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Holly and Corbin Network Marketing Story

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Corbin & Holly Roush:
    -Daniel McKenna
    (Executive Producer, Thrive15.com)
  • Fun Factoid: Holly & Corbin have made over $12 million in the network marketing industry. For those interested in building a big business in this industry, these trainings can pass their knowledge on to you!
  • Dive On In:
  • Editor's Note: Bo Van Pelt is a professional golfer who has played on both the Nationwide Tour and the PGA Tour. He has been featured in the top 20 of the Official World Golf Ranking.

Corbin: What if in three years I said no to this and one of our friends comes to us and says, "Hey have you heard of this company? I started it three years ago and I'm making a million dollars a year." She goes, "How sick are we going to be if we said no to this opportunity." Daniel McKenna: What is going on guys? My name is Daniel McKenna and we are here with Corbin and Holly from Genes [Global 00:00:31]. We are so happy to have you guys here in the studio today. Holly: Thank you. Corbin: Thank you, we're excited. Holly: Glad to be here. Daniel McKenna: These are double diamonds in Genes Global so if you know anything ranks, double diamond is pretty high up the ladder. Pretty high up the chain, right? Corbin: Yeah, it's up there. Daniel McKenna: And you've been in this industry for how long? Holly: 10 years now. 10 years September of 2005. Daniel McKenna: Okay so 10 years and just to give the people at home an idea, so they know how to sort of relate, see where you guys are at. In your 10 years in the industry, what was the smallest check that you ever earned in this industry of network marketing? What was the smallest? Holly: 40 dollars. Daniel McKenna: 40 dollars? Holly: And I thought that was big. I mean my goal was 100 dollars a week and I made 40 dollars. Daniel McKenna: 40 dollars? Holly: My third week in the business, yes. Daniel McKenna: So if you are at home and you are making 40 dollars and your buying a few extra Starbucks that week, that's where you were. Holly: That's right, yep. Daniel McKenna: Okay and how about overall. Over 10 years period, you've been doing this for a long time now, income range? We don't have to get specific, I know the IRS might be watching. We won't get specific. Corbin: Yeah, that's a good point. Daniel McKenna: We won't get specific here. Give us an income range, what have you earned in the last 10 years? Corbin: Over 12 million dollars. Daniel McKenna: Over 12 million dollars? Corbin: Yeah, started with one phone call that my wife made. Picked up the phone, called someone, made 40 the first week. Her second week, made a little more. Third week, totally dropped off and I told her it was done, it was over, can we get back to normalcy in our lives? From there it just grew and now we kinda pinch ourselves as we think what all's happened over the last few years. Holly: I mean the goal truly was 100 dollars a week. If I could make 100 dollars a week, I could have my own spending money, have my nails done, go shopping a little bit and the business just exploded. All of a sudden I could get those designer jeans every single week if I wanted to. We started the business we said it was all mine, whatever I made, I made because he was not excited about it and I spent like crazy. Then I realized I can't spend all of it just on me so I went out there and shared it with the kids and Corbin and the rest is history. You'll hear about our story. Daniel McKenna: So if you are, again if your home and you are maybe, part time is your thing, your trying to make an extra 100 bucks a week. Your trying to make some extra Starbucks runs, maybe get an extra pair of jeans. Holly: Yep. Daniel McKenna: If that's your goal right now, that's cool that it's possible. That's what there doing. Holly: Yep. Daniel McKenna: And if your goal if much bigger than that, that it's possible. Holly: That's right. Daniel McKenna: It's possible and that's what were here for. That's what we're talking about today. These are the experts. We're going to find out some stuff from them but first list jive into your story here, okay? Holly: Right, okay. Daniel McKenna: Tell me, what exactly intrigued you? Cause you already said that he wasn't, we'll ignore him for this, we'll just do this one this way. Holly: Yeah, that's what we usually do. Corbin: You need me to leave? Daniel McKenna: No you stay here. What was it that intrigued you about the MLN and the network marketing industry? Holly: It's interesting because I wasn't very intrigued. It's something I never thought I would do in a million years and I was approached by just the right person. It was my brother-in-law, Bo Van Pelt, he's a PGA golfer, actually lives right here in Tulsa and he had heard about the opportunity from a friend of his in High School. That's why we say never pre-judge because he didn't pre-judge Bo. He's a PGA golfer and put him on his list and because it was Bo and I respected him and I respected him in business, he told us about this opportunity. It was a brand new company and I though, what if? You know, it takes the right person and the right product to introduce it to you and then the right system to back it up. When he shared it with me and when he said it was network marketing, I was like uh, I'm not sure I want to do that. Corbin came out of the pantry door and said, "Over my dead body. Your not gonna run and push your friends on this." For a few days I researched and I looked at it and I though, what if this is the next biggest thing and I had said no and someone knocks on my door in three years and says, "Have you heard of this company?" I'd be sick about it, so three days later I slept on it, I researched it, I couldn't get it out of my head and I said, "Corbin, you that company? I think I'm going to do it" and he's like, "fine you can do it." Corbin: She did say one thing that really intrigued me and it was, 'What if'. What if in three years, I said no to this and one of our friends comes to us and says, "Hey, have you heard of this company. I started it three years ago and I'm making a million dollars a year." She goes, how sick are we going to be, that we said no to this opportunity. I said, "Fine, you do it. It's yours, leave me out of it." Daniel McKenna: Sure. Corbin: And I really honestly thought in a few weeks it would be gone and we'd be back to normal. Daniel McKenna: Thought it was a passing fad, not a big deal. Corbin: Little girly thing, they'd get together, do their little bunco, their little what ever they do. Get together and few days, back to normal but man, 10 years later. Holly: I don't like I told you so, so I new I had to have success.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: The Roush family were already gainfully employed with a family, and Corbin thought they didn't have time to build "this business."
  • Notable Quotable: "If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse."
    -Jim Rohn
  • Editor's Note: "Pretty Woman" was a moving featuring Julia Roberts, in which she goes on a shopping spree and buys everything she sees that she wants.

Daniel: So that's how you guys started. Your brother in law was the one who introduced the idea to you. Holly: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Daniel: Did you have kids when you guys started? Did you have a family going yet? Holly: Yes, three little boys. At the time they were three, six, and nine. Now, it's hard to believe, twelve, fifteen, and nineteen. It's amazing they've grew up with us in this industry, but busy lives. People always say, I'm so busy, I don't have time. With three small children, trust me, I know busy, but you find a way to stick this business in the nooks and crannies of life. Daniel: Okay. So it was those extra times that you were able to kind of fit them in there. Corbin: Yeah, and that was part of my problem with it, is I had a job where I was working a lot. I was traveling the country, sometimes going over to Asia for a week, two weeks out of the year. I was busy. I couldn't figure out why Holly all of a sudden wanted to go do this. We got our three boys. I want to come home at night and spend time with my family, not walk in and out she runs. Part of my reservations were time. Where are we going to find the time? It's amazing when you have a strong enough desire for something, you can find the time. Holly: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Corbin: She did. Daniel: You knew that he was sort of against the idea. You were sort of against the idea to begin with, because you heard network marketing, your flags kind of went up. You knew he was against it. When he said yes, what were your thoughts? When you were like, okay, kind of got the go-ahead. What were your thoughts at that point? Holly: Well my go-ahead was, one night a week, girls night out, whatever you do, your [inaudible 00:01:23] your bunko in, and in three months you'll quit and I'll never have to hear about it again. I had to find time when he wasn't paying attention. Daniel: Okay. Holly: When he was at work, and the kids were sleeping, or taking naps, or at their mother's day out, that's when I was making my phone calls. Late at night, once the kids went to bed, that's when I was online learning more, watching the training videos, learning any self-help that I could to help me grow this business. As the business grew, I used that one night a week wisely, I used my time wisely when my kids were in school. That's when I was building my list and calling people. It wasn't until months down the road, almost nine months or so into the business. I think we were on a trip to Scottsdale. Actually, I started in September- Corbin: No, it was four months. Holly: January- Corbin: January. Holly: We went on a trip to Scottsdale, and I said I'll buy all of it on my card that my money was deposited, and I did the Pretty Woman shop. Ladies, I know you all want that. That was always my goal was to do that Pretty Woman shop where you shop until you drop, and you have all the bags on your arms, and you tell the lady, should have helped me. Well I got to do that in Scottsdale. I came back to the hotel room and I threw all the bags on the floor, and he's like, "What did you do? How much money did you spend?" I said, "It doesn't matter, it was all on my debit card that I made from this business." That's when he said, "What's your login number and password? I need to check this out." Corbin: Yeah, it was crazy to think that right after Christmas, you know, we just spent all this money on our kids, and she says, "I want to go to Phoenix. I want to shop." I said, "Holly, we just had the best Christmas ever. I'm not going to pull money out of savings to go do this." She's like, "No. It's all on me. I'm paying for the whole thing." I honestly have no idea at this point how much money she's making, and thought, where's it going to come from? We get there, and she goes out and she shops. I'm laying out at the pool, and she'd given me her login and password. I logged on and I saw this report that really intrigued me, and it said New Enrollments. I clicked that button, and I saw these people joining her business. I said, "How are they joining her business when she's out shopping? Who's helping those people?" So I pick up my phone and I call my office. Check my voice mail. My voice mail is full. Nobody's doing any work for me. My work on this trip had come to a complete halt. She's shopping in Scottsdale, and her business is growing. I start thinking, this is crazy. Couple hours later I logged back on, and even more people had joined. I start saying, at this point, there has to be something to this, but I'm still not going to do it. This is still your deal, but maybe I'll support a little bit more now. It kid of grew from there. Daniel: Starting out, you said you kind of had to almost hide it. I heard you actually hid in your closet making calls. Holly: I did. Yes. He would come at work, and I would have to shut it down, but when your phone's ringing off the hook, and your friends are excited and they want to learn, I'm one of those, I'm going to pick up the phone. I did a lot of hiding in the closet. He'd be coming in the bathroom or in our closet, "Where are you? What are you doing?" I'm like, oh yeah "[inaudible 00:04:10]" I was [inaudible 00:04:11]. Corbin: This was right when blue tooth came out, so she went and got one of those big ear pieces that hung off of her ear. Holly: It looked like big, yeah. Corbin: I'm like, "What are you doing with that on you." Well she was hiding the phone, being attached to her ear, and she'd go outside and act like she's picking weeds in the garden, and doing stuff like that. She's out there on the phone talking, looking over her shoulder, wondering where I'm at. Holly: It was so exciting. You wanted to hear what people had to say. I tried, this business is so important for time management, and to prioritize your life, but at the beginning when it was growing, I probably took a lot of calls that I shouldn't have. It was exciting. He started to hear that. He's like, "Wow, what you're doing really is good. It's affecting a lot of people in a positive way." That's really when you got excited. Corbin: Yeah, I did.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Notable Quotable: "I can't think of a better way to build true income and true time freedom."
    -Author's Name
  • Core Issues:
  • Ample Example:
  • Notable Quotable: "It's not sales, it's sharing."
    -Holly Roush
    (One of the highest paid women in the network marketing industry)

Daniel: When you guys got started you already had a solid job. It's wasn't like you had nothing going on. You're busy. One of the hang ups was, we're busy we can't be doing this. Tell me a little bit about you thoughts on the MLM business model. The direct sales business model. Now you've been in it for 10 years. Corbin: Now I've been in it for 10 I can't think of a better way to produce true income through time freedom because that's all we want. I had a great job and I made good money. Our kids were in private schools but I didn't have a good quality of life. I had a great quantity of life. There was lots of stuff but I never had any time. Rewind 10 years I wish I had have known that 10 years before what this business could do. I look at the model now, our first house we stretched and stretched and stretched to have an 800 Dollar in a month mortgage. That was hard for us as newly weds to have a house. I started thinking what if someone had introduced us to this industry when we first got married and we wouldn't have turned our back on it and said " You know what, yeah, let's really look at this and see where it can go." What if we could have paid for that mortgage. How cool would that have been to been 23,24, 25 years old and not have to worry about a mortgage? Now, where I'm at today is how many more people can I help with that vision and be able to dream like that and be able to see things like that? We have accomplished financially crazy things. I look at this industry as not a pyramid scheme, not a get rich quick scheme but a people business, if you love people and you can help people and you like to mentor people, then you can tear this up. You can do things that you can never do on corporate America. The best example I had is I was really good at my sales job and anytime our owner would hire new sales people. He'd come to me and say "Hey Cobran can you take a couple of weeks and work with the new guy and teach him everything you know and help him become successful and kind of take him under wing?" Well sure I can do that I'm a good guy. I'm good company man. [crosstalk 00:02:06]. I did that, what I realized is that is taking two weeks out of my income producing business pouring it into this guy so that he could have income producing business and who wins? The owner. He's making the money off the both of us. Well now I apply it to the business I'm in today, if I can help more people become successful. Pour into them, teach them, show them, coach them, train them. Whatever it takes to help them start making extra income. I'm making it too because I've got a vested interest in helping my team become successful. Now when I see that to me I look at people so much differently. There're so many people that we can help. What if that newly wed couple we can help them get their paid. What if that couple that kept up with the Joneses a little bit too much and now are both working and worried about the wife is maybe going to have to take a second job. What if we can introduce them to a business that in six, seven, eight months the wife can now stay at home with those kids. Holly: It's just a few extra hours in a week. We're not talking 40 hours a week. Corbin: No. We're talking couple hours a day. An hour here an hour there. Just pouring into that. To compare it to traditional business there's nothing like it but it's not a get rich quick scheme. It does take time. You know, people are people they're going to quit but then you look for people that are like minded and want more out of life. Not afraid to run with. Daniel: I want to get you thoughts on this because you both said it's part of your story and that you heard network marketing, you did this, but you're still not intrigued that you're like "Okay. I will look into it." You come out of the pantry and said "Over my dead body when you heard network marketing." You threw out some of the terms. You threw out the pyramid scheme, you threw out some of those terms. Tell me about what you thought of MLMs and network marketing before and now. Now you say it's a people business. Now you understand it's about training people but what was the gap there? What is the preconceived notion that you had and maybe a lot of people at home have that maybe doesn't fit reality or maybe it does in some cases fit reality? I just want to hear your thoughts on that. Holly: That's interesting because I think if you get behind a product and you're passionate about it, so many people it's sales. It's not sales. I believe it's sharing, if you're passionate about something you want to share you want to share. Just like [inaudible 00:04:24] favorite last owner or favorite movie or you pick out your favorite outfit or your favorite store. We have no problem picking up the phone and calling each other "Oh my God you got to go and eat up at this place." Or "You got to go to this movie" Or "You got to go buy an outfit at this new store." Whatever that just opened up or this workout. We're constantly networking everything that we do. Every business is networking but it's just that word freezes people. They just ... It has this stigma. I believe since we've been in the industry. [inaudible 00:04:50] part of it our goal is to change the perception of the industry because the things we thought of it. That it was buying a garage full of products. We teach people buy what you can physically afford but if you want to grow a business you're going to have to start yourself because it takes product to share product. You can't sell from an empty car but at the same time we give the people the tools to succeed. I think if you're just thrown in there and you don't know what to do, it is tougher. We have always taken people, we've shown people how to succeed not fail. From day one that we've gotten here we've been taught and we've taught people, if you want to take your friends credit card you're going to follow them all the way through. You're going to hold their hand and you're going to help them succeed as long as they're willing to do the same. It really is a business that helps people. On just the mindset, you're constantly digging and learning more about you. Reading books that will help you confidence, building business, you family. I believe this industry has brought families together, marriages together, better our relationships with kids, better relationships with spouses. We've made friends around the world. Around the world we would never been if we were just here in [inaudible 00:05:54] Oklahoma or grow our traditional business.

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