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This business coaching lesson teaches about the variations of your domain name.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: 6. Consider buying variations of your name to protect your brand from competitors or disgruntled people.
  • How do I pick a domain name for my website?: Recap: 1. Reinforce your brand name. 2. Emphasize your city or region. 3. Make it memorable. 4. Make it easy to type. 5. Keep it short. 6. Make sure it’s not too similar to your competition’s domain. 7. Consider buying variations of your name to protect your brand. from competitors or disgruntled people.
  • Ample Example:
  • Feelin It Like A Petting Zoo:
  • Boom:
  • Lesson Nugget: Examples of new domain extensions are: .store .online .life .global .today .guru
  • Lesson Nugget: New domain extensions can be risky if you advertise primarily through radio, TV, print ads, or word-of-mouth.
  • Lesson Nugget: If you use a new extension, be sure to also have a backup .com domain. You can redirect the .com domain to your main website.
  • Lesson Nugget: Why is a .com domain better? 1. Most people associate .com domains with credible brands. 2. Most people are not web-savvy, so .com domains are what they think of automatically when they think about websites.
  • Lesson Nugget: Keyword-rich domain names used to be important, but recent Google updates have penalized domains that are seen as too “spammy."
  • Core Issues:
  • Editor's Note: I think that Clay doesn't want to see this...
  • Lesson Nugget: If you use keywords in your domain, make sure your brand is also featured prominently in the domain.

- Okay, now the next this is you want to consider buying variations of your name to protect your brand from competitors and disgruntled peoples. So as an example, if the name of your company was dougsburgers.com. - [Jason Stewart] Yeah. - Okay? So, you went through and you're like "Okay, make it memorable. "Doug's Burgers. " I'm Doug, it's burgers. "I think it's short enough. " And you bought dougsburgers.com you'd also want to buy dougburger.com, dougburgers.net, dougburgers.biz. - [Man in Yellow Tie] Well I know about the inversion of that is that, is it something good or not? Like burger dougs? - I'd buy. It's cheap, cheap insurance. I mean, I'd buy all of it. - Or D-U-G mispelled Doug. - Now a lot of people don't know words. - D-O-G? - A lot of people ask me though "Where do I check to see, I mean if "something is available?" I recommend that you would go to GoDaddy.com. Can you pull that up for me? - Yep. - [Clay] And on GoDaddy.com, you can just search to see if the name's available. So let's go ahead and type in Doug's Burgers, just for the sake of this particular. Come on, get it! - [Man in Yellow Tie] And by the way, I bought modaddy.com too. - [Clay] See you're that scammer guy. You're buying all the... Okay. So dougsburgers, it's available right? - [Jason] It's good news. - [Man in Yellow Tie] Buy it right now Jason! - [Clay] You can buy it for $11.99. - [Man in Yellow Tie] You can make money! - [Jason] And then you can buy dougsburger.net. - [Jason] If you're a Doug out there and you wanna sell burgers, good news. - [Man in Yellow Tie] D-O-G and D-U-G. Dog, dug. - [Jason] So I'm gonna scroll down here Clay. You're talking about the variations, right? - Yep. So you'd wanna buy the .net, the .org. I mean I don't know if you want to buy .xyz, but I'd buy .info. You wanna buy all that because you're eventually going to upset a customer. - What do you say about the new trend that's coming out, which is name dot and the other one without a .com, .net like clay.clark. You know like, life.church. That's what a lot of people are doing. Do you recommend that? - Okay, so there's like lifechurch.tv. Where you don't end it with a .com, you end it with a dot whatever? - They put a dot in the middle like jason.stewart, and that's their domain name. Do you recommend people do that? - No, but I would recommend that you would buy all the variations that would be. So in this case I would recommend you'd buy dougs.burgers. I would buy anything that you feel like somebody would want to take related to your name. I would just buy that stuff and redirect it. - Makes sense. - The reason why a lot of people are going with like life, was it life? - Life.church or lifechurch.tv. - Let's pull up lifechurch.tv. - They change it to life.church. - [Clay] Really? - [Man in the Yellow Tie] Yep. - [Jason] Yeah, I don't know what you said. - [Man in the Yellow Tie] See life.church, that's it. - [Clay] Cool. And I'm saying to you, I don't have a problem. I'm not going to pushback at that. I'm not gonna say that's like a bad, horrible thing to do. I'm just saying is that, you need to as the rules, you need to enforce the brand name, you definitely emphasize your city, your region, you definitely need to make it memorable. I would argue that's more memorable. Life.church, that's a great idea. Make it easy to type. Again, easy to type. Make it short. Great, I'd say make sure that it's not to similar to your competitions name. I think hopefully they've accomplished that. And then consider buying variations. I mean if you can buy variations. You just don't want someone who's upset to take over your cheap. Not onto our second point here, there's a lot of new domains which is what you've been talking about, but there's a lot of new domain extensions. You know, there's a lot of them out there. - Yeah. - And so a lot of thrivers want to know, " You know, should I use them?" So we're gonna hop into that now. So Stew, some examples of the new ones you have is like, we talked about .church. - Right. - You've got .store. You've got .online. - [Jason] Yep. - You've got .life. You've got .global. You've got .today. - [Jason] Vegas. - .guru. Why are people doing this? Tell me about why this is possible now and it wasn't possible ten years ago. Why couldn't back in the day you couldn't do this? - Well, back when the web was created, no one could predict how big this medium would be. We're talking billions of websites at this point. - [Clay] Yep. - So the number of domain names and combinations is running out. And X-Y-Z, 1-2-3 .com is not so intuitive. The ones that are left don't make sense basically. So to try to find a .com, you have to be really creative. - [Man in the Yellow Tie] They're so expensive, that is .best. - Yeah, they opened up. That would be an auction. You have to buy that. - Really? - And we'll get into that. These new domain extensions are intended to give you a lot more versatility. Like you see .vegas up there. There's .miami, there's all kinds of them now. And so, like you were saying, they can be good but if it's, if you have a advertising over radio or TV or something where they have to remember the name and then type it in later. - [Clay] Yeah. - You're asking for trouble, because these are not extensions people know. If you said lifechurch.tv or bobsburgers.xyz, they may not have a clue. They're not used to typing that for ten years, or whatever they've been typing .com. - [Man in the Yellow Tie ].com. - So it is a little risky, if it's not a click based medium where they just have to click. Does that make sense? - [Man in the Yellow Tie] Yes. - Now as far as the domain extensions, I want to make sure we're getting this. You can choose these different extensions, and I'm not going to sit there and say your business is gonna fail if you don't. What Jason and I are saying though, is if you could buy dougsburgers.com, just do that. And then if you want to buy dougs.burgers, you know so it's just www.dougs.burgers, that's okay. What we're saying is, if you're on the bleeding edge of technology, if you're on the edge of technology, if you're at the very, very, very absolute forefront, usually you don't have any success until it becomes common. So, just as an example with Thrive15. This is just a big example. You get what I'm saying. Thrive15 is a place where people go to learn what they need to learn online. It's business education. We are at the forefront of that. So you get a lot of pushback occasionally. If you try and explain to your mom and dad you're like, "So what did you do today? "How as that?" and you're like "Well I was online, "learning how to start my business." They're like "So you're in business school?" And you go "No, I'm actually, I was online watching." "Do you get a degree?" "No, see I own a business and I'm just trying "to learn how to fix my website." "So do you get a degree?" "No!" " How much is it?" - Right, right. - "It's 19 dollars." "19,000 dollars? "That's a lot." "No, no no no." "So is it four-years? "Is it four years Jose?" "No it's actually like 15 minutes sometimes." "Why would you do that? "Do you get a degree?" I mean it's just people they don't get it. You know, people who've grown up with online education. Maybe your mom's not, and I'm not ripping on your mom but I'm saying, that maybe like, my mom doesn't really get it. My mom's like "So you're on TV this morning. "Were you on TV?" I'm like "No, we were in a studio and it goes "on the website." "So it's on the web, so it's a website." "Yes." "With videos and on TV?" I mean, you just kinda stop it. So, I'm saying when Glen Beck left Fox and started GBTV, people were again going "So it's a website. "You're not on TV anymore. "Well you threw your career in the toilet." You know? So you've gotta make sure that when you're doing these domains, you're not on the bleeding edge. Younger folks, I would honestly say, but people 35 and under, have no problem taking online classes. But it's just kind of a new concept for the older generations. - But if it's left to you, what I heard you say is buy the .com first because everybody's used to for the past ten plus years doing .com. - Yeah, unless you wanna fight with people about what their used to. - Right. Some people might be on a budget. So I heard you say, get the .com and then protect yourself by getting the most common ones, just to have insurance. - Absolutely, protect yourself my friends. - There we go. - Boom. See we need the first air horn in the morning. Protect yourself. - Yeah, there you go. - Okay, other other items here. If you use a new extension, be sure to also have a backup .com domain. You can redirect .com domain to your website, like we just talked about. Point number three. Why is a .com domain better? Well most people associate .com with a credible brand. To your point. - [Jason] Yeah, Nike, your Apple, I mean that's what people have been hearing for years, .com. - Yeah. - They're used to that. - For some people it seems a little sketchy if you're not a .com. And most people are not web savvy. So, the not .com domains, okay, are what when people think of the .com, that's what they're used to. If it's not .com they go "Is this real? "Am I gonna get spider scam?" - [Man in the Yellow Tie] It's a scam or a virus. - "Is this a virus on my computer?" - [Jason] When I hear a radio ad and it's, you know something plumbing and they say .net, I go "Aww." - [Man in the Yellow Tie] They're just getting started. - He just couldn't. He didn't, you know. You know what I'm saying? - [Man in the Yellow Tie] Yeah. - It's kinda, and again I'm not trying to be kicking a dead horse, just making sure everyone gets this. For the same reason that the e-book was a super weird idea a decade ago, that's why this is a weird idea. Now, in a decade from now, people are gonna go "You remember when they used to have books? "Paper hog! "I never had a book!" You know, so it's just you gotta think about that okay? So moving on to the next one. Are keywords in my domain important? Are they important? So, Stew we're gonna go through the kinda rules. I want you to unpack them here for me, okay? - [Jason] Sure. - So one, is a key rich domain name, names used to be important, but recently Google updates have penalized domain names that are seen as too spammy. You guys told us earlier that if we did tulsa.mortgages that was a good thing. Well, that is accurate. - [Jason] Yes. - But let's just give me an example of something that would maybe just make up one that would be kind of spammy. Where Google goes "Hey that's a spammy domain, bro." - You used an examples earlier of a super long keyword dense. Do you know? - You in New York. We've talked about this. And we had the discussion and you know. I'm not mentioning your name. You, whatever gender you are, cause I know people can probably find you cause of your account. You know, what I'm saying. You've got seven words in your domain, because you feel like cause you're in New York City, it's super crowded that you've choosen to go with a seven. Seven. - [Jason] Seven? - Seven Words. - [Jason] Lucky seven, man. - No, seriously. Cause they sell a product in New York. - [Jason] Oh man. - And they realized that there, it's very hard for them to compete that their thought was, I'm making up an example but it's like, bestburgersinbrooklynnewyork.com. - Right. - You know what I'm saying. So, back to you. - And that used to be awesome. - They used to be awesome. - You know, five years ago, ten years ago. You used to be able to rank really high, really quickly, with a really keyword dense domain like that. But, these days there's a line that Google has drawn, right? And all the time they're updating their algorithms, and the rules. - [Clay] Let me say this. Let me say. This used to be awesome in the way, I want you guys to picture this, okay? Wham! Used to be awesome. - [Jason] Did they? - And what happened was, I mean if you were like the hot sauce boss in the 80's, you'd invite a lady over. You know, it's in the context of marriage. Kay, you'd ride your wife over. - [Jason] Right. - And she lives with you so you just said "Hey we'll go on a date tonight." But you'd kick on this song and she would go "You are the smoothest criminal in the whole world. "Do you want to make baby number six?" "Woah, woah, woah lady. "I've got things to do." But that used to be the song that would kickstart a good evening back in the day. I'm pretty sure that I was conceived to. Oh yeah. You know what I'm saying? That used to be the thing. Like having a mullet was a thing. - Right. - Now you're going "Hey, I don't want to see all the chest hair necessarily, and I don't necessarily want the mullet." So it used to be awesome and it's not awesome anymore. We're not gonna forget where we came from, I'm just saying just don't do old school moves that don't work. Okay? Now, next thing okay? Is that Google updates, I think I've said, they've penalized some of these but also if you do use keywords in your domain, make sure your brand is also featured prominently in the domain. As we mentioned before. So it could be called like primelendingtulsamortgages.com. - That can help break up that kind of spammy effect, if your brand's in there. Does that make sense? - Yeah. - Spammy is just where your obvious. It's like scammy. It's just like, you're trying to trick the world and you're trying to play little games. Don't do it. Okay?

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