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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Action Steps For Networking Calls: 1. Name-drop, 2. Frame Break, 3. Ask
  • Action Step: Create a Dream 100 for media contacts.

-Step three, you might say I'm going to send them another sample. Step four, I'm going to call. Step five, I'm going to-- and every week you just get this sense of momentum because you're like, I did it, I did it, I did it. And this is what happened for me with Boeing, the airline company. Alice Hargrove she answered the phone somewhere around step five. I'd mailed her crap, I'd called, I'd called. Finally she calls. She says, Clay Clark. Yeah, Alice Hargrove here. Boeing.

And we're planning our 40th anniversary party. And we're looking for a DJ. Would you be interested? I'm just like, oh yes, yes! Because my faith was really at a low point. But then over here Quick Trip, the gas station people, they called. Somewhere around here, Southwest Airlines called. And the magical thing is they all-- nobody woke up with a burning desire to pay me, but everyone did pay me if I harassed them enough.

But you've got to get their attention, name drop, break a frame, and then ask them. So when you call a lady, they're going to be like, this guy Trevor who's a buyer for Neiman Marcus or Hobby Lobby or whatever. He's going to call. So what store do you want to get into? Do you know a store you want to get into.

-I would love to get into Fire Mountain Jim's, Beadaholique, Hobby Lobby, possibly Michael's.

CLAY CLARK: Let's say Michael's. So if you got into Michael's and the guy from Michael's answers the phone, you've got to have your script in your folder with you at all times. He calls back-- this is Trevor, buyer for Michael's. You're like, oh. And he won't usually say that. He'll just say this is Trevor. So you need to be able to pull up your spreadsheet and know which guy he is. And you're like, hey Trevor, what's up? And he's like, yeah, I was curious what you do.

Well, I developed a product that is blah, blah, blah. And my husband and I, he happens to be the world's number one poker guy, or I happen to be a mother of eight, or something that's going to get my attention, break my frame. And I would love to meet you to see I can get my product into stores. But you just have to have a way to get their attention. Make sense?


-It's really important that you do that though.


-You just want to feel good about that. But that's going to be our Dream 100. So this is the Dream 100 just for shows, stores, and buyers. And Marshall, you got that, buddy? Now we're going to make another Dream 100.

JULIE: You've got all the steps?

MARSHALL: Oh, yeah.

JULIE: Good.

-So now we're going to do another Dream 100. And again, people a lot of times are going, this is a lot of work. Yeah. And maybe we have to scale it back to do a Dream 25 to start. We're going to get aggressive. This right here is for media contacts. Same system, but now it's for media. Media, though, only talks about stories and causes. They won't talk about products. That's why we have to do a story and a cause. But you call the media.

So let's say that this is-- there's Fox. What's the one in Vegas? Fox? We were featured in there, and then you sent me a link to it. So I know it exists. Fox 5?

-I believe so.

CLAY CLARK: So Fox 5, Vegas. Cool?


-Then there's Fox 23 in Tulsa. But really beyond that, there's a girl named Kendall who works at Fox 23 in Tulsa. And let's say there's a guy named Doug who's written about-- so let's go ahead and Google just so we get a good idea of what we're talking. And then again, you just do your steps one, two, three, four, all the way through 10. So let's go ahead and Google real quick. Let's Google online education Wall Street Journal. Boom.

So you pull it up there. Let's see. Higher education online revolution. Click that one. Yep. And let's see who wrote the article. Who wrote the article.

MARSHALL: John E. Chubb and Terry Moe.

CLAY CLARK: Can you click his face or his name? Check it out. This is where resourceful honey badgers come in. This is the guy though. John E. Chubb. If I'm an online education platform, I'm looking for a guy who's written about it. So I just type up online education Wall Street Journal. That's my mark.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Action Step: Google search subjects that pertain specifically to your business and look for reporters who would be likely to write stories about you.
  • Lesson Nugget: Reporters are constantly looking for stories for their job; you are benefiting them by bringing them a story that fits their niche.
  • Lesson Nugget: Write a personalized e-mail to reporters so that they will be more likely to check out your pitch or get in contact with you.
  • Action Step: Create a dream 100 list of potential celebrities that can help your business.
  • Ask Yourself: Who do I know that already has celebrity endorsements for their business?
  • Ask Yourself: How much is it going to cost per person to reach out to everyone on my Buyer Dream 100 List?

[THEME SONG] -So whatever your cause is-- I'm just giving an example-- if your cause ends up being helping out single moms, I'd put single moms, Wall Street Journal. Go ahead and do it. Single moms, Wall Street Journal. Let's just say we decided we're going to support single moms-- that's our cause. -Right. -Single moms, Wall Street Journal, baby. Oh yeah. -Oh man. -It's cool, man. You have a degree and so you have a higher standard. Where I don't, I can type whatever I want, I can blame it on my lack of education. MAN: What? -Robert. OK, so Robert, this'll be your first person. Let's just say you decided you want to give money to single parent moms. Every time you sell something, you're going to give $1 back to single moms. -Right. -Well, guess who wrote this article? What's his name? Robert E-- MAN: Robert Maranto. -Robert Maranto. Robert Maranto. So now, you fill up your list with a hundred people like that. And you do the same thing. WOMAN: OK. -And it's crazy but you're going to get a call back from Yahoo-- WOMAN: Right. - --Pandodaily, Forbes, Fast Company. They're going to be like, hey, saw your thing. I'd like to talk to you more about that. Because, remember, a reporter every day, the relationship-- we showed you the relationship between you and the buyer. Look at this between you and the reporter. Hi, my name's Julie. Hi, I'm a reporter. I work for a producer, or some sort of executive person, so my boss is pissed unless I have a story. You have a story. So if you give me your story, I'll write about your story, I'm happy. And if my boss likes your story, and my boss is happy, and now, we're happy. So these people, can you imagine the psychological damage that it would cause to become a reporter for a year? Almost every reporter that I know is, like, very stressed out. Because everywhere they're like, oh crap. I've got to find a story, research it, prove it to make sure it's real, and I've got make a video of it, go on site and film it, have a-- it's every night. Can you imagine like every night? So these people don't have time do to that but they're supposed to. So they do this thing called-- [IMITATES FAST SWIPING] press releases. So if you send them a press release and they get it, so what emails do you delete? Ones that are all like, you know, the one from the Saudi prince. Not to discriminate against any Saudi princes, but you know, there's certain emails you just hit delete on. -Yeah. -And there's other ones where you're like you're going to respond. Like "Hey Julie" or something that looks personal. WOMAN: Right. -Same thing as these reporters. If it looks personal, they'll answer it. But if it looks like "to whom it may concern." Delete. WOMAN: OK. -OK? Marshall Action Steps. Got to make a Dream 100 though for those buyers. -Right. -Shows-- you got it? Yep? -Yeah. -OK. The next one though is Dream 100 Media. OK. Now we're moving on to our next Dream 100, celebrities. Why would you want a celebrity? Well, I'll tell you this. Celebrities, whether they should or not, they have the ability to influence people's opinions. OK, well, there's a certain group of people who are going, I'm going to buy that product because that celebrity's wearing it. Or at least, that's cool because they're wearing it. So in your mind, you're going to have to make, again, a list of 100. And again, same process. -Right. -Just put the celebrity on here. Put step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. There are ways to get in touch with celebrities-- and again, I would recommend you find three goats. WOMAN: OK. So now, people who are goats. They're always at the top of the mountain, which means are busy, but you can find goats. So I would just ask yourself what are three people who you know of that's got some pretty decent celebrity endorsements and I would call them. And I would just begin building list. Now here's the thing, I believe that your products are good enough that if we do this, we are going to win. But I want to ask you this question-- and Marshall, I want you to jot down these answers-- Dream 100 number 1-- this is the one for the buyers-- -OK. - --how much is going to cost to do that? To mail five samples and to make five calls per person? Five samples. If we do it right, in your mind. -Well, a lot of it would depend upon what type of samples we'd be sending. CLAY CLARK: Mm-hm. -Would they be a trim sample? Would they be hearing finding components, cubic zirconia samples? Would they be present cavachon samples? CLAY CLARK: What do you need to send me to get my attention? -It would depend upon what you specialized in. CLAY CLARK: OK. Could you do it for $20? -Oh yeah. -OK. So let's just put 20 down for number for right now, OK? So-- -I like where you're going with that, thank you. -Yeah. Well, how much will it cost? -Right. -So we're going to take 20 times 100-- and Marshall, you have a degree. This isn't martial law let's add that number here MARSHALL: 2,000. -What's that? MARSHALL: 2,000 -What? Sorry, I don't have a degree. All right, so 2,000. We'll go ahead and put that down. 2,000 what it'll cost. You got that down? OK. Now second is how much time. So let's just pretend for a second we have boxes. I'm going to go get some boxes real quick so I can show you what we're doing. OK? Be right back, a little TV timeout. Good theater.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Action Step: Pre-make 100 boxes to send out to your dream 100 list so that when you begin to send them out you don't have to think about creating them.
  • Lesson Nugget: When making the Dream 100 boxes, add a personal touch to each box that is specific to the contact you are sending it to.
  • Action Step: Budget about 10 hours to make your Dream 100 boxes.
  • Ask Yourself: When will I make time to create my Dream 100 boxes?
  • Lesson Nugget: When reaching out to your Dream 100 media list, you want to build a relationship with them that is centered around your cause.
  • Lesson Nugget: Media outlets are not going to write about new products or things pertaining to your business unless it is tied to a cause or a story.

[MUSIC PLAYING] -This right here is a Dream 100 gift we sent out to clients. We as in one of my clients sends this out. So this is something that's got nice decorative stuff on it. Obviously, there's some sort of female touch that was put into this. We have boxes of these, so imagine-- let's go ahead and stack them up here-- we've already made 100 boxes. They're already done. I don't have to sit down every box and go, where do I send them again. I mean, it's a hundred of the same thing. But literally, we're going to drop off a hundred of these this week. Boom. And this guy, for the record, you're going to have to like blurt out that logo. Just blurt it out. Just make it like-- Anyway, this guy we landed three homebuilders that he now gets business from. He's in the financing business. And he makes more money off of those three than almost anyone else in Oklahoma. FEMALE STUDENT: Beautiful. -It's just crazy. If you put the right celebrities on there, you only need maybe one to hit and you're off. -Right. Let me ask you this. On the boxes to go for the buyers, should I go through and try to specialize in what that buyer may be for or with, or what products I want with that buyer and the company they represent, or should I do like a variety-- I -Would make it a variety sample. And I would do it in some way that indicates you know that kind of stuff they'd buy. So you might put like, hey, I sent you a sample of all the things I offer, but I know you specialize in this. Maybe write it on the card. Something like that. So what are the costs? $20 a piece? How long will it take? I believe-- now, I'm just being real. Our team made this, and as far as man hours, I think it took, in terms of just the man hours, I think it took like 10 hours to make them all. I think I just left a fingerprint on this box too. -And this one too, and this one. -Really? -Your hands are dirty. -Gosh, I don't have a degree. One second. I'll be right right. One second. So anyway, the thing is though is that you gotta ask yourself, how much time is it going to take? So I'd put it down, 10 hours. Now, I think you give yourself three hours to think about what to put in the box. -Three of those 10. -Three hours and 10 more to, yeah. Now, this is the kind of stuff I do. This is to me it's like a hot date night right there. I might sit there. My wife and I, when we were building our business, we'd sit there in the kitchen and usually just like in that-- we did had the one bedroom apartment, kitchen, bedroom/living room. But we'd be in there, and we'd be stuffing boxes and mailing stuff out. Just find a time that works for you. So next question is when will you do? Well, you have kids that are home, you're home schooling, so what time of the day can you do stuff like this? FEMALE STUDENT: Evening. CLAY CLARK: What time? -Say 7:00 PM. CLAY CLARK: 7:00 to 10:00? -You can go longer. CLAY CLARK: 7:00 to 11:00? -Midnight. CLAY CLARK: 7:00 to midnight. So let's put it down, 7:00 to midnight. So we could take five hours a night for two nights, maybe three nights, and we'll be 100% done. Now, what's cool is once we've done this, then every week we just take three days a week, three nights a week, and that's how we do it. Cool? STUDENTS: Cool. -That's what we do. Now, same thing here for media. Again how much will it cost? I'm going to say $20 a box. How much time will it take? Same deal, I pay the same amount of time. And when will you do it? I'd say the same time. -So on the media, we send them boxes as well, and not press releases? -Well, the media, you want to get their attention and build a relationship about your cause. So they're only going to write a story about your cause or something you support. They're not going to write a story about your product as a general rule. -OK. I follow. -You know what I mean? There's very few news stories about like, oh, man, here's a product that's selling, unless it's like the holiday season, that kind of thing. However, for the holidays, you might be able to get your product and say, here's some great ideas for the holidays. That kind of thing. And that's what needs to happen. Is there any questions at all other than why I chose to put my smear of my thumb print on that box so I'm definitely guilty? Is there are any questions about how to do Dream 100? FEMALE STUDENT: No. CLAY CLARK: So really the whole thing is as you're mailing this out, you just start keeping that consistency going. And I like to have a dry erase board in my house so that literally every time I do a step, I'm like, boom, and I feel good about it. Some people prefer to have it on a spreadsheet, but whatever you need to do, but that's going to get that sense of momentum.

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