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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches to determine who is dominating the results.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Step #3: Determine who is dominating the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)?
  • Jargonization Translation: A search engine results page (SERP) is the page displayed a search engine in response to a query by a searcher. The main component of the SERP is the listing of results that are returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query.
  • Editor's Note: Research using Incognito Mode (Chrome) or Private Browsing (Firefox)
  • Lesson Nugget: Stop using abbreviations and go through the "extra" work to spell out complete words.
  • Editor's Note: Incognito Mode (Chrome) or Private Browsing (Firefox) allows you to search without Google saving your search preferences.
  • Lesson Nugget: The first information that shows up is the local results map.
  • Definition Magician: The permanent URLs to your individual weblog posts, as well as categories and other lists of weblog postings. It's what appears after the '.com'
  • Lesson Nugget: Abbreviations elongate conversations.

- Step number three, determine who is dominating the search engine results page. Clay, what is this search engine results page? What are we talking about, the SERP here, you know, people who need abbreviations, but what is this thing that we're talking about? - First off, brief rabbit trail, super important, Thrivers. If you're managing a company, where you plan on hiring anybody ever, hopefully that's you, you need to understand this. Abbreviations absolutely elongate conversations. So just yesterday, a guy emails me an abbreviation for something, it's like MVP something or other. Well, I know that stands for Minimally Viable Product, but nobody else in the email did. So then I have to call the guy and I'm like, guy, quit sending abbreviations, 'cause no one knows what he's talking about. We're thinking about like, is he talking about Stephen Curry and the Warriors winning, you know. Is he thinking about Michael Jordan, is he talking about former MVPs, is he talking about NFL MVPs, no one had any clue what he's talking about. So when you're going on to the Internet world, one of the reasons that people struggle to learn these ideas, how to optimize websites, is all this freaking jargon. There's all this stupid jargon where these search engine wizards are like, "What we're going to do moving forward "is we're going to use the word SERP." And you're like, why would you do that? "Because I'm a wizard, ahhh," you know, and it makes it where it's unapproachable. Stop using these abbreviations, 'cause you're gonna go, "SERP, loot at the SERP..." Just stop it, just go through the extra work here, and say search engine results page. Search engine results page. I know that burned a few more calories, most of us are overweight, let's go ahead, let's just do it. But just say, search engine results page. What am I talking about? I'm talking about when you Google nontoxic silicone spatula, this is what we're talking about. It pulls up here, this is all the stuff that pulls up, and I wanna just break it down, I wanna get into it real quick, I wanna show you what it is. So let's do one that I'm dominating currently right now, 'cause I like to focus on what I'm dominating. Google Tulsa men's haircuts. This is what it stands for, though again, search engine results page. Alright, now before you start looking and starting to get into it, click on those three little lines, those three horizontal lines on the top right, and we're gonna go to incognito mode. Some of you are going, what, what is this? Let's do it again, click on those three lines right there and click on incognito mode. Okay, Thrivers, I know that 3/4 of the people listening to this, watching this, have never done this before. Every time I do a workshop, someone goes, what is that? That allows you to search without the Google people knowing your preferences. They're not gonna bring in your biases. You know you've been searching all night for George Michael. Can you pull up George Michael? I know that Thrivers wanna hear more George Michael, there's only, I can only play, I'm trying to bring him back, But anyway, if you search for George Michael all the time, then you're gonna see ads for George Michael, concert tickets for George Michael, you're gonna see his greatest hits all coming out, it's unbelievable. You're gonna see Careless Whisper references on all your ads, okay we can stop it now. I know some Thrivers are upset at me right now. But the thing is, is that you click right there, you pull up incognito mode, then we're gonna search for Tulsa men's haircuts, that's the pure search, okay. - [Voiceover] So that doesn't allow those influences of your searches to affect the results here, this is a more pure result. - [Clay] It is the most pure, it is like a... I know when you say pure and then you say George Michael, it's hard to put those two thoughts. - [Voiceover] That's true. - [Clay] But it's a pure white Wham! George Michael. - [Voiceover] Nice. - [Clay] You know, when George Michael was still in Wham! So anyway, so you search, and if you look at the results, there's Elephant in the Room, okay. And then you've got Elephant in the Room again, so the first thing that comes up is the local search, that's the local map, okay homies, local map say it with me now, local map, say it with me now, local map. We'll teach you how to get to the top of that, by the way. Then you scroll down, then that's the website, then you scroll down again, that's the website again followed by a permalink, a permalink, those are the words after the .com. Can you just kinda select the words after the .com, just so people know what I'm talking about? Yeah, right there, you kinda just, being the public clicker it's almost impossible to do it well, it's kinda like being a referee. People are always upset, no one says good game. But I'm telling you right now, good game. So here we go, but after the .com that's the permalink, those are the words after okay. We'll teach you about that. Then you have Yelp, that's a third party search. Then you scroll down, that's Yelp again. What is the deal with Yelp? Then that's the photo ribbon, look at the photos, the images, that photo ribbon, that's a sweet move, we'll teach you how to do that. Then you scroll down, that's the YouTube. And then you scroll down, and you go, let's keep going down a little more, a little more down, and then right there, boom, that's Facebook. So Thrivers, some Thrivers might be going, that'd be nice, I bet you guys kill it. We do kill it, homies, and we're beating the crap out of Sport Clips. - [Voiceover] Wow. - [Clay] Now someone goes, I own a Sport Clips. Calm down, there's not enough money for both of us, so we have to fight.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Search Engine Optimization Tool: Individuals use Google Analytics to get the data they need to make intelligent marketing and business decisions.
  • Ask Yourself: What competitors pull up top in search results?
  • Lesson Nugget: Focus on beating your competition.
  • Ask Yourself: Who pulls up top in Google search results for my terms?

- But the thing is, this is how you do it, okay? So this is a search engine results page, that's very, very important that you know where you come up in Google. Now let me just tell you this, Stewart. You see this, you tell me if I'm wrong here. A lot of business owners go, "Well, I come up top "in Google when I type in my company's name," so Google's the elephant in the room. They tell me this all the time. "Well I type in our company name, we come up top." Stewart, why is that jackassery? - [Stewart] That's like the trophy you get for showing up for the soccer game. - So this is what happens, this is where the web guy screws you. If you're watching this right now, you have a web guy right now who is screwing you like Bob Vila. He's got the this is serious. He's got his screw gun going, this is what he says, he goes, "I did analytics this month, I did some research." They usually talk like that too, they're very TED Talks-ish. "So I did some research this month, and what I found "by using our Google analytics is that your site "is getting most of its traffic from people who are actually "typing in your name, which means that your brand "is now firmly established. "So we need to focus on honing in your brand "and asking ourselves, if your brand was an animal, "what kind of animal would it be?" - [Stewart] Wow. - "And if it was a person, what kind of person would it be? "We gotta refine the brand because everyone who's going "to your site is doing it because they're searching "for your brand name." Stewart, can you explain to me, explain to Thrivers how, when you use the analytic tools, we'll get in to that later, but how looking at that result and seeing that you come up top for your own name all the time could kinda skew your brain a little bit? - Well if you're a new business, you don't have name recognition. People are not gonna search for your name. This is not a real thing, this really is the consolation prize. - But I'm not kidding, I literally know of, I can think of two graphic design firms right now, I can think of them, I'm not gonna mention their name and I'm not gonna mention what rhymes with them, but I'm thinking of you right now. And I know what you do. You have people on your team, 'cause I've seen you do it, who, what they do is they literally click on the website as much as possible during the week, and you've written an algorithm, a series of code, that will go and ping, or hit, it'll click on the site all day, and then you come to your client, you do it, and I know you, you know that I know that you do this. And then you come to the client and you go, "Hey, you've got 1,100 hits this month. "A lot of people are typing in your name now, "so we need to focus on that." And you're going, "But how come we're not top "when I'm typing in Tulsa men's haircuts?" And they're like, "'Cause you couldn't possibly "understand what I'm saying to you, it's so complex." But that, right there, is a huge issue. So again, just kinda breaking down the step here, okay? One, search engine results page, that's SERP, don't ever use that word again, it's a devil word. The second, is research using incognito mode, that's the private deal, okay. Now, this is the deal, is who pulls up top in Google for your term? So go ahead, Thrivers, take a moment and do it. Let's search for something. Ask yourself, "Who comes up top in your town?" So let's say I live in Oregon, I live in Eugene, Oregon, and I sell appliances. Go ahead and type in Eugene, Oregon, appliances. Gonna throw a big shout out to all of our Thrivers in Eugene, Oregon. We've actually helped you guys optimize, years ago. So let's see if you're still doing the optimization. There he is. Don's Home Appliance Center, Don Juan, look at him, there he is in the map. Don, we're huge in Eugene, Oregon right now, we're huge. Now, the thing is, Thrivers, once you get to the top of Google, guess what, you have to just keep working for it. We'll teach you how to do that. But look at there, Don's number three and he's top in the map. Don, Don's having a party. That's awesome, that's how that works, okay? And then ask yourself, "What competitors come up?" Now Thrivers, you and I know that you're in business, because why? You wanna put a pool in the backyard for your wife. You wanna get that gluten-free whatever. Ladies, you wanna get that new Coach purse, you wanna get that, you wanna put your kids in college, you wanna buy a big couch. If you're saying, "Hey, you're sexist, I don't appreciate "you saying what my goals are," fine. If you're a transgendered, androgynous, intersex-wearing Kanye West-wearing neutral human, just ambiguous, not even shaped, yeah, I'm a shape, you're just like, and your name is somewhere, it could be Ashley, so you could be either way, you know. You have your own goals, and bottom line is you can't buy stuff if you don't have enough customers. So we gotta beat the competition. So someone who's, literally, and we'll move on to our next step, literally I was at a speaking at the coffee shop recently, and this guy asked to speak, and this guy is like, "Why are you so focused "on beating your competition? "There's enough room in the marketplace for everybody." No there's not! I want all of it, and then I will use it as I see fit, to dominate.

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