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4 Steps To Grow Income Network Marketing by following up

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 4 income producing activities: 4. Follow up and follow through
  • Ample Example:
  • Lesson Nugget: After a presentation or dropping off samples, set up a follow up time, then follow through with the follow up at that time.
  • Boom:
  • Notable Quotable: "A story is a fact Wrapped in an emotion That compels us to take action That transforms us in some way"
    -Robert Dickman, author of The Elements of Persuasion
  • Lesson Nugget: Focus on making your weakness your strength.

Daniel: We're almost through here. Number 4 of the 4 income producing activities, follow up and follow through. Corbin: Guess which one is the toughest? Daniel: Out of these 4? Corbin: Yeah. Daniel: Is it this one? Corbin: This one. Daniel: Okay! Tell me about the follow up and the follow through. Corbin: This one is where the self worth problem comes in. They can pick up that phone, they are great communicators, they can build that list, they can go show them that plan, they can drop products off, they can do all that, but now it's time to find out are they interested? Is the yes or no coming? A lot of times, you're going to just leave the product with them, or leave them an income disclosure, and say, "Hey, I'll get back to you in a couple days." Most people don't get back to them in a couple days because they think, "Okay, I left them the product, I left them the income capabilities, they're going to call me." They go home and they sit by the phone and they go, "Ring, ring, ring. Oh man, why aren't they calling back? Why aren't they calling back?" People skip that step. To me, I always setup a time. When I'm done with my presentation, "Hey, is it all right if I call you back tomorrow and we'll go over this again?" Or I'll leave them some literature and say, "Hey, I want you to read this. I'll come get that from you tomorrow." Or, "Hey, here's some websites to go to. I want to follow up with you tomorrow to see if you've had a chance to go to check out those websites." I always follow up at the time I said. Great story. We had one of our biggest builders, Holly met him at a show and they were all excited about not doing the product and not being apart of the company- Daniel: They were excited about those things. Corbin: They were excited about getting Holly away from them, and Holy said, "When should I follow back up with you?" The guy goes, "Never." His wife says, "Quit being rude! If you'd like, call us back on Monday. We'll try some of your product and we'll let you know what we think on Monday." Holly overhears the husband chewing the wife out as she walks away, "Why'd you tell them to call? Why'd you give them our number? You know she'll never quit calling." Holly, on Monday, at that time, picked up the phone and called them. They said, "Oh my gosh. That product was great. We were so hoping you would call back. We wanted to know how we can get some more!" Daniel: Wow! Corbin: Holly said, "Hey, how about if I meet with you tomorrow and I'll get you some product?" She went and she did everything she said. They signed up and put in, probably, 50,000 people through their network of friends and families over the business. If she wouldn't have followed up with them on that Monday, they'd have lost her business card. 50,000 people out of our business, but she was not afraid of the follow up and following through and doing the things that she said. There's so many different stages to following up. It's following up to make sure they consume the product. We want retail customers. We want customers. Lots and lots and lots of customers in our business. Following up to see if they need some more. Following up to see if they liked it. Following up and seeing if they had any great stories that they wanted to share. Just doing things like that because the stories sell, facts tell. The more stories I can accumulate are going to help us all grow our business. Daniel: Say that one more time. Corbin: Stories sell, facts tell. I want stories. It's the same thing, showing the plan. A lot of times, when I'm showing the plan, I'm sharing stories because stories sell, facts tell. Daniel: You are, consciously, always setting, almost, an appointment to say, "I'll call you back at this time on this day to follow up." Corbin: Yeah. Daniel: In your previous example, Holly had every reason to not follow up. Corbin: Oh, she heard every [crosstalk 00:03:23]. No way! Daniel: Not going to do it. Not going to do it. They were almost offended that you would want to follow up, but she still followed up and it ended up being one of your biggest business builders. Corbin: Yep. Absolutely. There are stories like that all over the place. The follow up is, what we have learned, most people's Achilles Heel because they're afraid of the rejection, and we make it our strength. We teach people, "Make your weakness your strength." If your weakness is following up, conquer that. Look forward to the no. Like I said, it's the second best answer you can get. Daniel: Second best answer. Corbin: Yeah. Don't be afraid to follow up with the people. Do what you say. Daniel: There you go. That is 4 income producing activities with Corbin Roush. Thank you so much. We've got more trainings coming up here that I'm excited about. I think you're excited about it too. We're going to get Holly back on here, too. She's excited. She's here, she's just not on camera. She's coming, though. We have more trainings coming very soon. Check out those 4 income producing activities and start building your business.

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