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Network Marketing Success Steps: Follow Up with Prospects

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 8 steps to thrive: 7. Follow up with your prospects
  • Ample Example:
  • Lesson Nugget: Holly's biggest business builder came from someone who acted disinterested, but she still followed up with anyway.
  • Lesson Nugget: A lot of times people just get busy, and won't get back in touch with you. You must follow up with them to see if they took the action you asked of them, and where they stand after doing so.

Daniel: Step number seven, the follow up. Holly: Yeah, follow up is so important because we really teach people about getting samples of your products out there. So we've put together nice little packets that may have a sample of each of the product, you're placing them with someone, it has your business card in there. But if you're not following up, getting their business card back or writing your friend's name down that you maybe handed that to, you might as well just take that little packet, whether it cost you $10 or $15, and just put it in the trash. Daniel: Oh, okay. Holly: People are busy. They're not just going to call you back. One of our closest friends that are very best friends now I met at a trade show. Never would have met them before, and I bugged them all day long at this trade show. They told me to call on Monday, probably didn't think I would, and I did. They actually were waiting for my call. They didn't think they would be, but they loved what the product did and they wanted me at their office and they ended up being our biggest business builder that we've ever had, A, but ended up being our very closest friends. Our kids are the same age and we've traveled the world together, all because I followed up. So it's so important because people are busy. So if you're giving them this product and it's sitting on their counter, it's not that they're not thinking about you. It's not that they're not interested, but they've got a million distractions. So it's just picking up that ... "Have you tried it? Have you taken a look at it? Have you opened the brochure I gave you? Have you watched the link that I sent you?" A lot of great videos. We're going to be able to text you or you're going to be able to text a friend, but let's see if they opened them. Not by just sitting back wondering or waiting for a phone to ring, but let's pick up the phone and follow up on that. It's your investment really. Daniel: So if you don't follow up the video you sent them and the brochure you sent them and the product you gave them, you could've just thrown them all in the trash and saved yourself a little bit of time. Holly: Absolutely. You probably just wasted your time. Daniel: Okay, okay. So you've got to follow up. Holly: Follow up is key.

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