifth row, so, I'll be able to touch The Bieb, and I will showcase my Bieleberness.

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