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Learn How To Handle And Zone Out Negative Emotions In Network Marketing

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: Direct Sales is about building positive relationships with people.
  • Lesson Nugget: Have a positive attitude and zone out people who are negative.
  • Lesson Nugget: Be tactful when to talk about your business. Don't talk about it 24/7.
  • Lesson Nugget: Negativity has the potential to affect your entire downline if you allow it to spread.

- We're constantly looking, not for the masses, but for the few people that are so positive and energetic that are like a magnet to people. - [Voiceover] All right, guys, here we are today for another training for you. We're talking about zoning out the negatives. Of course, we're here with Holly and Corbin, once again on Thrive 4 ... - Four. - Four. - Four Enrichment. This is going to be a good one. The big idea, the big idea is you're supposed to walk away from drama. - Yes. - Right. Okay, now, drama might be fun for reality TV. - Yes. - Or it might make a movie plot more interesting, but talk to me a little bit about why drama might be bad for your business. - Well, really this business, it's really about building positive relationships with people, - Okay. - And you want to be a positive people person, people want to join your business and join your team and follow what you're doing if you're a positive person. - [Interviewer] Okay. If you're generally a negative person, you're going to have a little bit harder time attracting people to want to follow that, so it's important a) to always have a positive mindset, and b) try to zone out any of those people that are negative or if you get in that negative mindset because it's a downer. When you get around people or yourself, and you constantly hear these negative tones coming out of your mouth, who wants to be a part of that? It's just a downer, you know? It's just takes the energy out of everything that you're already doing. - Give me some ample examples here. Give me some of the negativity that maybe you've heard in your 10 years or maybe some of your people have heard in your 10 years. What are some of the negativity you might hear in your industry? - Well, one's sitting might next to me. - If I'm honest, when I first started this business, he did not want me to do it. Corbin, my husband that's right here. So many of you are struggling, and your husband's not involved or maybe your wife's not involved. He wasn't. As a matter of fact, he wasn't just not involved. He was not happy I was doing it. - [Voiceover] Sure. - And I could have decided to quit the first time or not even get started because he was so upset that I was going out that door. You know, I'd come home energized and excited from talking to someone or a meeting, he was upset that maybe the kids weren't getting fed or he had to put them to sleep. - Or he had just got home from a long, exhausting day at work and there goes Holly out the door. So I had that negative constantly, and if I would have let that bring me down, we wouldn't be sitting here today. - [Voiceover] Right. - But for whatever reason, I had just turned my mindset around and I had to deal with the stories that came through this business, whether it was physical health or financial gain. I started to get comments from people just saying, "Thank you. Thank you for helping me with my health. Or thank you for helping me financially, spiritually," whatever it was, and that's what drove me. So what I learned is don't come home always talking about it. When we're sitting down, don't be talking about it 24/7, this business. - [Voiceover] Okay. - You know, you've got to kind of keep it at a distance. Give it in little doses. Eventually, they'll come on board. You know, the more excited they see you do ... - [Voiceover] Yeah. - The more financial gains you may have, the more people that you help, eventually, the person whose negative in your life will start seeing the positive. They'll see you starting to change for the better, and all of a sudden, they'll want to know more. - Yeah, when she first got started, I was really turned off by it, and didn't want to be a part of it. She got really good at not talking to me about the opportunity, letting me come to her to ask her. And then it was when I was ready to take it in. - [Voiceover] Okay. - Not having to hear it shoved down my throat. So she just got really smart and just said, "I'm only going to surround myself with positive people that are uplifing when I'm talking about the business. My husband's not, then he doesn't get to hear about it." - [Voiceover] Okay. - And then when I started getting involved, getting real positive about it, I started learning there's always going to be the negative person ... - [Voiceover] Yeah. - That's out there, that thinks it's a pyramid, that thinks you're scamming people, whatever it is. I just learn not to talk to them about it. We got where we only wanted to put ourselves around people that were positive and excited, and, you know, that's attracting. People want to be around that. And we've done a really good job of kind of counseling people when they're being negative to teach them not to do that. You can destroy a whole down-line and a cross-line, destroy people's business by getting around them and being negative all the time, talking, "Oh I can't get anyone to do it. Oh, no one's listening to me, or ..." - [Voiceover] Yeah. - "Or, oh someone's quit." You know, focus on the good. Focus on the positives. That's how we built our business, and we'll continue to distance ourselves from the people that don't want it.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Fun Factoid: The Mayo Clinic says positive thinking can result in elevated moods, lowered stress, a boosted immune system, a stronger sense of well-being and better coping skills during stressful events… Another study said that optimists had around a 50 percent lower risk of early death than pessimists. The study's conclusion? "Mind and body are linked and attitude has an impact on the final outcome -- death."
    (Huffington Post)
  • Lesson Nugget: There's nothing that you can say to convince a negative person to join your business at that moment. Just let them go and wait until they are ready to join.
  • Lesson Nugget: Focus your efforts on those who are hungry to build the business.
  • Notable Quotable: "When you wake up every day, you have two choices. You can either be positive or negative; an optimist or a pessimist. I choose to be an optimist. It's all a matter of perspective."
    -Harvey Mackay
    (He is the author of the New York Times #1 bestsellers, Harvey’s books have sold 10 million copies worldwide, been translated into 37 languages and sold in 80 countries. Toastmasters International named him one of the top five speakers in the world. )
  • Action Step: Read something positive everyday to develop a positive attitude.
  • Lesson Nugget: If you find yourself saying something negative, stop yourself, switch directions and find something positive to say instead.
  • Lesson Nugget: Walk away from the negative things that are bringing you down.

- Now, besides the fact that maybe negativity doesn't feel good, right? Besides that, I've got some startling information here for you. Startling information. - Here we go. - The Mayo Clinic says that positive thinking can result in elevated moods, lowered stress, a boosted immune system, a stronger sense of well-being, better coping skills during stressful events. These are all good things. These are positive people, right? - Yeah, makes sense. - On the other side of that, said that optimists have around a 50% lower risk of early death than pessimists. - So, I knew I was gonna live a lot longer than everybody else out there. - There you go. - Just don't outlive me. - It said that the mind, the body are linked and the attitude has the final, has the impact on like, physical, like, what happens in your body. Like, what you're thinking about. So, so it's obvious, like, not only does it not feel good, it's also actually bad for you, to like, have that sort of vibe going on. What kind of effect have you seen negativity take in your business or in people's businesses in this industry, where they didn't distance themselves enough away from the negativity that maybe came from other places? - It's death in this business. I mean, it really is. It's exhausting, one. And it's very easy to let the negative creep in and people, misery loves company, and it happens in this business major, because someone who's unhappy, maybe they didn't have success, they probably didn't do the things that they needed to to gain success, but they want to bring others down with them. I don't want you to have success, but I'm not willing to put myself out there for success, either. And so, you have to find a way to kind of pull yourself away from those people, that, maybe they just don't want to do it for themselves. But you know what, you got to make the decision. I'm doing it. What's my "why", my story. Which we talk about a lot. Why are you doing it? That's not their same reason. Let them go. You know, some people will join your business. Some people may not ever join your business, and that's okay. I think in this business, sometimes we tend to, we care so much about what people think, that we want to talk that negative person into it. We want to convince them why they should. If they're not going to, and they're turned off, there's nothing that you can say. Has to be their timing, when they're ready, and then they may come forward to you, and that's okay, because I'm assuming you have many other people. It's just like sitting there in the business, and you'll have five guests sitting in the room. And there's that one guest that you think, "Oh, they'd be the rock star." You know? So you're so focused on that one guest, and that one guest is not really sure they want to do it. And you're trying to convince them to do it, and you've got four over here going, "Pick me, I want to do it, I want to do it." And you're so focused on, "Oh, but they'd be so good." And what about these other four? You know, go run to these others that are wanting to do more. They're wanting to build us. They're wanting to talk to people. This one may come around, but don't waste all your time and energy there. - And now, you said that you can basically choose. You chose to stay positive. You chose to stay around-- - Yes, it is a mindset. - --Around positive, okay. So, Harvey Mackay, he's the author of multiple New York Times' bestsellers. Sold over ten million copies worldwide. He was actually named as one of the top five speakers in the world, by Toastmasters International. It's kind of, kind of a big deal. He says, "When you wake up every day, you have two choices: you can either be positive or negative, an optimist or a pessimist. I choose to be an optimist. It's all a matter of perspective." So what he's saying is, you have the choice. When you get up, you can choose to be a positive person, or you can choose to be affected by negative people. As an expert in this industry, what can I do to avoid negatives, and turn myself into somebody that's a positive thinking person? - I think a lot of it's personal development through reading good, positive books. You know, a lot of times, people just want to read a novel or do something like that. We kind of challenge ourselves and our leaders to read every day, a good positive book, whether it's on entrepreneurship, on leadership, on faith, faith is important. Just to surround your mental self with positive reinforcement. You know, it cracks me up sometimes in this business. You'll go Google the company. And someone'll pop up, "Is Jeunesse a scam?" And they spent all their time and energy to write something about it. What is up with those people? They've got nothing better to do? Because, yeah, people are going to quit. This isn't for everybody. But people that want to become better people, what a better business than personal development through network marketing? That's what keeps people in. The products get them in. The money gets them excited. But what keeps them in, is the system of personal development. Getting people to become better husbands, better wives, surrounding themselves with people that actually have goals and are motivated and driven to achieve those goals. It's, there's nothing more excited to have a team of people. They're 21, 22 year old, 21, 22, 23 years old that have not had all these great successes in life, but they're now, man, they're just feeding off all your positive energy. And to be able to watch those people grow is just amazing to see. And so, that's how we do it with our business. We're constantly looking, not for the masses, but for those few people that are so positive and energetic, that are like a magnet to people. - And I think it's important for each person, as you're building this business, or anything in your life, I think it's around, when you're around your kids, your family, your spouse. Listen to what you say. I mean, listen to yourself sometimes. And stop yourself if you hear something coming out negative. And just try to switch directions. I mean, that's one thing that I've always tried to do is, everything that I speak, I mean, I'm not positive a thousand percent of the time, but I sure try, 'cause whatever I speak is exactly what I'm going to hear my kids speak down the road. I can promise you. We can have a screaming match, and all of a sudden, you're going to hear your kids having the screaming match, because they are listening to what you do. What you're feeding your kids when you're walking out that door. Like, "Have a great day." "I know it's going to be that you're going to be a leader today." "You're going to do something special on the playground, or special in the, you know, with the teachers, and that new kid that comes." And if you're just breathing that into people, they will start to believe that. You know, if you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you can't. And so, it's the same thing with the positive mindset. And I would just say, if you tend to be a negative person, or you tend to surround yourself with negative people, or if that one person you're talking to always just makes you feel bad about yourself, or bad about what you're doing, walk away. Not saying walk away as a friend. Walk away from the things that are bringing you down that they're saying to you, and don't bring it up again. It's okay. Now go pick up the phone and call that person that encourages you. Get yourself lifted back up. And that's this business. We have up lines and down lines. We have people in our up line that have sponsored us, that we know we can pick up that phone, give them a call, and they're going to lift me, lift us back up. Same thing in our down line. I'll sometimes have down line that call that, they're just being around this new group, they're so fired up and excited. That lifts you back up, too. So find that. Whatever's bringing you down, walk away. And find that person who lifts you back up. - Okay. All right guys, that was it. That's how you zone out the negatives. That's how you start becoming more of a positive person, 'cause apparently negativity's terrible for your health. As well as-- - You might die. - As well as your business. So, until next time for the next training, thrive on.

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