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This business coaching course teaches about the webmaster tools.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 25 Variables to Google and User Compliance: 24. Webmaster Tools
  • Recommended Resources: Google Webmaster Tools is a free online service from Google that helps you manage your website or blog, or those of your clients.
  • Lesson Nugget: Webmaster Tools has been renamed to Google Search Console.
  • Lesson Nugget: Take the .xml file and paste is on the webmaster tools account

- [Voiceover] Break it, break. - Okay, variable number 24, Webmaster Tools. Okay, so some of the Thrivers on the site have heard of Webmaster Tools but maybe don't completely understand specifically how to use it. I know that I still need a little bit of help. Clay, begin walking me through. How does Webmaster Tools fit into this Google compliance and getting my site to the top of Google? - Well, everything we're teaching right now is the essentials you need to know. We're not teaching anything you don't need to know. We're really getting into the details. Now, mind you, we have been building. We, as a team, I mean, Jason's been building websites for how many years now? - [Jason] Gosh, over 15. - I mean, 15 years. He has been building websites since Al Gore invented it. Al was talking to Tipper one night, they're on a hot date, Al, former President, Tipper, his beautiful wife, they're on a hot date, and Al's like, "I feel like I should invent the Internet," and since that very day, you have been there, making it happen. So, here we go. So, Webmaster Tools, how big of a deal are Webmaster Tools? What do we need to know about it? - Webmaster Tools is a product created by Google, which is important these days, I hear. - [Clay] They're starting to catch on. - Webmaster Tools, and here's a big controversial thing. They actually just renamed this product recently, from Webmaster Tools to Search Console, so it's kind of, those are interchangeable. - No longer Webmaster Tools, it is now Search Console. - If you Google Webmaster Tools, you'll still find this product, but just heads-up. - Okay. - So what this is, this is a kind of a ninja move, okay? Some of these tools we're going to highlight on Thrive. This is a very critical tool, so if you sign up for a Search Console/Webmaster Tools account, what you can do is take that sitemap.xml that we've been talking about, and you can plug it in to your account there on Webmaster Tools, and what that does is it tells Google that you want to crawl your website. - [Clay] Take what to plug it in? - Sitemap.xml, and you're going to plug that in to your Webmaster Tools account. You're going to paste that URL in there, and we'll have a training on this, that really goes in-depth, and what that's going to do is it's going to tell Google to re-index your website. So let me just give you a brief example. So, some Thrivers out there may have a problem on their website. Maybe they don't have the right keywords, or they have some kind of an issue happening right now. Well, after those issues have been fixed, you want Google to come back to your site and re-crawl it, right, so it's more optimized. And so, how do you tell Google to re-crawl it? Well, you can wait weeks-- - You're saying, "Hey, Google, I'm updated!" - [Jason] I'm updated. - So let me do an example. Let's say that you are a woman, and you are married to me. So your name is definitely Vanessa Clark, and I'm saying that because the way that we are transcribing every episode, her name will come up, and she will find this at some point, and she will laugh. - [Jason] It's true. - But my wife went to Oral Roberts University. It's a Christian school, and they have a length of a skirt you have to wear, and if it is too short, bro, bros, bro, bro-- You can't go to class. You know what I'm saying? So I am, my wife's like, at the time, we were dating, and she's like, "Does it look too short?" I'm like, no, no, it's probably not short enough, actually. I mean, it's probably violating, you know, I mean, I don't know in the rule book, where it is, but it's probably too long, I mean. So, one day, as a result of my mentorship and my coaching, this is a true story, she was stopped by the, wheeooow wheeooow, they call it RA, which is a, it's a, what does it stand for? It's a Resident Advisor, Resident Advisor, your RA. The RA, Mia, she says, "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, "I think you're a good person, but your skirt is too short." To which I'm like, really? I mean, at that point, I mean, I coached her to a pretty short skirt. I'm 18, lot of hormones, lot of-- You know the whole thing, you know. I'm like, hey, it looks fine. So, anyway, she had to go back to her dorm room and get a new skirt, new dress, new outfit, and then come back, and I'm not kidding, they took the old thigh-high rule, they have like a ruler or something and they measure it to make sure you're following the rules? True story. She had to go back to Mia and say, "Hey, Mia, I'm complying now with the rules," and then Mia's like, "Cool, you can go back to class." So, if we can go to my little tablet here, I've been working on this drawing here. So, you want to take your XML, right, your .XML file, and you want to basically paste that, point number two, you want to paste that, right, you want to paste it on the Webmaster Tools and say, "Hey, hey, Mia, "I have updated my skirt length, I can go to class!" And for Thrivers who are watching who are saying, "That is sexist!" Well, probably, but we chose to go to that school, though, and it was something, and I will tell you what. My favorite day at Oral Roberts University was the day that my wife was not allowed to go to class as a result of having that short skirt. I'm just telling you, you know what I mean? You know, it's like you feel awkward right now, because I'm sharing this, but Thrivers are going, finally, there's somebody on the Internet teaching business and relating it to skirt length, like I've always wanted, and I'm going, "I know!" So, back to you! - Yeah, I'm not sure how to follow that. But so that's exactly why you want to use a Webmaster Tools account is, in your example, to get the RA to approve that, according to the rules again. The RA in this case is Google, right? So you want Google to say, "Hey, your skirt's the right length." - [Clay] And this right here-- I'm just trying to draw a diagram real quick here. This was where it should have been, right here, and it was not there, and I was trying to, like, coach, you know, this way, just that's how it went. That's what it was. So, I'm just telling you, Thrivers, if your site's screwy, you've got to fix it, and you've got to notify Google you're doing it right, and that's where you do this, correct? - Absolutely, there's some other tools in there to check for problems on your website, but I'm not sure if we should illustrate those, Clay, but... - [Clay] I want to show one more thing, and then I'll be done harassing, because Marshall made, in one of our episodes, this is the United States right here, and this is Mexico, kind of down here. I know Mexico's not like that. There's Florida, there's kind of Maine, and Marshall claims, up here, in Alaska or something like that, that his uncle has built a cabin, that is where he didn't build the cabin, unless he can supply proof, right there. - [Jason] Oh, man, gauntlet, come on.

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