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4 ways to increase income network marketing

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Today's training topic:: 4 Income Producing Activities
  • 4 INcome producing activities: 1) Build a list
  • Lesson Nugget: Building a list is the most important thing you can do when you start building your business in the network marketing industry.
  • Action Step: Pull out your phone, look through your contacts, and start building your list.
  • Lesson Nugget: Always be on the lookout for names to add to your list, but don't pounce on them right away. Build some rapport, and come back to them at a later date.
  • Action Step: Every time you get rejected, ask the prospect if they know someone who could benefit from what you have to offer.
  • Super Move:

Corbin Roush: The follow up is what we've learned is most peoples Achilles heel, because they are afraid of the rejection. We make it our strength. We teach people, make your weakness your strength. Daniel McKenna: What's up guys my name is Daniel McKenna. We are here with Corbin Roush. He is what is known as an expert. You can call yourself and expert at this point. He might not say it. He is very high up in the network marketing industry. Looking into the income projections, or anything like that. We've already done that previous training, so if your interested, previous training. Today we wanted to talk to you. You have built a huge business. You and your wife Holly, have built a huge business in this industry. The people at home want to know, how? Today's topic is four incoming producing activities. We're going to jump right in. Number one, build a list. Talk to me about building a list. Corbin Roush: Build a list, is probably the most important thing you can do when you start. A lot of people get in this business, and they want to look at reports, and they want to learn all about the products, and they want to just continue to become this expert, and they never come out of the gates. They'll concentrate on some other steps, but the real way to increase your chances of making income in this business, are through one build a list. The build a list is so important, because you got to have a network. This is network marketing. Some people want to jump in and go share just the product, product, product with people, and you never really tap into a network. Your going to get a lot, a lot of consumers in this. What I think is so important, that you have to do when you get started, is to be able to build a list. Build that list. When I first got started, Holly told me, in the previous story, she started this first, and when I finally bought in and said, I'm ready let's run. She said first thing you got to do, is I want you to put forty names down on a piece of paper. I'm like, oh Holly I don't need to put forty names down on a piece of paper, there up here. She goes no, your going to write those names down on a piece of paper. We were on the airplane, on the way home from a rewards trip, and I broke out on a scratch piece of paper, and I put forty names down on a piece of paper. Daniel McKenna: Okay. Corbin Roush: I started with my phone. I opened up, it was the old flip phone back then. Daniel McKenna: Oh yeah. Corbin Roush: I opened that flip phone, and I started with a, b, and just wrote the names down. Wrote the names down. Some of them were tough, because when your building a list, you never want to pre-qualify or prejudge somebody. Daniel McKenna: Okay. Corbin Roush: I'd come across somebody that I knew was very successful, owned a business, or was making plenty of money, or so I though they were making plenty of money. Okay, I probably shouldn't talk to them, I don't want to embarrass myself. Nope, Holly said to build my list. I got to put those names down on the piece of paper. I didn't just put their names. I put their phone numbers. I put would they be more interested in the product. Would they be more interested in the opportunity, or one thing that I had learned, is maybe they'd be more interested in time freedom. I kind of grouped, how I was going to build this list, and how I was going to talk to them. From there, a lot of people always say, hey I'm building my list, I've run out of names. What do you do? We've been in the industry ten years, how do we still have a list? Well one is because, your always coming in contact with new people everyday. When your building this list, it doesn't mean you pounce on that brand new person that you've met. Maybe get their card. Maybe compliment them. You just did an amazing job for me in this service. Do you have a business card I'd like to get. You know, I've been watching you from aside, and you are just so kind to people. What is your name? Just build those list, but not to pounce, but to maybe come back to them at a later date. Another thing that most people forget, is a network is just not of people you know. It's of who other people know. Daniel McKenna: Okay. Corbin Roush: Every time I'm going out now and talking to people, I'm thinking how can I grow my list? One of the most important ways is, every time I get a no or a not now, it's simple to me, hey, that's an opportunity for me to grow my list. Hey, obviously this is not for you right now, and I respect that, but do you know of anybody that might be interested in using some of the products that we have, or maybe interested in some time freedom. Do you mind if I get a few of those names? Daniel McKenna: Have you had some big success doing this? Corbin Roush: Every time. Daniel McKenna: Is that a super move? Corbin Roush: Every time. Daniel McKenna: Really? Corbin Roush: Most people won't do it. Most people get that no, and they cower. Daniel McKenna: Yeah. Corbin Roush: Oh now what do I do? I'm like hey great, you know, one for me when my wife started doing it. My wife didn't think it was for her, but do you know of anybody that might be looking for a way to bring their wife home. I always tease them. I always dangle things out there. Daniel McKenna: Yeah. Corbin Roush: Hey, maybe your not in to making a few hundred thousand extra bucks on the side, but do you know of anybody that is? Hey, we just got back from Hawaii, I don't know if free trips is something your interested in, but do you know of anybody that might be?

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Notable Quotable: "Every single person I talk to has potential to build my list."
    -Author's Name
  • Lesson Nugget: You never know who could tap you in to a network of people that will lead to explosive growth in your business. Keep building your list!
  • Lesson Nugget: Build your list in whatever way is simple and easy for you to manage.
  • Lesson Nugget: Don't be afraid to ask for the contact info for people that your prospect know would be interested in your product.

Corbin: Usually, I get them thinking enough that, "Hmm. Maybe it'll give me an opportunity to talk to them again about it." Daniel: Okay. Corbin: Maybe I didn't approach it right the first time, but I just look at every single person that I talk to as a potential to build my list, because if they can give me just two names, and I reach out to those two names- Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: And I say, "Hey, Holly gave me your name. I just wanted to reach out to you. My name's Corbin Roush, and I've got this opportunity that she thought you would be perfect for. Do you have about 15 minutes where maybe I could buy you a cup of coffee? Or do you have a little bit of time ... Maybe I can send you this quick video I want you to watch and get your feedback?" Then if they say, "Oh, you know what? It's not for me." Well, hey, you know what? Do you know of anybody that might be? But what if that one person says yes? Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: What if ... Now think of the network of growth that I can have, because if I can put in two people who can put in two people who can put in two people, the exponential growth factor is crazy big on just from putting those names down on paper. Because everybody knows two people. Everybody knows somebody. With the company we're aligned with, I know our products are so fantastic that I can get people to try our products. Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: If I can get someone to try our products and have a great experience with the products, I just tapped into their list. Even if they say, "You know what, I'm filthy rich. No desire. Not interested." You know what? They know people- Daniel: They know other people. Corbin: That might need it. Lists. A list is so important to this business, and always having a list that we say grows in front of you. Daily trying to add to that list is so important. My list grew today, you know? I'm excited about it. Daniel: I heard three key things in there. Number one, you made a physical list. Corbin: Oh, yes. Daniel: Is pen and paper physical ... Is that different than the digital list? Is that different than keeping just whatever you've got in your phone or maybe your Facebook contacts? Is it different though? Corbin: Well, I'm not real tech savvy. I'm sure there's programs- Daniel: Okay. Corbin: Out there now where you can put it into a spreadsheet- Daniel: Okay. Corbin: And it'll alert you if you haven't called or reached out to them. Daniel: Okay. Corbin: But I believe, actually, there's something to the psyche of this business to putting that piece of paper and putting that pen to it. Daniel: Okay. Corbin: I believe that is one of the action steps that's going to increase your odds to getting better, because some people ... Okay, build a list. I now got to go find the best lead generator. I've got to be able to go find the best system to be able to help me contact these people. You know what my best one is, is check I contacted them. Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: They said no. I will follow back up, and just always have that list growing from me. I've got drawers full of lists at home. Daniel: Keep it simple. Create a physical list. Number two was you're always building that list. Corbin: Yeah. Daniel: You're growing that list every day. Corbin: That's right. Daniel: And three, the super move that I heard there was you're turning your no's into more people on that list. Corbin: Yeah. Daniel: Because that's a big move. Corbin: Well, I've been in the industry for a number of years, and that's one of those things that never registered to me. I ran into a guy that was, I believe, 21 years old. He was making more money than me in the industry, had not had as many successes in life that I had, didn't have as many gray hairs as I had, but he was making more money than me in an industry that I thought I was an expert in. I said to him, "How in the world" ... He told me he was meeting with two to three people every single day. I said, "How in the world can you meet with two to three people every single day?" He goes, "Because every time I get a no, I get two to three prospects from that no." I'm like, "Oh my gosh, that's genius. I never thought about that." I get my no before, and it was like, "Okay." Daniel: All right. Corbin: "Will you still be my friend?" Daniel: Yeah. Corbin: "I won't bother you. I won't bring it up in front of people." Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. Corbin: "But you can tell people what I'm doing either, okay?" Daniel: Right. Right. Corbin: "Let's keep this on the down low." But I learned. Yeah. My gosh. There's six billion people on this planet. I don't have to know them all, just know one that maybe knows someone else that I don't know.

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