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This business coaching course teaches about relevant website text content.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 25 Variables to Google and User Compliance: 9. 1,000 Original Words of Relevant Text Content
  • Lesson Nugget: Textual content is the web content including text, images, video and audio related to the user experience.
  • Editor's Note: Yoast SEO (formerly known as WordPress SEO by Yoast) is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin that exists today for WordPress.org users.
  • Lesson Nugget: All content MUST be original on every page or article.
  • Lesson Nugget: Must have 1,000 words of relevant HTML Text Content Per Page
  • Lesson Nugget: Text must be relevant. Text must not be copied.
  • Recommended Resources: A great tool for making sure your content is original is CopyScape. Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker. The software lets you detect duplicate content and check if your articles are original.

- Okay so the next thing that we are getting into is 1,000 original words of relative text content, okay? So we've talked about it in previous trainings. And now we're getting in a little bit deeper and showing you how you can optimize that in WordPress and on your website, okay? How you can actually implement what we've talked about in the past, okay? So Clay, get us into a 1,000 words for all the Thrivers that maybe skipped ahead or just plugged in at this episode, tell us about a 1,000 original words of relevant text content. - Well first off you're skipping ahead you're missing out on some awesomeness. But okay, here we go, so the textual content, the value of a 1,000 words of original content on the page basically it's not just the text, I want to get into this so work with me Thrivers, okay? The textual content is the web content including the text, the images, the video, and the audio related to the user experience. It's a real thing when we go back, Stu can we go back to the Make Your Life Epic website real quick? Can we scroll down to the bottom? You get in there, can we kinda do it where you go in to the Editor, though? You know what I mean? Where you go in to the Editor, real quick? Just scroll on down to the bottom, Yoest is so awesome because Yoest sits here and makes a list of all the things I'm doing wrong. So it kind of tells you those little tips, you know, content analysis? But Yoest is an awesome tool for that, okay? But what you need to do, is you need to have a 1,000 words of relevant Html content per page. The content has to be related to the subject. You have a 1,000 words, have to have a 1,000 words. ♫ Have to have a 1,000 words ♫ Somebody might say well what about 500 or 450? Thrivers, you want to have a 1,000 words. Well I read a blog last night and it was sayin' Just stop reading the Bieberblogs, stop reading about Bieber he'll be okay, he'll be okay, he's freakin' out a little behind stage but he'll be fine. He just gotta, you gotta just give him his space, he's not gonna sign autographs before the concert. But stop reading the blogs and you've gotta make sure that you're writing a 1,000 words of content per article. Someone says well I don't really know what I would say. I'm gonna tell you how to write the content and I'm giving you the moves. Okay, I'm giving you the moves to do it, okay? First up the text cannot be copied, it has to be relevant, it has to be original, it cannot be copied. You cannot copy the text. So this is what we're gonna do, Thrivers. We need to write a 1,000 words of content right now for a web page. So I'm going to do it, are you ready? Because this has never been done before. So, typically I would put on a headset, and typically Stuart wouldn't be publicly typing. But nothing could be more awkward and what'll happen is at a certain point when you kind of get what I'm doing, then Marshall will just kind of skip ahead in editing and we'll make it happen, okay? So here we go, Stu, let's go ahead and make a new page for a second. Can we do a new page? - [Stu] Yessir, here we go. - And I'm gonna optimize for the words Sam Smith. All right, we'll just put this on like the little article section so, customers aren't going why is this PR firm obsessed with Sam Smith, okay? But we're gonna start here, so at the top of it, Thrivers what should my H one text be? I'll tell you what, Sam space Smith and let's do a little vertical bar. The best male vocalist ever. Okay, so here we go, now I'm gonna go ahead and I've got to get into the content, okay? So Thrivers what should I say in the first sentence? I should say Sam SmithI'm just gonna say, Sam Smith is considered by many to be the best male vocalist ever. Period. Since bursting onto the scene, with a smash hit and remix, comma Sam has absolutely dominated the R and B concert tour world. Period. Perhaps no artist has touched the soul and the heart of Marshall Morris more than Sam. Period. - [Marshall] It's true, that's true. - [Clay] Although Marshall remains single he believes that his musical preferences have absolutely nothing to do with this. Period. If you are interested in scheduling a date with Marshall Morris please know that his schedule has been and will always remain, wide open. Like the widest portion of the Mississippi River or Panama Canal. - Luke Dickinson. - [Clay] For a good time call Marshall Always Single Morris. Now Thrivers I just created roughly 100 words of content, okay? That's a paragraph, it's five sentences. So five sentences is one paragraph, right? So it's 110 words, so I have to do that 10 times. Now I will tell you this. If you are trying to write original content without a headset, for all your sub pages, for your pages, you know your main pages, you're a sick freak. You're a weirdo, you should not do it. You're a court reporter, you're a, I don't know what you are, stop it. Get the headset, get the dragon headset, put it on. We talked about it earlier. Get it, type.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Editor's Note: A WordPress slug is nothing more than a few words, which you choose, to describe a post, page, category, or tag within WordPress.
  • Editor's Note: Send your 1000 words page submission to: info@thrive15.com Let's Do This!!!

- Now, check it out, we are in a post reading culture. So if we do a quick preview real quick here. I'd like to do a quick preview, just a quick little preview. So I want to go here to YouTube, a little YouTube. And then go ahead and let's google Sam Smith. - [Stu] You already made this video for Marshall? - Lock In Your Love. And then let's go ahead and find an appropriate, let's scroll down, let's do Latch, yeah, Latch. Let's pick that one. And then let's go ahead and take the, let's embed that. So we go here on the share button and you can find the embed tool. I embed it, I copy it so I right click it. Copy it, boom, now go back to the site. I flip the switch and I go onto my text version. See at the top right it has visual or text? I click, can you do it one more time just in case we lost somebody? There is visual or there's text. - Go to Clay so I can just explain this. Text, it actually is the HTML view. We keep mentioning HTML, that's what that is. - [Clay] Okay, that's the HTML view right there. - It's the nerd view. - Nerd view so you put it in there. You have how many words Thrivers? 1000, now we scroll down. What section, let's put it in articles. Let's put it in the articles section of our website. You click that little tab. Let's scroll on down. Here we go Thrivers. Work with me Thrivers. Keep going down, keep on going down. Okay, so we're going to edit, we're going to edit our snipit editor right? We've already got, I mean that makes sense, Sam Smith, vertical bar, the best male vocalist ever Make Your Life Epic right? Then we have Sam Smith is considered by many to be the best mail vocalist ever since bursting onto the scene with a smash hit and remix. Sam Smith has absolutely dominated. Let's go ahead and clean that up a little bit. - [Stu] Can I go jump in here? - [Clay] Yeah, sure. - What's interesting, I'm just going to point out Yoast. This is what's cool about Yoast is I have not edited any of these properties, any of these things yet. - [Clay] I thought you had. - I had not, so it took the title. It took the excerpt of the first few words there. That's what you're looking at there. I haven't touched that yet. So, Yoast is, if you're not a studious, if you're not going to make that ahead of time, it's going to go ahead and put that stuff in there for you. - [Clay] That's awesome. - But you can override it which we're going to do. - [Clay] Okay, we're going to override that beast. So I'm clicking on it. - [Stu] Let's do, what do you want to do, title first or? - [Clay] Yeah, let's do title. Okay, so let's do Sam Smith vertical bar learn about the best male vocalist of all time. Now in the description, now real hey quick guys, the slug, that's the permalink. Should it be Sam dash Smith dash...yes it should be because that's what it's about. This is what the content is about. Now description Thrivers, if this was your business, you're going to want to get a phone call right. So I'd say, Call 918 851-6920 If you would like to schedule a date with Marshall Morris period, although there has never been limited availabilities, yeah limited availabilities we do not foresee that changing in the future. Now the problem is that I didn't say Sam Smith anywhere right? So the description has to say, call 918-851 if you would like to schedule a Sam Smith party with Marshall Morris and then you just get rid of date. Get rid of that. So we have to get the number of words there with Marshall Morris although there has never been limited availability. Just put, get rid of although, let's kind of take that out of there because it's too many words. You put, just put, Marshall is always available, just Marshall is always available period, that's good. And then the keyword, keyword focus, you want to put Sam Smith comma Marshall Morris comma Morris Marshall comma single Marshall comma Marshall is single Put definitely single Marshall and that is, that's how you do SEO Thrivers. I mean, that's the brass-tacks, that's how you do it. So we're going to leave it there. I don't want to change it because I do know that Thrivers, if you backlink to this, we could make this number one in the world. However, we've got to get 1000 words. So if you want to submit your own 1000 words that we could add to this page. I commit right now Thrivers, if you'll send in your own 1000 words, I'll add it to this page. Now, if everyone does it, that could be like 10,000 words. So if we're going to go ahead and search up here real quick for Sam Smith. It's a potential deal where Thrivers if we all unite and you all do a backlink, you have to link back to that specific page. We'll make the link available for you. If you click there on that Sam Smith right there. Click on his Wikipedia, then what will happen. What will happen is, Marshall is very upset. Just scroll down here. You will see, this is all the words we need to beat him. Thrivers we have to have original content. Get your books out, go find about Sam Smith, write about him, talk about him. We could be top in the world for Sam Smith. Ahead of Sam Smith, himself, if we all work together. And Thrivers, I'll tell you this, the first person who sends in over, the first person who sends in over 2000 words of content, I'm going to send you a copy of my book. And I'll also send you $5. I'm going to pay you to read it, so there we go, boom.

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