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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Quote: "They work hard at trying to save, but they waste a lot of time." -Robert Kiyosaki
  • Prosperity Mindset: Believing that wealth, success, and prosperity are possible; that there is an abundance of wealth.
  • Notable Quotable: "You have to immerse yourself in the intense study of success."
  • Poverty Mindset: Negative financial thinking resulting from a poor relationship with money.

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-So for me, I don't speak hardly any Spanish, OK? But in theory, if you go down there to Mexico-- and this is kind of my version of Mexico. That probably looks more of like Delaware or something. But anyway, when you go down there, what happens is I went down there on a vacation. And I was down there for about a week, and I couldn't find any shoes.

-Right. You didn't think to bring any?

-Well, I got my shoes wet.

-Oh, OK.

-So I had to go get some shoes. So I'm running around like, uh, do you have any shoes? Do you have any shoes? Do you have any shoes? I'm doing that weird, offensive foreigner stuff where you're like-- [LOUDLY] do you have any shoes! You know, because you're talking louder like they can-- it's like they have a hearing problem because you don't speak their native tongue. Do you have any shoes! So I'm doing that. And I'm running around doing that.

Well, finally a guy says, "Zapatos?" And I'm like, uh, zapatos! Shoes? Yeah, shoes? Do you have any shoes? Zapatos, zapatos.

Well, I find out I have "doce." I think it's doce. It's 12. Zapatos, you know? And then while I was at it, I want to get some pantalones, some pants.

CALEB TAYLOR: Yeah, I get those, pantalones.

-And so I'm like running around being like, uh, hola, mi llamo Clay? Uh, you know, looking for-- donde esta zapatos?

And pretty soon, by the end of the trip, I can communicate. I'm like, this is boss! I'm going to the bathroom in Mexico. I know where it is. I'm asking questions. I'm getting lunch. I'm getting a chicken. I'm ordering the pollo, I think it was. Pollo's chicken. I'm on fire.

But I took Spanish, too, for two years, so there's one and two, and I never did get it at all. So what I'm saying is you have to immerse yourself. So if you want to become successful, start hanging around successful people, step one. Do it. Log on to Thrive. Watch as your brain explodes.

-And I know what you do is you're very aware of the stuff that's coming in your brain.

-Oh, man.

-You're aware of the stuff you're reading. You're aware of the posters that you have on your wall. That affects your belief and your faith, I bet.

-If you come to the Thrive office, do not have success stuff everywhere?

-By the way, you read his book, rip out that page, you come to the office, they'll give you a free high five.

-Free high five. We redeem that. It's available. It's something we offer.

-Come on, do a free high five thing.

-But I surround myself with those positive imagery because I need to encourage myself. But you've got to immerse yourself in success, the intense study of success.

-Yeah, and then you choose to invest the time. I know a lot of people waste time, too. They're wasting their time working hard, I guess, maybe in their wage cage.

-How much time? 15 minutes a day.

-Yeah. But it's being aware of it. Again, Robert Kiyosaki in that same book says, "They work hard at trying to save, but they waste a lot of time."

-Well, OK, here's the deal. There's a belief system here that at the very beginning of this belief-- and I don't get too deep right now-- but there's a belief system, and you have either a poverty mindset, or you have a prosperity mindset. These are A or B. Other people will call this a poverty mindset, or they'll say a success mindset, or a prosperity. But the one thing you have to look at is poverty-- whoa, that was kind of cool. That's a red. How poverty, people believe that there's scarcity.

I'll give you an example. Do you know that in Iraq-- this is 2014-- in Iraq, the Russians just found a massive amount of oil? Have I told you about this?

CALEB TAYLOR: You have not told me.

-Oh, this is beautiful.

-The Russians have this belief that there is more oil to be found. So here we helped liberate Iraq, and we're like, nah. Because the people who are in charge of looking, as a country we've kind of chosen to-- a lot of people have chosen to believe in peak oil, which is the belief that we've hit the maximum amount of oil we could ever produce, and moving forward there will be diminishing returns. The Russians are like, nope. We are going to find oil because there's more of it.

Do you know they just found one of the largest oil reservoirs ever? It's something like two times larger than any previous discovery. And do you know that other people found a huge oil reserve in the Dakotas in the United States? So we're finding more oil every year than we've ever found before, but these other people are like, nah, we're running out.

Well, I don't know about you, but until the year-- right now it's about 2014?

CALEB TAYLOR: It is. That's correct.

-I'm not really worried until the year like 2614. And I'll be dead then, so I don't care. So my whole thing is like scarcity and prosperity. Scarcity is like there might be enough for everybody. I don't want to be too successful because that would take from you. And people who are prosperous say, I want to be so successful so that you can see someone who's successful, and I want to give a little bit extra for you.

And that's the mindset. So you've just got to train yourself to have the prosperity


Are you ready to start a business?

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Ask Yourself: Am I investing my time in something that can increase my wealth?
  • Lesson Nugget: Time is your most important asset. You have less and less of it every day.
  • Lesson Nugget: Utilize your time wisely, and make sure you are doing things to get you where you want to go.
  • Three Choices For Your Life: 2. Be Comfortable
  • Quote: "Comfort kills ambition...Get uncomfortable and get used to it in your pursuit of your goals and dreams." - Robert Kiyosaki


-I know growing up, I would consistently see people living with this security mindset. Investing a little extra that they had in cars that got 2% better gas mileage, or something like, hey, these windows save our utility bill. It cuts down 5%, here and there. How is that mindset different than this mindset of becoming rich?

-Well, people that are trying to save their way into security-- they do weird things. They'll take four hours to clip all the coupons to save $22 at the grocery store, when they could be at a job, learning a new skill, to make another 400. So for me, I will not run around looking for coupons, because I know that I could invest the same time. I could log on right now to a Thrive episode, and learn everything I needed to know about marketing.

-Build a pitch stack, or something.

-Yeah, a pitch stack. Or I could be reading a great book, or I could be spending time with a mentor. I could work an extra hour at my job. I don't want to run around trying to look for coupons.

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad," he talks about that in his books, that very few wealthy people go to laundromats, but a lot of poor people do. And it's because the idea that rather than invest in a washer and dryer, so that way I can do it from my house, they're like, well, I'd rather save money and just go somewhere else. But ultimately time is the biggest asset that you have. So you don't want to waste your time, because time is your most important asset.

-I know that was something that you learned later in life. You've always told me, is that-- you've heard the saying, time is your most valuable asset, and now you really understand it. To where people come up, hey, you got a quick minute? No, I do not have a minute. Please step away from my desk.

-Well, what's funny is like, with--

-Because you have to, if you're going to be able to get those tasks done.

-Now I'm not a big deal, but Sean who we're going to interview here a little later-- my phone today there will probably be 50 emails that I have to respond to, and there will probably be 30 voice mails from this morning when I get out of here.

-You look like you have so much joy and excitement when you talk about that.

-Yeah, well, it takes me to a special place.

But when I get into it, there's people who will call who are like, hey dude, just wanted to get together for lunch. Well, I don't have a lot of time to waste. I want to know-- state your purpose. And then I love being generous with my time, but there's only so much of my time.

And so what you have to realize is that you're only going to live once. And the best example I can give you is if you're watching this, and you would see a homeless person today and if you would give them $1,000 out of your pocket-- just 1,000 bucks, here you go, bam, someone you'd never met-- maybe it wasn't a homeless person, maybe it's a person who's just down on their luck who asked you for money-- if you'd give $1,000, then you would be a very rare person. But a lot of us give thousands.

I mean, let's say worked at a job where you made $10 an hour. A lot of people will spend 100 hours a year, just your time wasted, on people, places, and things that are not helping them get where they want to go. So you just don't want to throw away your time, and you don't want to throw away your money.

-So why in your mind do you think most people are investing their time and money into money saving options instead of money creating investments?

-It comes with the fundamental belief at the very beginning of this-- that the people in the top left up there, they have a belief in scarcity. They believe that soon the money supply will run out, soon we will run out of natural resources, soon things might get worse. I would hate to try something big, because what if I lost my job over here?

Gosh, it's tough. When family starts calling you and saying, how come you're not getting a job that pays you what you're worth? I'll never forget when I was-- people would tell me, if you would just have got your degree, you could be a CEO with your personality. You could do-- I'm like, I don't want to be a CEO of a company that I'm not passionate about. I have a distinct plan I want to do. And so you just have to make sure that you have that belief, that fundamental belief system to begin with.

-That's big. All right, let's move on to the second option here. This is not the safe option. This is the comfortable option-- choosing to be comfortable here. Talk to me about this. How is this different than the security option?

-Well, security is the guy who walks the marathon. He's like, well--

-He doesn't want to pull a hamstring.

-I don't want to pull him a hammy. I'm gonna walk this marathon. He's just walking. He's got some music going on. He has the headphones. He's got some--

-What is he listening to?

-He's listening to a--

-Some Michael Bolton?

-No. No, he would not listen to Michael Bolton if you're a walker on that. Yeah, actually he was listening to Michael Bolton's holiday album. So he's just like--

-It's summertime.

-It's summertime, but he's walking the marathon. He's walking, Michael Bolton Christmas. That's what security is. Now the guy who's going for comfort, he's going to jog. He's going to be like, oh, I want to finish in the top 400. There's 1,000 people.

-And he's pumped about being in the top 400.

-Yeah, he's like, I didn't really fully push myself, I would hate to have-- my skin gets flushed when I run fast. So I just want to maintain. I get hot. I get overheated. I'd just rather be in the-- I want to jog my way-- that guy. But he's fast. He could-- in his mind, he knows he could probably have been near the top. So he even says things like, well, I could have. I could have. I could have been in the top 100, but I've chosen not to. I just didn't want to show people up. I didn't want to risk it. I didn't want to pull my hammy. I got a bad knee.

-Nobody wants that.

-So comfort is where you turn on the rocket boosters just enough to get ahead of most, but then you stop. And it's dangerous. You know why? Because comfort kills ambition. Oh man, comfort kills ambition. Comfort kills.


Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Notable Quotable: "Life is not a dress rehearsal."
  • Quote: "The time will never be just right, you must act right now." -Napoleon Hill
  • Quote: "They begin to look like wild lions trapped in small cages at the zoo. They just pace back and forth wondering what happened to the life they once knew." - Robert Kiyosaki
  • Quote: "Nothing is more tragic than to see people who have sold themselves short on what is possible for their lives. They try to live frugally, skimping and saving and they think that this is being financially smart. In reality, it is financially limiting and shows up in their faces and in their attitude in life the older they get. Most people spend their lives mentally caged in financial ignorance." -Robert Kiyosaki

-Let me give you an example. You know why? What this is called, right, this is called the workout guru who never works out again after getting married. This is called the guy-- we've all known the guy. He's just jacked.

And he works out every day. He's just Grr. I am jacked. I just want to get huge. You know, and he's just yoked and he's just pumped and he's just reading the fitness magazines.

And then, he gets married and he's like, well, my wife is hot and I have her. So I'm going to quite. You know, the fish is already in the boat. I'm not going to need to bait the hook any more, right? Right? That kind of guy. And so, you know.

And so what happens is is the comfort kills. He starts to kind of sleep on the boat a little more, kind of laying back. You know, wakes up with a sunburn and fat. You know what I mean? It's not where you want to go.

You want to make sure that you just don't lose your ambition when you get comfortable.

-Again, if we're looking here at the "Rich Dad's Guide to Investing" -- Robert Kyosaki-- he says, "Nothing is more tragic than to see people who have sold themselves short on what is possible for their lives. They try to live frugally, skimping and saving, and they think that this is being financially smart.

In reality, it is financially limiting, and it shows up in their faces and their attitudes in life the older they get. Most people spend their lives mentally caged in financial ignorance." He's saying this is the reason why many old people are grumpy.

-I'll tell you this, I have a guy I know who's extremely, just ridiculously wealthy, and he's older in life, very wealthy. And he, right now at this advanced age, he is trying to completely overhaul an industry. And I'm like, really?

-I love it.

-And he is pumped. You see, every time you talk to the guy he's like, he's got these plans. He believes the future of this industry is going to be here and there.

And you're like, what time are you waking up, bro? You know, you're getting text messages from the guy at bazaar times. You're going, this guy's been up since three or four. And you start to realize that this person is not content with achieving just mediocrity or comfort. They want to do something big.

-I don't know who you're referring to, but as one of the younger guys here on the Thrive team, I love the opportunity to be around some of these older gentlemen. I'm not saying they're old, but older gentlemen. Wise gentlemen.

-Wiser gentlemen.

-Wiser gentlemen. Clifton Taulbert, extremely wise. Lee Cockerell, those two men are so full of life and passion and energy and joy. It's contagious.

-And you know, what's crazy is you look at it and you see some old people who are like, I don't use phones. I don't like smart phones. Why would I use a smart phone? I'm already smart.

And you're like, grandpa you want to look up the phone number for Outback Steakhouse on your phone. Can we look it up and we'll call them? On your phone? You know, I'll get a Yellow Page. And they're just mad, and you're like, whoa, calm down.


-You get the old guy who's got a house that's paid for in a neighborhood that's getting bad, but he's got the perfectly manicured lawn. And he's just, get off my lawn. And you wonder, how'd that happen?

What happened is they quit dreaming. They quit chasing the stars. They quit going for something big. We've got to just-- we've got to pursue our passions.

-Again, Robert Kiyosaki describes these people as pacing lions. He says, "they begin to look like wild lions trapped in small cages at a zoo. They just pace back and forth wondering what happened to the life they once knew." These are these people. Do you have-- can you think of people that you've encountered in your life who had plenty of skill-- they could have been something?

-It's usually the guy-- I-- have I seen-- how I've seen it the most often recently, is I've seen a lot of guys who built a pretty decent amount of wealth, where they're like in their '50s. And they have an opportunity to cash out of a business and they do it, and they get depressed.

And there's-- if you get a chance to Google this if you're watching this, this is some crazy stuff. There's all sorts of data out there that shows people, most executives, after retiring die very quickly, because it's like they're so used to going. It just kills their-- and really not having like, ambition is bad for you. Like, you know, laughter, I mean, there's medical research that shows laughing is good for you.

I'm just saying that like, laughing and being engaged in the pursuit of your passion is awesome.


-So If you're not engaged in your passion, you're going to be up for health problems. You're going to have lack of energy. But when you're engaged in the pursuit-- I mean, last night I was shooting off fireworks.

-Oh, it was a blast.

-And I was shooting them off.

-Flying pigs just--

-Flying pigs.

--right up through the sky. We got some Roman candles. We got some tanks. These tanks they shoot--

-They fought. They fought each other.

-The tanks fought each other. You got the motorcycle. You light it up, and it's


It had like one broken wheel. It's kind of like g-g-g-g. Put the whole thing is it's awesome. I'm excited. I'm like, I'm like, 12 'cause I'm into it.


-That's how we need to be. Every day we need to be engaged. We need to remember what it was like to live life like you're singing your favorite song. It's got to be awesome.

-So let me ask you this. Look into this camera here. What would you say to one of these caged lions that's watching? They're walking back and forth right now. They're in that current situation where they're just pacing, OK? What do you say to that person?

-Well, to quote Napoleon Hill, "the time will never be just right." You have to live now. And I would say this, Napoleon Hill talks about, you know, he says, "the time will never be just right. You must act now." You must, you must live now. It's huge.

And I love that quote. But I also-- there's a quote that comes to my mind about how life is not a dress rehearsal. It's just not. You only get to do it one time. Get out there and sing your song.

Just go for it. You can absolutely make your mark. I'm telling you, you can make a mark and leave a legacy.

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