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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Recommended Resources: Use Rev.com to transcribe audio content to text for $1.00/minute
  • Lesson Nugget: 2. Higher quality transcriptions - www.3playmedia.com
  • Editor's Note: To obtain the FREE Podcast Format downloadable, email us at: info@thrive15.com
  • Podcast Format Outline: 1. Pre-roll advertisements
  • Lesson Nugget: A pre-roll ad is a 15 second spot at the very beginning of the podcast that says something like, “This podcast is sponsored by Worldwide Pants. Worldwide Pants specialize in pants for everyone!”
  • Podcast Format Outline: 2. Introduction

- Okay, so, if you are going to go ahead, and put the podcast on your website, and transcribe the podcast. It's a great way to generate content. We talk about it in some of our SEO trainings. I want to give you guys two tools real quick for how to transcribe that podcast. - Were you just referencing us? Two tools? - I want to give you guys two additional tools than just us two. - I thought it went to like a third person thing. And you were doing like third person self-depreciation. I want to give you people two tools. - We have Rev.com, it's a great way to submit an audio file and they'll actually transcribe it for you. - It's roughly a dollar a minute. - Roughly a dollar a minute. - Guess what government keeps spending more money than we bring in, so your dollars are worth less every year, so it'll eventually be a dollar ten per minute. Don't freak out and say, "It was a dollar you guys lied to me." It'll always change, but right now it's a dollar in 2016. - Okay the other option is 3PlayMedia. They do a little bit higher quality transcription. You can actually snap to a ton of different words throughout the transcription. - No one knows what snap to it means. - I gotcha. ♫ snap your fingersdo a step? That's what they're thinking about. They're thinking about T Pain references when you say snap. ♫ Snap your fingers What snap to means is that when you click the words in the transcription, when you click the text it takes you to the part of the video that corresponds with that text. Marshall I can't believe you I'm going to air horn you from now on. Anytime we say the word antithesis, Or you say snap to or anything sort of like, people don't know what you're talking about. I'm hitting that button. - The air horn is the accountability system. - You get ready cause I'm gonna hit it all the time. - So, we want to create this outline but I know that you might have a question. How do I create this format? What format do I use? How should the entire podcast flow? So, we actually have a downloadable. You can get this, we're going to run through it for you really quick. - [Clay] You mean they can download it? - They can download it. - Where? - They can actually... - See you said, "You can download it." People don't even know what you're talking about. Where can they download it? - They can download it right there on the site in this training. Or you can email us at info@Thrive15.com - We have like the biggest website in the world. Where? - This training, attached to this training. - Where? - In the lower right where the add to notes button is. - I'm about ready to take our show chemistry and throw you off the set here. Don't make me play George Michael, keep going. - Okay, so we're getting into the format. The first thing you want to include are the pre-roll advertisements. - Clay, what are those? - First off, okay you asked me a question so I can't get to there, pre-roll is the stuff that plays before the show starts. Let me give you an example. I would go podcast 7-oh-7 presented to you by Worldwide Pants. Do you live in the world? Do you need pants? Worldwide Pants, they're American made in the shade. When you wear those things, you're gonna feel great. And they're only $19.99 per, and every time you buy a pair of pants we give a pair of pants to someone else who needs those pants. So are you ready to ship your pants? Ship your pants now, at Worldwide Pants. And now we're into the show intro. That's how it works. It's the pre-roll. The stuff you say before the show starts. - Okay so the, pre-roll, the pre-- podcast episode advertisements before you get into the intro. So the next thing that you need is the intro. Now, Clay, what is important in the introduction to include? And why's it important to have a high quality introduction? - One, your introduction is something that every time they think about it... Is it Pavlov with the dog thing? - Yeah, Pavlov. - Pavlov, Pavlov, Pavlov who is he? - He was a behavioral psychologist that did a study where he would ring a bell and the dog, he would serve the dog the food, and then eventually when he rang the bell and took away the food the dog would continue salivating. - Lemme give you an example of this. Every time someone in my office says, "Can we talk?" I know that means, "Frick." I'm gonna have my day ruined, every time. So if you want to trick me into not having that response you need to go, "Hey I had a great idea." So if I call a customer and go, "Hey I've got good news." That's usually like, oh let's talk. So I usually get people to call me back real fast when I say, "Hey I've got great news for you." If I call someone and I say, "We need to talk." They're like, "Frick." If my wife, my wife is a beautiful lady. If she kinda sees me going to the man room that's code for he's going to work, and he's going to get it done. That's the man room, that's what it's all about. So she knows if I'm going in that room it's time to work. You know what I mean? If I go in the living room, it's time for me not to work. If I went into the living room and started working it wouldn't quite...the behavioral pattern, she'd be like, "Why are you working in the living room? "That's weird."

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: The introduction should tell people why they want to pay attention.
  • Lesson Nugget: http://podcast.thrive15.com
  • Lesson Nugget: Adobe Audition http://www.adobe.com/products/audition.html
  • Recommended Resources: For purchasing royalty-free music - http://audiojungle.net
  • Lesson Nugget: www.Fiverr.com
  • Editor's Note: If you want to use Thrive15.com to help make your intro, email us at info@thrive15.com.
  • Podcast Format Outline: 3. Immediately highlight the topic in first two minutes
  • Podcast Format Outline: 4. Evergreen #1

- All I'm saying is your audience, when they hear that intro, they're gonna start to expect a certain level of quality. That is the first thing. That is the first standard quality setting thing. That's your brand. That's what people get used to. Then, the intro itself should tell people why they want to pay attention. I'm gonna play our intro real quick, so other people can hear it. - If you want to go to our podcast site, it's podcast.thrive15.com. that's where you can access all of these podcasts. But, this is our intro. - You didn't say how people can get to our website. - podcast.thrive15.com. - No, you didn't tell me how to use the internet. That right there, you continue to let the thrivers down. Ok, so here we go, this is our intro. Unbelievable. - [Voiceover] Broadcast from the center of the universe featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur Dr. Robert Zoellner and US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark. - [Voiceover] Because what it all comes down to, "You're fired, get out of here." - [Voiceover] It's ok for you to encourage them to move on, if you don't like them because they probably don't like you either. - [Voiceover] Yeah. - [Voiceover] there's probably a job out there they will like. - [Voiceover] Welcome to the ThriveTime podcast. - Then right here, we would talk. "Alright, Thrivers, today we are talking "about an incredible topic. "It's how to make a show intro. "Are you ready? I'm ready. "Get ready, get ready, get ready." Boom, that's how you do it. - So the podcast intro, how do I do that? What are some options to actually create this? Maybe I'm not very audio-savvy. - You're not an audiophile? - [Marshall] I'm not an audiophile. - What does audiophile mean? See, you should have told me what it meant. Someone who's in love with audio. I need the guy who doesn't like people. The thing about it is, the audiophile, here's what we're talking about, the audio. There's a program you can get through Adobe. Adobe's a software company. You can get it for about $9.99 a month. Nine dollars and 99 cents a month, and it's called Audition. Audition is a great program that I like if you want to make intros and you wanna make music and those kind of things. Where can they license some sound clips? Where do you recommend getting some sound clips from? - If you want to license some royalty-free sound clips-- - No, I don't wanna go to jail I don't wanna get in trouble for using Justin Bieber's theme song as my intro. - There you go. If you don't want to do that, you can go to audiojungle.com. - Oh, nice, Audio Jungle. Then, how would they get to Audio Jungle on a computer? - They search it in the address bar of their search engine. - I think you're talking down our thrivers. I feel like people know these things. Ok, so we're moving on. - Ok, the intro is super important. If you want to get it down inexpensively you just want to quickly get something turned around for you, you can go to fiverr.com, F-I-V-E-R-R. You can search that on the web. - I disagree. - [Marshall] Ok. - I wanna fight you. - [Marshall] Ok. - Because it's your show intro. You could do it, I agree, you could do it inexpensively. You could also save time and not wear pants. - There you go. - Then you could just show up to work without pants on. You could do Fiverr, I agree, it's a resource but I wanna push back a little bit because you're saying you could, practically. I'm saying you shouldn't do it. - It is an option. - [Clay] You could also use your middle finger to greet people. Instead of waving, you're just like-- - There you go. As an alternative, you can just email us at info@thrive15.com and we'll knock it out for you. - Yeah, we have workshops you can come out to. At the workshop, our team would work with you to make your own intro. We could do that for you. These are things we do. We're here to help you. Why? Because we care. Now, if we have 10,000 people today who email us and say make a show intro cannot do that so much. But we can, if you come to our facility here for our workshops. There's no extra charge to do it. You come on out to the workshop and we teach you and people like you how to do this. We are serious. - [Marshall] There you go. - After the intro, you wanna get immediately to highlighting the topic in the first few minutes. What is the topic of that specific episode of your podcast? Why is that important? - Well, we call it a hook if your in the music business or you're in the radio business or the talk show business, TV business. A hook is, "why would I want to keep watching? "What are you going to talk about that is "worth my time." Then you say, "In today's podcast, "we're gonna teach you seven secrets "on how to become an ultimate cat juggler. "You wanna juggle cats? "This is the place for you." Boom. - Why do you not want to just talk about what you had for breakfast that morning at the very beginning of your episode? - Well, it's a deal. It's kind of interesting on Thrive. I'll have to give you an example. Thrivers who get to know us they always say, "I kinda love the banter "between you and some of the other mentors "after I get into the site." If it's their first experience, they're thinking, "What is this? "The View meets--" They don't know what it is. So you wanna get into it right away and then you have permission to kinda have a little more fun later. - Sure. Now, there's something called "evergreens". I would use the term "evergreens" but I would fear that maybe you wouldn't know what we're specifically talking about. So, Clay, what is an evergreen? - Well, every time that we go to the mailbag section of a Thrive15.com podcast, every time, we're like, "Alright, we have a question from a thriver "and here it is. "This just in from Fort Wayne, Indiana. "How do I build a podcast that's going to help me "promote my business, grow my brand, "and make some money?"

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Lesson Nugget: Using evergreens give your customers a better experience because they learn to expect segments every episode.
  • Podcast Format Outline: 5. Content
  • Lesson Nugget: Repeat the cycle 1. Evergreen 2. Content 3. Hook Throughout your podcast episode 2 - 4 times.
  • Definition Magician: The name of an online video commercial that appears during an online video, it is typically 10-15 seconds in length.
  • Editor's Note: To obtain the FREE downloadable podcast format outline, email us at: info@thrive15.com
  • Podcast Format Outline: 6. Hook into another one of your platforms

- Then that's like an evergreen, you use that sound effect every time. Or we might have farm lodging, we're like "Well it's time for some farm lodging." You know, or we might say, "Hey Marshall, I've got a great story. "This story, it's huge." So we're going to the Justin Bieber concert, and I had the foresight to go ahead and get us tickets on row five. And this lady, she walks up, and she spills my beer, and she says, "I'm so sorry, you can have mine." But my beer was actually empty, but she wouldn't stop giving it to me. So I got a free beer. - Well, I, I mean. - That was a true story. So that really happened. And then action steps. Thrivers, hey it's time for some action steps. What action are you going to take? Or one more, one more. Thrivers, hey, we're gonna have an incredible, notable quotable from you coming up, from an incredible, notable quotable coming up for you next. And let me tell you what, it is not sponsored by Kanye West. - [Voiceover] I am the number one most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh. Walt Disney, Nike, Google. But they aren't what we thought they were. But we let 'em off the hook. - [Voiceover] There's product here. And this is where you end up, right here. If you can communicate this product, you can make money off the product. - [Voiceover] Can't believe you drove around -- - That right there, those are evergreens. Those are segments you play over and over and over, boom. - So they're different parts of the specific podcast episode. And it actually leads into the content of what you're talking about. - Think about Dave Letterman's Top 10 List. Think about SportsCenter's Plays of the Week. Think about Shaqtin' a Fool on TNT, the sports show with the NBA, where Shaq basically makes fun of players doing crazy things this week. That's what we're talking about. - Yeah, so evergreens are going to lead into the content. The content is basically the meat of what you're talking about. - Ah, what is that? Meat? What are you talking about? - Okay, then it's going to lead into a hook into one of your other platforms. So, just like we talked about before. - [Clay] Are you refusing to answer the question? What is the meat? - The meat, the content. The description of whatever the topic is about. - Okay, I think, see a lot of times, we have a lot of Thrivers who are eating raw. - Ah, I see. - [Clay] You know? They're vegan. - [Marshall] I gotcha. - And then you're out there, throwing out your heavily offensive meat references. - I gotcha. - So calm down there, Lady Gaga. Take off the meat dress for a minute. Alright, and just let's focus on everybody else. - [Marshal] There we go. - Quit pushing it on me. - Okay. - [Clay] I'm tired of it. I'm tired. - Okay. No meat. - I'm very tired, I'm just tired of the whole, I'm 'bout ready to do the Candace thing from the View, where she just walks off. - [Marshall] There it is. - I'm this close. - [Marshall] Okay. - Alright. - No more meat. - [Clay] No more meat. - Meat for the podcast. - We're moving on. You obviously can't be coached. - Okay, so evergreen number one, you're gonna start with an evergreen, move into the content, or basically the topic of whatever the episode is about. - [Clay] Yup. - And then you're going to hook into another one of the platforms. Now we talked about the hook earlier being the synopsis or the summary of what that episode's gonna be about. But at some point, you're going to want to talk about a site or a specific store location, or another way for them to interact with your business and your platforms. So whether that's a book, whether that's a website, whether that is a store location, or where they can buy a resource online. - You have to imagine if people are not listening to your podcast. Unless it's an entertainment-only show, for the purposes of just listening to vagaries, they wanted to actually solve their problem. They wanna get the answer. If you're listening to your podcast about philosophy, perhaps they would like to buy your book on philosophy. If they're listening to your podcast about Calvinism, perhaps they want to buy a book about Calvinism. If they're watching a podcast about fitness, or listening to a podcast about fitness, perhaps they want to buy your book about fitness, or enroll in your boot camp, or whatever it is. - Okay, and so you're going to repeat that evergreen, content, and hook about two, three, four times throughout the duration of the podcast. - [Clay] 'Kay. - And then in the middle, about halfway through the specific podcast episode, you're going to have the opportunity to cut to a break. So a lot of podcasts, they'll have about the 10 minute mark, or the 15 minute mark, they'll say, "Okay, we're gonna take a quick break, "but let's hear from the sponsors "of this specific episode." - Are you ready to ship your pants? 'Cause if shipping your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis. Anyway. Buy your pants today from Worldwide Pants. You can get your pants 19.99. The absolute best American-made pants on the planet. I love 'em, you're gonna love 'em. When you buy a pair of pants, we give a pair of pants. Ship your pants. - There you go. So that is what a lot of podcast producers they'll call the midroll. - [Clay] Midroll. - The midroll. - [Clay] Midroll. - Okay. - And then you'll have an opportunity to do two or three evergreens after that midroll there. Before you have the outro, which is something just like the intro that you can professionally produce in Adobe Audition like we talked about. Or you can get Thrive15.com, you come out to a workshop, we'll produce it for ya. Or you can just wrap up and close the podcast. - Absolute, that's how you do it. And so you want to make sure you end with a little bit of an audio that takes people out, let's 'em know, hey, we're done. We're peacing out, we're done. - Hey, we're done. - ESPN. Done. - So that is the format, okay? Again, if you want the downloadable for this format, so that you can just keep it in front of you while you're recording the podcast episodes, you can download it. Just click on the link that is associated with this series, or you can e-mail us at info@thrive15.com

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