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This business coaching course teaches about website contact information.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 25 Variables to Google and User Compliance: 16. Contact Information
  • Lesson Nugget: One of the most common things on a web page is contact information. When you write a web page, it is good form to put some way for your readers to contact you.
  • Editor's Note: Get the FREE checklist by emailing us at: info@thrive15.com
  • Lesson Nugget: Contact information on your website MUST be easy to find.
  • Lesson Nugget: Your phone number should be located on the top right of your page. A "Contact Us" horizontal navigational tab is also very useful to have on your website.
  • Lesson Nugget: You definitely want to include a phone number and email address as contact information on your website.

- Okay, so variable number 16 is contact information. Clay, this sounds like it might be important to include on the website, so tell me a little bit more about contact information. - I would speculate that 10% of the Thrivers watching right now just do not have your name of your company as in like your phone number, your email address, your contact information, your address, whatever it is that customers need to do to reach you, you're not making that easy to find. So I see companies, literally, I've literally gone in to consult with a company, and I couldn't find the name of the company on their website. It's because they got really excited, they're working on a bunch of things, but there's no phone number anywhere. They're working on a bunch of things and they forget to put the name of the company on it. I mean, they're thinking about everything else that the obvious becomes something that's forgotten. So you wanna make a checklist, and we have a checklist by the way, all of these aspects, all the variables we're teaching you, are on a master checklist we have available for download, and when you get this, you just want to print this off and have this available when you're making a website so you don't forget anything. I mean there's so many steps. I can't remember this many things, that's why we have an outline here for it. Again, the contact information has to be easy to find. So Stew, where do we want to put the contact information, where are most humans looking for the contact information, where do we want it? - Well like in the case of Mykola, he's a great Thrive friend, right. - [Clay] Yeah, he's a Thriver. - So he's got his 800 number right here in the upper corner of his website because he's trying to drive those phone calls, right. - Now there's tools now where you can make where if you click it it'll actually call. - [Stewart] Yes. - What is that tool? - Well that's HTML. - [Clay] Okay. - And what that's mostly for is on a phone. - [Clay] Yeah. - And we'll dive into that later or we can email Marshall and show you how to do that. - Yeah, Thrivers, if you wanna know how to do that, just email us, we'll make some awesome trainings for you on that. - Exactly, it's specifically for mobile, what you wanna do is just click that phone number, and it just pull up the phone and you dial. - So you wanna have, real quick, the phone number at the top right if at all possible. - [Stewart] If at all possible. - And you also wanna have a thing called Contact Us, you wanna have that horizontal navigational bar, if you can just put your mouse over it, because people are used to looking for that. - [Stewart] That's true. - [Clay] So you wanna make it easy. - [Stewart] Yeah. - [Clay] Contact Us, you have to have it, super easy to find, I'm just telling you 10% of the people watching right now do not have their number prominently displayed on their website. - [Stewart] That's true and so if you click Contact Us, Clay, you're gonna wanna, you know, what are those basic pieces of information you need from somebody. You want their name, email, phone, like give us some examples. What would be helpful? - I would say specifically, I would wanna make sure you put the phone number so it's prominent. I try to do for a lot of businesses that I'm involved, I don't wanna put my address, 'cause I just don't want people showing up, I mean. If you, YouTube real quick. - [Marshall] Sure. This is kind of a phenomenon that started to happen here. Marshall, you've probably seen this in the last couple of months, but if you Google Thrive 15 headquarters, we started to have people, like hundreds of people, just randomly come by 'cause they're like, "Oh my gosh, "is this like the Thrive headquarters?" Because you know, things like that are up on the Internet and it becomes kind of easy to find it. So at Thrive we want our business to be customer facing, and if you click that thing real quick, just click it, you can see Thrivers, we want you to come out to our studio, it's beautiful, this is where we have our workshops, people love coming here, we have a tiki village in the back. Who has a tiki village in the back of their building, we do. We want you to come here and visit us, and so we've built it to be customer facing. But if you own a small consultancy, or you don't want people showing up, don't put your address. But for our Elephant in the Room, that's our men's grooming lounge, let's go ahead and go to eitrlounge.com. We make our address really prominent because we want you to find us. If you click on Contact Us, I'm sure something's spelled wrong so it'll be embarrasing, but anyway that's our addresses, so you can find our downtown and our South Tulsa location. So that's how it works, Thrivers, that's how we do it. This is how we do it, Montell Jordan, make sure you have the contact information very prominently placed on the website.

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