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Increase income network marketing by contacting and inviting

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 4 income producing activities: 2. Contact and Invite
  • Truth Cannon:
  • Notable Quotable: "This is where most people have their biggest fear - the fear of rejection."
    -Author's Name
  • Lesson Nugget: Especially with someone you haven't talked to in a while, start the call with a "Obviously there is a reason I am calling, but before we get to that..." Then start talking about what has been going on in your prospects life and build rapport.
  • Ample Example:
  • Lesson Nugget: Always let your prospect know there is a reason you are calling. Avoid the "bait and switch" like the plague!

Daniel: We're going to dive into step #2 here, contact and invite. Corbin: Oooo. Daniel: Step #2, contact and invite, so we've already built the list at this point. Corbin: Yeah. Daniel: Now we're going to use that list. Corbin: Now the tough part comes. Daniel: Okay. Corbin: This is the part where most people have the biggest fear, and it's the fear of rejection. Daniel: Mm-hmm (affirmative) Corbin: Now's the time where, okay, you've made the commitment. You've started to determine why I'm excited about it. I'm ready to grow this business. I'm ready to get to where my products paid for and I'm making a little extra money, and I've built that list, and there's that list, I got 15, 40, 20 names or whatever it is, and there it is. Now I have to pick up the phone and call them. Daniel: Mm-hmm (affirmative) Corbin: Or I've got to, you know, today's technology is so much different, now I have to send them a text and a video. Daniel: Right. Corbin: Now I got to contact them, and I've got to invite them to have an exposure to this opportunity. Whether the exposure is going to be to the products or to the business opportunity, but I have to do that, and there's a number of ways to do it. Like I said, to me, I'm a reach out and touch person. I believe this business is a people business. Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: In our society today, everything's done through texts and everything's done social media. Nobody sits down and communicates anymore and talks to people, and I find it funny, I always answer my phone if it rings, if I'm available and people will say, "Oh my gosh, I was expecting to get your voice mail". Daniel: No one uses the phone anymore. Corbin: Yeah, no one uses it. So it's amazing when you do pick up the phone and call people, they do answer, and that's the contact part. I always start, especially if I haven't talked to somebody in a while, let's say it's been a couple years. Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: I say, "obviously there's a reason I'm calling, but before we get to that, man, what's going on? How are the kids? Man, last time I say Jr. he was six years old, what's he eight, nine years old, what's going on with him?" Get them talking. Daniel: Okay. Corbin: Most of the time when I'm... my goal is to get them to ask me now, what did I call about and I've already dangled that first, hey, obviously there's a reason I'm calling... Daniel: Right, right. Corbin: And eventually they're going to say to me, "hey, what was it you were calling about?" "Man, I'm glad you asked. Look, Paulie and I have gotten in an opportunity that we think is amazing. It's products that we think that everybody could use. You're one of the first people I thought about." Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: "I'd love to be able to send you this quick video, it's about 5 minutes long. I want you to watch it and I'd love to get your feedback." Daniel: Okay. Corbin: And "okay, yeah, yeah, yeah". I've diffused it. I didn't pick up the phone and contact them real quick and say, "hey Dan, this is Corbin. I'm in some MLM that you're probably going to go to jail for. You're not going to need these products and I want you to buy a garage full of junk. Will you help me out", because some people, believe it or not, that's what they, they don't say it quite like that, but that's what they're saying. Daniel: That's the message they're saying. Corbin: Yeah, on the phone. So I'm just teaching people to be real. People always ask me, "what's the script. How can I contact, will you write a script out for me?" No. Hey, how you been? What's been going on in life? I got something that I want to share with you, but before we get to that, tell me what's been going on. Daniel: Let's throw out the truth can here for a second. Corbin: Yeah. Daniel: You said right out of college you had the old MLM bait and switch. Corbin: Oh yeah, yeah. Daniel: Is this a normal thing, because this is what people get worried about, right? In the whole network marketing thing, cause they're worried about the scam. They're worried about the bait and switch, but you jump right in and say, "hey, obviously there's a reason I'm calling, but first let's catch up a little bit. Let's talk a little bit", and then after that point, that's when they're like, "now wait, what did you want to talk about?" They're like, asking you. Corbin: Absolutely. And I didn't bait and switch them... Daniel: Right. Corbin: Because I told them right off the bat... Daniel: Right in the very beginning. Corbin: "Hey, obviously there's a reason I'm calling." Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: And I had a great learning experience with this. I called a friend, an old colleague I hadn't talk to in years, and I called him up and immediately I go into "hey, how's your kids? What's going on?", and we talked for a good 10 - 15 minutes, and he goes, "well hey man, it was great talking to you, let's keep in touch". And I said, "oh, wait, wait, wait, I want to talk to you about something", and I went at him with the MLM... Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: And he says, "I'm just appalled that you called me and actually listened to me for 15 minutes when you could care less and all you wanted to do was approach me on your products". Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: I was like, oh my gosh, I've missed probably the simplest step in contacting and inviting and letting him know there's a reason I called. Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: So that is so important. Daniel: That's a huge deal. Corbin: Yeah. You don't want to give people that bad taste. Daniel: Right. Corbin: Right off the bat when you're talking to them. But then there's the people you deal with everyday. I mean, you got your people you run with, your circles. Daniel: Right. Corbin: The carpool line, the mom's club, the dad's coaches. Daniel: Right. Corbin: The Monday night football crew. Whatever it is, the gang of people you're running around with. Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: Sometimes those are the tougher ones to pick up the phone and call, or those might be the ones I text, "hey, I really value your opinion. I'm really excited about this opportunity. Hey, will you watch this video and give me your feedback?" Man then they, you know, they kind of pump their chests... Daniel: Right. Corbin: You pump their chest up for them a little bit. A lot of times, especially when I first got started, I was a comp plan guy. I wanted to know if I was going to invest my time into this, there's got to be some money there. Daniel: Okay. Corbin: So I really looked into the comp plan that we had, and so when I would call people, when I first got started, it's I'd say, "look I value your opinion in the business world. I've seen what you've done. You've done great things. I've got this compensation plan on this company that Paulie and I are getting involved with, do you mind if I bring it by and have you take a look at it"? And they're all like, "Yeah, I'd love to", and I'm not baiting and switching them. Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: I truly care to get their opinion, because if they see it the way I do. Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: Guess what, they're probably going to join with me. Daniel: That's a good deal. Yeah. Corbin: And who doesn't want to make extra money?

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Notable Quotable: "Skill to do comes of doing."
    -Ralph Waldo Emerson
    (Poet, philosopher and essayist during the 19th century. One of his best-known essays is "Self-Reliance.”)
  • Fun Factoid: "Rejection is going to happen. It's coming."
    (Corbin Roush, one of the highest paid in the network marketing industry, also encounters rejection)
  • Action Step: Group names on your list according to who is the most successful and influential on your list, and try to reach them first.
  • Notable Quotable: "The second best answer you can get is no."
    -Author's Name
  • Lesson Nugget: On average, nine times out of ten you will get rejected, and you can still build a massive business this way!
  • Ample Example:
  • Notable Quotable: "You are one person away from something big happening. But you'll never get to that one person if you let five rejections stop you."
    -Author's Name

Daniel: What about ... You touched on this ... What about the rejection part. What about the "You've the list, now you've actually got to do the contact" part. I've heard of it as the five hundred pound phone. Corbin: Yeah, oh yeah, the gorilla that growls at you. Daniel: Yeah, exactly. What about that? How do you overcome that gorilla? How do you get past the fear of rejection and just making that invite? Corbin: Well, I heard years ago the best thing "The skill to do comes from the doing." This is a skill that can be developed. It can be developed with time, and it can be developed with practice, and a lot of time it's just picking up that phone. Maybe if your personality is the type of personality where you say "Look, I'm scared to death. I can't believe I'm calling on you on this but I'll get to that in a minute, but tell me what's going on." There is the rejection. You're going to get ... My goal when I'm contacting, inviting people, is I want to eventually invite them to see the opportunity. That gets to one of the other income producing activities we're going to talk about is "how" to show the plan. I am wanting them ... I'm wanting to move them to the next step through that, but you're going to get rejection. You're going to get "I got it from one of my good friends." "Oh, my gosh, you're not doing one of those too are you? Oh, I can not believe you called me. Leave me alone. I don't want to hear about it." Hey, that's great. Again it goes back to the list now, I've actually contacted them. I've invited them to listen to the opportunity. They rejected me. They're not interested. "Hey, do you know anyone who might be?" Just bring it back around. Hey, I get that. Wasn't for me. Not interested. I though it was a pyramid scheme too. I thought Holly was going to jail. I though nobody would ever want to do this. I've been there. But why don't you hear me out on why this makes sense to me and why I think this might be something you want to do. Daniel: So for the people at home that are afraid of the rejection portion of this ... Corbin: It's coming. Daniel: Give us ... It's coming ... but give us some real numbers though. If you talk to three people are you going to be able to share it with one person or is it more like one to two or one out of ten? What's a normal ... Is there a normal? Corbin: Well, I think everybody's different and I think you're life experiences lead you to have better success at this. That's the reason why, when I'm teaching people to build their list ... I didn't talk about this earlier ... Group them by who's the most successful, influential people you know, and try to reach them first. Daniel: Really? Corbin: Because if they get in, then all of a sudden everybody want's to get in because they don't want to miss something. Daniel: Right. Corbin: When I first got in and started reaching out to people my success rate was probably one out of four or five and that was high. I mean that was a ... Daniel: That was a good success rate. Corbin: That was a good success rate. Some people will burn through eight or nine or ten people but they're learning how to do it. I look at this business ... Second best answer you can get is no. I hate the "maybe's". I hate the "Let me think about it" or "Hey, when's your next meeting?" Just tell me "yes" or "no" right now. You're going to get them. I mean you're just going to. Some people have just not had success in life for whatever reason. Maybe they haven't made any money and all their friends know. They've tried a thousand things. They're probably going to have a lot greater failure rate than the person that has had wonderful success in their life. What I like is, we can put resources into those people's hands to teach them how to better communicate with people. How to present themselves better without changing who they are, maybe it'll change them to become a better person. Where people now are flocking to them. Where they want to be around them. That takes time. Again, it takes time. This is a business and it's not built fast. If it takes you five years to make a hundred thousand dollars a year on the side, would it be worth it? I mean "yeah". Let's say it takes five years to develop those skills and develop the traits necessary to become successful, would it be worth it? Well, yeah, absolutely. Those are the things we're going to bring to the table with the coaching and the thrive to get people fired up to understand [crosstalk 00:03:55] Daniel: That's a little teaser. That's a little teaser for the future training right there. Also, I don't know if you caught this, from a man who's made, along with his wife, made millions of dollars in this industry, his good success rate ... You said at one time was one out of five, one out of ten is pretty normal ... You're getting maybe nine rejections for your every one "yes" and that's normal. Corbin: Yeah. Daniel: That's kind of what to expect, but the "yes" is so good you want to keep going. Corbin: Well, yeah. Look at it this way ... Holly's brother-in-law and sister told here about this. They were making quite a bit of money on the PGA Tour through winning and endorsements. It wasn't for them, but they shared it with a couple of people. This didn't become their passion, it didn't become something they were wanting to go do meetings with every night of the week, but they had an excitement about it where they shared it with some people and they made millions of dollars in this industry. Because it only takes one. It only takes one. You're one person away from things happening, but you're not going to get to that one person if five rejections stop you. You just got to keep finding them, keep finding them, keep looking. Like Holly mentioned in a training before "Three feet from goal." You're right there. You're so close. Don't quit. Daniel: So, deal with a little bit of rejection, continue to contact, continue to invite. Corbin: Yeah. Daniel: Right.

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