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This business coaching course teaches about the software needed for creating a podcast.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Software You Need For a Podcast: 3. Hosting
  • Action Step: Create your Apple iTunes ID here: http://www.apple.com/itunes
  • Software You Need For a Podcast: Apple iTunes Podcast Manager podcastsconnect.com
  • Editor's Note: Watch the video trainings as you need for optimal learning.
  • Editor's Note: Ask us any questions: info@thrive15.com or call 1-800-594-4457
  • Lesson Nugget: 3. Attend a Thrive15 workshop.
  • Boom:

- Okay. So, the Blubrry PowerPress. That is kind of the operating system for your podcast. And then lastly, hosting. Most websites that start up on WordPress or if you have anything else. I don't know why you would have anything else, based on the SEO trainings and the easibility of use. But you have to have a place to store all of the MP3 files that you upload to the internet. - There he is again. See, MP3, a.k.a. a sound file. - Sound file. - The sound file. But when you said MP3, a lot of people didn't know what you meant. That's because you're always trying to talk down, - That's my fault. - And part of it's psychological; you're six foot eight, and you tend to look down on people, not only literally but mentally. - That's my fault. - Yeah, it's no big deal. We'll talk about it more publicly. - Okay, so these are all of the different resources to get it on your site. Now, I know most Thrivers, we talked about it at the very beginning, of this podcast, excuse me, of this episode, they're going to access this on iTunes. - Yeah. - It's the easiest, most industry-standard way of downloading podcasts. - Calm down, Taylor Swift. People are going, "Hey, hey, hey, people can't just download my stuff, I don't use iTunes." That's true, you don't have to use iTunes, but most people do. So you need to just kinda... - Most people do. So the last resource that we're giving you is an add-on. So whatever you use, whatever you get your sound files up to the internet, whether it's on your site or one of those SoundCloud programs, you're going to need to create an iTunes Apple ID. Okay, so you can do that by going to Store dot Apple dot com, okay. - Are you gonna do the screen cast and show us at some point in a future training? - Yes. - Okay. I mean, 'cause when you start saying you click the button, do the thing, I don't know what you're talking about. You lose me. You know what I mean, I'm over here in left field. You know, I'm out in left field, you've left me, I'm an eight year old boy, I'm in left field at Yankee Stadium, you've left me, you've gone out with Mommy to go buy pretzels and beer, you've left me in left field. So we're gonna have specific training on that too. - We're gonna have specific trainings on how to do it. - Alright, I'm watching you. - Okay, and the Podcast Connect is basically the service that puts it on iTunes. So everybody's like, "Okay, I've created the sound file, I've created the podcast episode, how do I get it to iTunes?" Well, the way that you're gonna do it is using Podcast Connect. It's for podcast providers. You can get there at Podcasts, P-O-D-C-A-S-T-S, Connect, C-O-N-N-E-C-T, dot com. - What? - What? - Okay. Sorry. - Okay. So this is, these are all the different resources, these are all the different tools that you're going to need. - Is there anything else I need to know about this? - No. You began putting together all of these different things, and go watch this next training on how to, and we're gonna walk you through the specifics of where to click, how to create the accounts, and everything. - Now real quick, Thrivers, we talk to thousands of people a week about their Thrive experience and what they're all about. Remember, Thrive has four things for you, and for you to get the most out of this training, you gotta do by my big four rules here, okay. One, watch the video as much as you need to. Watch it once, watch it twice, you know. Two, ask questions. Do you have a question? Call! Our team will answer your phone call, we'll help you, we're not gonna like leave you in that jungle of ambiguous. It's like tech support where they actually help you. Okay. Third is get out to a workshop. I mean, just come to a workshop, and then you can learn it all face to face. And the fourth thing is don't hesitate to ask questions by emailing us info at thrive 15 dot com. And when you email us, we actually make trainings based upon that. And a little bonus thing, you can download, you know, templates, tools, you have access to the templates and some of the outlines and materials we have. The kind of course material that goes with the course. It's all there for you. Our entire focus is getting you the world's best business school experience at literally one one thousandth of the cost of a good business school. We have Thrivers who are from Cornell. - Mmhmm. - We have many from Cornell University, we have a Thriver who's in Russia, who's telling us, you know, people are saying, "I'm getting more from my Thrive experience than I am in college," because in college you put your hand up, and then the class is over. I mean, you can watch it again, you can take notes, but you have to take those notes so you can go back and refer to them over and over, maybe if you kind of forgot what you typed today, tonight you can go to sleep, you wake up tomorrow you forget what you were talking about, feel free to watch it multiple times. Just whatever you need to do to get it done. - There you go. Clay, thanks so much for joining me with "What do I need to create a podcast?" - Can I get a three two one boom? - [Both] Three two one boom!

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