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This episode is a business coaching course that discusses trade shows.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Action Step: When marketing with door hangers consider how many you need to distribute to reach your appointment goals.
  • Action step: Trade shows can provide high traffic for your business; determine in advance how many you must attend to accomplish your annual sales goals.
  • SEO Activities: 1. Write Articles
  • SEO Activities: Backlinks
  • SEO Activities: 3. HTML Compliant


-So now let's get real. How many door hangers can you drop off a day?

-A day?

-Now, yeah. Now, I know that you're a real man of genius and you're also physically powerful. But what do you think is realistic?


CLAY CLARK: 100 a day, every day?

-Probably do more than that, 200 hangers.

CLAY CLARK: Let me ask you this.

-If there's a plan of where I have to go--

-If you suck like a Hoover, and your terrible, and you're just the worst ever in the history of the door hangers-- you just put them out there and just every once in a while-- how many do you need to drop off a day to guarantee two appointments in your mind.

-Probably 20.

CLAY CLARK: A day? If you drop off 20 a day, do you think you're going to get two appointments?


-Because here's the deal, I drive a Hummer. You know that. And then I have a big house. And I care not about my carbon footprint. You know what I mean? so you have to like sell two customers to make up for me, because I don't care, right?

-But you care about money.

-That's right. So how many door hangers do you have to drop off at my house before I'd respond? I don't know. I might never. However, I got a neighbor about three doors down who's got the Prius, you know what I'm saying?

Well, the Prius says, I want to make my home more energy efficient. That's the guy who's recycling. I'm the kind of guy who's putting all my trash in one container, you know, just whatever. Then you've got the guy next me who's got the Prius. He's recycling. The glass goes here. The plastic goes here. If you drop off a door hanger for homey, isn't he more likely, probably?


-So if you're thinking about a typical neighborhood, how many door hangers a day do you need to drop off every day to get two appointments? If you're terrible, the worst ever--


-Boom, OK, so here we go. This is what you need to do. This is your homework, OK? Every day, you're going to want to drop off 100 door hangers. Now, if you go to a trade show-- I can teach you trade show systems, by the way, they're wicked awesome. They work.

But if you go to a trade show, I mean, there's thousands of people at those things. If you go into a trade show, you've make a mental image of a home and garden show or the fair. There's 500 people going in there. They're all looking to remodel their kitchen to install granite. They're looking to do the whole home remodel thing. How many trade shows a year-- if you suck like a Hoover-- do you need to go to in order to sell 50 deals?

-And I would sell 50 deals at those trade shows?

CLAY CLARK: Yeah, total for the year.


-10? OK, put it down bro.

SPEAKER: One a month.

-Put it down brostradamus. You got to do two. Cool, so we got door hangers-- 100 per day. Then we got to do 10 trade shows per--


-Year, OK? Per year, and now, search engines. Now, to dominate search engine-- I promise you I'll teach you all the details on this. But there's three activities you have to do to win, OK? One, is you have to write articles. Google ranks sites based on whoever has the most relevant, organic, original content. So you have to have more content than your competition.

Then you have to have backlinks-- you have to have more sites that link to you than anybody else, OK? And I'll teach you that system too-- no stress. Now, the third thing is you have to have the compliance-- the architecture. So if you have a site that's, you know-- like, Google loves HTML. And if it's not mobile compliant, it won't cooperate. So you have to build the site in the right format.

So let's get into this. How many hours would it take you per day to drop off 100 door hangers? Think about this. We go to one house-- and I know I shouldn't do this because we only have certain camera limitations-- but let's walk through it. Door hanger-- I put it on a door, boom. And I'm walking, walking, walking, walking, walking, still walking. Is there another house right about here? So I put another one, boom. Then I walk. I'm walking, OK?

That's one. That was two. Oh, Billy is that three? Is that good, or is it longer? Is it more walking?

-It's more than that, but--

-So I'm probably-- OK, this is probably-- just timing it. So this is door hanger three, maybe. OK, right? Now, I'm not kidding, because that is my first business. I was really into the fitness. So I would actually just like run. Not kidding-- just running, running Forest Gump-style. Boom.

I bet you, that was like three we dropped off in like, a minute. Got my heart rate up a little bit-- feeling good. I think that you could probably do-- what do you think, is it going to take you four hours to do 100?

-It'd probably take four hours.

-Four hours. Wear your like, workout gear. You know what I mean? Get the shorts on, just sprint around the neighborhood, whatever. All right, if you're like me, you're in great shape. Yeah, I'm a door hanger, OK? But the thing is, so you're going to go ahead-- a door hanger-er I guess. So you're going to say four hours a day to do this?


-All right, four hours a day. Now, four hours per what?

SPEAKER: Per day.

-Oh, Billy. OK.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Action Step: When attending a tradeshow engage potential customers by offering them incentives to provide their contact information and allowing your business to provide a free assessment.
  • Creating A Business Model: 5. Daily Schedule
  • Ask Yourself: How early am I willing to wake up each day to achieve my goals?


-Four hours per day. Now, the search engine, how long will it take you to write the articles? I know this is a new concept. I'm just going to go ahead and fill it in for you. It will take you about one hour a day to be top in Google for the terms people are looking for. Cool?

Then, the trade shows. Well, that's kind of-- you only do 10 a year, but you still got to call all the leads. Because people at the trade shows, they fill out these forms. I'm going to go ahead and give you the secrets to the universe, by the way, at the trade show. This is what you do.

I'm going to skip over here. We'll come back to it. So you go to the trade show. The trade show is going to have a 10 by 10 booth like this. And there's going to be like a ton of other vendors who are there. 10 by 10 booth. There's vendors over here.

This is a pathway where people are walking. And a guy named Jeff is at the trade show. This is Jeff. Jeff is excited. He's curious. He's a little bit-- he's sort of angry. He's sort of looking for-- he's kind of a little bit frustrated. He's kind of frustrated.

He's like-- hey, I'm-- this is Jeff and he came here for the Cheetos. He's here for the Cheetos. And he's looking for the Cheetos. And then you walk by-- he walks by and then he says, hey, I might-- you know, light bulb moment goes off here.

Light bulb goes off. Light bulb goes-- that's a crazy lightbulb. But anyway, the point is, he walks by your booth and he goes-- [CLAP]. You say, hey, would you like to make your home 50% more efficient? What?

Would you like to save $800, you know. And he's like, I'm just looking for some Cheetos. And you're like, no, would you like to save $800 a year? How much money can someone save, by the way, on a typical utility bill for the year?

-Probably cost them $2,000.

-Hey, do you want to save $2,000 a year? And Jeff's like, where are the Doritos? And you're like, no, no, I mean, do you want to save $2,000 per year? And he says, yeah, I guess. So you say, step into my mobile office, Jeff.

And you say, Jeff, here's the deal. If you want to write down your address, your phone number, and the square footage of your home, I will come do a free assessment for you. It should take me about how long?

-Two hours.

-Two hours. And I will pay you $20 to do the review. You're paying Jeff. And Jeff's like, you're paying me? Yeah. And if I can't save you more than $2,000 a year, I'll pay you $20. And he's like, OK.

And that's all you do all day. Seriously, it works. OK. So I have a client I used to work with in Cleveland that does this. It's awesome. It's awesome.

So all day, you're going to get how many people in a day could you get signed up for that?

-Probably close to 100.

-I bet you you could. My buddies who do the windows in Cleveland, they're getting like 100 deals a day when they do trade shows. And you only need how many per year?


-Well, how many deals a year do you need?


-Yes. To make?


-To make 100,000.


-OK, cool. You got it?


-So the trade show, this is trade show 101. So if you're going to call all the leads-- because by the way, anyone who fills out that form, you got to call them, follow up, the whole deal. This is going to take you probably an hour a day, an hour per what?


-Right. So now it becomes about scheduling, you feel me? So let's review real quick. Boop, boop, boop, boop. OK. So your why is you want to make how much per your? 100 in the first year.

-First year, right. And you need to sell how many deals?


-50 what?


-Deals, right. And you can suck like a Hoover and still sell them. Now, I mean, what if you screw around and you sell the big package? Haha! Now you're making more, right?

Now you're invited me out to New York and we're having Ukrainian vodka together and things are going well, right?


-All right, awesome. Now, the third here is 50 deals per year. So to do that, you need to get how many appointments per day?

-Two appointments.

-Two appointments per day. And if you get two appointments per day and you're the worst salesperson ever because you suck like a Hoover, you're going to have to close how many deals a week?


-One. Now what if you what-- what-- wh-- what if you started to get better? Like what if you actually got better each week? What if you started screwing around and closing like two deals a week? How much money would you make?


-Oh, sweet mother of Ukraine, right. So anyway, the thing is, this is huge. Now your daily activity, how much time do you have to spend on search engine?

-One hour.

-Oh, baby. Door hangers?

-Four hours a day.

-Trade shows?

-One per day.

-Now we've got some stuff to do. So now we move on. And so now we have to go in here, we go to trade shows. We'll talk about that later. Not too worried about it right now.

But we have to focus on our daily-- this is number five-- our daily schedule. And if anybody watching this and for you and anybody on the planet, if you can't manage the minutes and hours of the day, you can't manage your life. If you can't manage your life, you don't make any money. So it's all about time management now.

So I submit to you. This is the daily schedule. What time are you willing to wake up in exchange for $100,000 per year, to pay off your parent's mortgage to--

-5 o'clock.

-OK, so 5 o'clock.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Notable Quotable: "People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents."
  • Lesson Nugget: It is important to remember that most potential customers work during the day and will want to meet when it is convenient for their schedule, not yours.
  • Action Step: To accomplish your financial goals make at least 100 marketing calls each day.
  • Notable Quotable: "Nobody cares at all about your goals, except for you."

-OK, so you wake up at 5:00, OK? Now, this is the schedule I'm going to recommend for you. You don't have to do it. You can say screw you, you can change it. This is what I'd recommend. Every day you have to motivate yourself. Andrew Carnegie has a quote, which we'll add to the screen, but it says people that can't motivate themselves are basically forced to accept mediocrity.

So I would recommend that this is your Thrive time. So every morning you're devoting an hour of power just to learn, whether that's books, watching Thrive15, whatever you want to do. But you've got to, like, devote that time. OK? Also, you need to take that time to make your schedule for every day. OK? Then, with pigheaded discipline, between the hours of 6:00 AM and-- how many hours would it take you? Four hours.

-Four hours.

So we're going to give a little bit of buffer time, but I'm going to say from 6:00 to 11:00, you're going to do door hangers. OK? Then from 11:00 to 12:30, we're going to do our SEO, right? And then from 12:30 until-- what time are you willing to work until every day?


-Now, most customers have a job.


-And because they have a job, they're not going to be home during the--

-My hours.

-Right. So-- ha. Ah. So here's the deal. A lot of entrepreneurs are watching this. You know, they'll go, well, I wanna work 9:00 to 5:00. Well, guess who doesn't-- who doesn't care about that? The customer. Because the customer wants to be available-- they want to meet with you whenever they're available, not when you're available. So you're going to have to meet them probably, like, 5:00 to 7:00, or whenever they get home from work.

So I'm going to say this. 12:30 until 7:00, this is when you should be doing calls slash appointments. Are you feeling me like a petting zoo? All right? So here's the deal. Let's talk about it. So 5:00 AM you're going to do--


-Yeah. You're gonna do your deal. I mean, you gotta read your books, educate, make your schedule. Then from 6:00 to 11:00 you're going to do--

-Door hangers.

-Oh, baby. And then from 11:00 to 12:30 you're going to do--

-Search engine optimization.

-And then from 12:30 to 7:00 we're going to d--

-Calls and schedule the appointments.

-And if we suck like a freakin' Hoover, we're going to close how many deals a week?


-And then we're going to make how much per year?


-That's right. And if we don't suck, if we're just approaching non-suction, then we might even make more. You know what I'm saying?


-So how many calls a day do you have to make? I'm gonna give you this magic number, because this is the number I held myself accountable to. A number I've seen work for people. A friend of mine-- you remember back in the day, when they used to have Yellow Pages? Well, a friend of mine named Paul is one of the top Yellow Page salespeople in the whole planet.

And he made well over several hundred thousand dollars per year every year selling phone books, but he, all the top sales guys I know-- I have buddies of mine who are at the top in the industry for pharmaceutical sales, top in the industry for car sales, you need to make 100 calls per day. And if you do that, you are going to get your financial goals. Does that make sense?


-Does that give you clarity on that, though? You've got to have this daily schedule, though. Now, here's the good thing. You said it's you and your brother? What's wicked awesome, this is how you're going to make 500,000, is that he and you could both do the same schedule, or you could say hey, broseph, I want you to be the one who does all the appointments, and I'll just do calls while you're doing appointments. Or vice versa. Now you're making crazy money.

You see what I'm saying? Because you have to make sure that you're doing the activity needed to be successful. I'll give you another example. There's a guy I worked with years ago at a car dealership, and his whole thing was like, man, I just want my company to grow. Well, that's awesome that you want it, but what are you doing on a daily basis to get there?

Are you making your calls? No. Are you dominating the search engine? No. Are you going to trade shows? No. Are you holding up a sign on the side of the road that says buy a car? No. Are you doing-- no. Well, I'm just waiting for the economy to turn around, he says. No, it's not going to happen. Nobody cares at all about your goals except for you, right?

So your why is to make $100,000 per year. Your why has to be bigger than your desire to not do this crap, because this right here sounds a lot like work. And most people would rather struggle than to work. Make sense?


-So does that make sense right there?

-Yeah, it does.

-Cool. What questions do you have about that daily schedule? Does that all kind of come together?

-I mean, for me at this point, I still have to set everything-- I have to get door hangers.

-Well, I'm gonna help ya.

-So it's--

-I won't leave you hanging. I'm not going to give you general poppycock and hoo ha. We'll help you change the universe here. But does that make sense for you?

-Yeah, it does.

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