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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: The more you don't measure the data, the more loyal you become to disfunction.
  • Things you can learn from Crazyegg: Does your content create trust, or does it kill it?

- Lemme show you where somebody was wrong, who's from Oklahoma. - [Stewart] Uh oh. - Go ahead and Google Garth Brooks, please. - [Stewart] Oh no. - No, do it. Do it. Do it. Now you have a little bit of a connection 'cause you did some work on his web stuff, back in the day. - [Stewart] I have, yeah. - And you love Garth, Garth's a great man, but I wanna show you where Garth was. I wanna do a split screen here, please. So go ahead and Google images. Click on Images. And go ahead and type Garth Brooks, and go ahead and type in, space, Chris Gaines. - [Stewart] Oh God. - No, no, no. He thought... There it is, he thought that he could switch from a pop, from a country star to a pop star. If you look at the one at the bottom left, this is what Garth did. And he did this, I cannot make this up, this happened. If you remember this, this was a great time in American history. He switched from the Garth, country artist, to that. And he was not--what, Stew? You can't say it 'cause you worked on his project. He was not right. I woulda argued that that's not right. What was he doing? And so what happens is, you're gonna get all this data on your site, and you know what's gonna happen is? You're gonna look at it one day, and you're gonna go-- - [Voiceover] Do you know what this means? It means that this damn thing doesn't work at all! - That's what is gonna happen... You're gonna be looking at your site, and you're gonna be looking at all the data, and you're like-- - [Voiceover] Do you know what this means? - Greg, what does this mean? Greg, Greg. - [Voiceover] It means that this damn thing doesn't work at all! - But because you've been come-- The more you don't measure the data, the more you become loyal to dysfunction. So we don't wanna get in the habit. Habits become hard to break, so you have to measure this stuff, okay. So next thing is, does your content create trust or kill it? Let's look at some stuff here, I'm gonna show an example, Thrivers, I'll be doing this new move here for you. We are starting to do this because people like you have told us. Let's go the thrive15.com, please. Thrive15.com We have heard many, many Thrivers who've told us this. They've said, "I love Thrive15. "I love you." And I say, "Thank you, mom." No, but seriously, we have Thrivers who say that, and I go, "Seriously, brother. "Thank you." No, but seriously, there are people who are not related to me who say that. And when they click on Try Thrive15, they're trying to explain this to a family or a friend why they should try Thrive15. And people don't get it, 'cause we work in a culture where you hear the word "education", you're going, "Aw, crap. "That's gonna be boring. "That'll take four years, "it'll cost me $80,000, "and I'll graduate, "and I won't know crap." Or you're gonna go, "I know what you mean by education, "you're gonna try to convince me "to come out to a woo-woo conference, "and you're gonna charge me $26,000 "to learn about nothing quickly." So what we've done, per the suggestions of Thrivers like you, we've put up here a limited time offer. And it says, "Sign up for "a free trial to Thrive15 and you'll get "a complimentary analysis of your website. "One of our business coaches will reach out to you "with the practical solutions for your website "to increase both your conversion "and your search engine optimization." And you know what we found? Stewart? - [Stewart] Yeah. - You can't guess because you know this. - [Stewart] Sure. - Thrivers say-- - [Voiceover] Holy cow! - They go, "You mean you're gonna help me with my website?" And we go, yeah. You haven't even signed up yet? - [Voiceover] Holy cow! - And then we help 'em, and when we help them, they haven't even signed up yet, they go, "You know what? "I do. I do trust you. "I do. I feel like "right now, "I can trust you guys. "I feel like I could invest "one dollar." Stewart, look up here. The top here says, "Enter your information "below to create a free account. "You won't be charged for 30 days." So people are going, 30 days, card won't be charged. And they kinda look for, is the site secure? So if you scroll down, we have a little secure thing. Is it secure? They start to go, "I don't know," they scroll down, okay, authorize.net, and then they go back, they don't know. "I'm not trusting you yet," they go back to the homepage. And they say, "Has anyone else ever used this website "to become successful, "or are you guys a bunch of idiots? "You're probably a bunch of idiots," so they click on Success Stories. We know this, we've looked at the data. And when they click on this, they start scrolling down, they start seeing real people in the real world who are really having real success, and they start to say, "Despite the fact that the man who's doing "some of the training is just weird, "and despite the fact that... "He's just... "Weird." They begin to... They begin to say, "Because the training is good "and real people have done it, "then I will go ahead and try it out." And seriously though, we've noticed this. I mean, this is a trend. So, it's so important that we gather this data.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: Does your content create trust, or does it kill it? What changes do you need to make based on the results seen in CrazyEgg?
  • Recommended Reading:
    -Chip & Dan Heath
  • Editor's Note: http://hhdictionary.blogspot.com

- Some other things I want to share with you, okay? Just a couple more parting thoughts here. Does your What changes do you need to make? Oh no, see that? Now we're talking about action, action is work. What changes do we need to make based upon the data? - How many times have we changed the Thrive homepage, by the way? - Oh frick. - 10 times maybe? You even mentioning that just makes me want to say over and over. Oh, Billy. Right? - We're taking the medicine. - Yeah. - We're doing this. - And the thing is as Thrivers, I am in a conference room every day consulting clients all around the world. I know what I think you want, but I don't know what you want because I forgot. There's this thing called the curse of knowledge in this book. It's written by Heath brothers. I think it's called Make It Stick. Can you Google that, Make It Stick. I want to make sure I don't misquote the book, because this book is phenomenal and I always get it wrong. Make it, go to Amazon real quick. Then yeah, and then Make It Stick, Make It Stick. Made To Stick, try Made To Stick. Made To Stick and then, There it is, at the top right, the Heath brothers. That book talks to the curse of knowledge and what happens is, you know so much about your product or service that you forget that no one else knows what you are talking about, and you start to use jargon. - [Voiceover] Yeah. - So there's a website that I really like here. Can you type in hip-hop translator? Right, see this is awesome, hip-hop translator. Okay, type it in there. Then what you'll do hip-hop, yeah. So what you do is there's a hip-hop dictionary, and then you can look up words and basically figure out what words mean. If you said like, point over to me like man I'm tipsy. You know your friend might go, "Greg, do you have a problem with your balance?" Your like no fool, I'm drunk, I'm intoxicated. You know what I mean? They say, "Hey, you're a pimp." He's like, "You solicit men or women for "sexual things in exchange for money?" No, number 11, I am cool or I am saying you are cool or popular or nice, right? One more example, you say jargon. You say for shizzle, and they say for shizzle. You say is that carbonation? You want a drink with carbonation. You say no, no, no fool number 14. For sure, I was saying to you for sure. It's a thing where you don't know the jargon, right? You don't know the nomenclature. You don't know what the words mean. If you're on the outside looking in, so your customer doesn't know what these words are. Unless you're saying to experts in your industry, if you put jargon on your website, people don't know what you're talking about. You're up here saying you know, to someone you're saying, "Hey shorty," you know. You're talking to a woman you're saying, "Hey shorty." She's going, "I'm not really tall. "I'm not really that short, I'm 5'4, I'm 5'4." She's going to be emotionally like, "No, no" I'm saying that you're a girl or a woman. She said, you say you're fly to her. You say, "You're fly." She says, "I guess I jump well, I don't know." You say, "No, you're attractive." You can see how it gets weird, you know what I'm saying? These are all just things we need to be aware of, and I think it's always important we weave in Hip Hop references when we're intro-ing with Craig Mack. Much to the chagrin of our editing team, right? All right, so anyway that's how Crazy Egg works. We're going to have more training on how to specifically do it. Until next time, You do your thing and I'll do mine, boom. - [Voiceover] Boom.

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