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This episode is a business coaching course that talks about sharable stories.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1


-Could you read the next one, my friend?

-Power move number eight-- share stories that are shareable. "Stories-- people are inherent storytellers, and all great brands also learn to tell stories. Information travels under the guise of idle chatter."

-Now, what he's talking about is if you have a compelling story-- so let's talk about-- don't mention the names necessary. But think about a wedding you did this year. Is there a wedding you did this year where there was a really compelling story going into it? Like something with the bride the groom or something that was a pretty compelling story.

-Yeah. Yeah. No, there is. Did you want me to tell the story? Sure. Go for it.

-There was a really cute story about a couple that met on Tinder.

-Oh, Tinder.


-Yeah. And the girl talked about how she basically was going to delete Tinder, like the week before. She's like, I'm going to delete Tinder. And then she was, like, oh, I'll keep it for a week. So she was on it for a week. And then, we did a really cute save the date video to help them prepare. And in the video, it was really cool because it talked about how, like, I swiped right.

Does that makes sense? So something like that. That's what you're looking for. Stories like that?

-So then the headline on Facebook might be like, we met on Tinder. I almost deleted my account. Now we're married-- or something.

Another example I can tell you. We did a wedding years ago. We're at the wedding. The groom's best man was not supposed to be at the wedding because he was deployed. But the best man knew that he would be in town for their wedding. He knew it could probably work out where he could get back in town. But he didn't tell the bride or groom.

So I get a call from the father of the bride. And he says, hey, are you the DJ? I said, yeah. He says, here's the deal. The best man is going to give the toast. But no one knows he's even back in the States. So I want to make sure that you don't spoil the secret, but we want to get it where he's kind of underneath the head table before the couple gets there.

So when they do the toasts, I'll get up. I'm supposed to fill in for him and then I'm going to say, well, I was going to do the toast today, but I didn't have a chance to write anything. And I was wanting to see if we had somebody who'd be willing to fill in for me. And at that point, he's going to come out. He's going to take the mic. We're going to share this story.

-I have a feeling this really happened.

-It did.

-Yeah. It did. And so what happened is the guy who gets up-- the father of the bride, he says his thing. I was going to give the toast tonight on behalf of the best man who couldn't be here. Unfortunately, I just didn't get a chance to prepare anything. I hope somebody else could fill in. And people were like, what? Well, then this dude comes out in his military uniform. And the groom is just bawling because it's like his best friend. He hasn't seen him forever. It's this awesome deal.

Well, it was a cool story. But I bet you that there wasn't a dry eye in the whole place. Everyone was so excited. The groom was so pumped. The bride was pumped. It was this awesome story. And you might, in your business as a wedding videographer and a business person who does business videos, you might be able to find-- if you're careful, if you think about it, everybody has a good story. Think about it. Everybody has a good story. There's nobody watching this right now that doesn't have a good story. I've lived 26 years on this earth and so I should have something that happened in my life, right?

-Yeah. We all will have some adversity or some problem, where we've all lost somebody or we've all had a big triumph. And you want to be able to share those stories on social media. Because, again, if people would socialize about it--

-Are you talking about sharing these through video, or are you talking about me typing these things out, or just any way?


-Both ways. OK.

-Yeah. I would never share a post without video or photo in there. But I'll just tell you this. I am pragmatic and you're a business guy so you're going to have a little pragmatic in you as well. And the problem with pragmatists like me and you is that we don't use-- I don't use social media to just hang out.

I have businesses. And I think of social media as marketing. But the average person is on there for socializing. So we've got to find a way to share those stories.

-To make it social form.

-That's right Cool?



Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2

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