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Big Ideas & Implementing Them

The following transcript is an excerpt from a practical Thrive15.com training, one of Florida's best business schools, with founder Clay Clark teaching about how to successfully implement your big ideas.

Clay Clark:      Today I'm here to teach you specifically about how to implement your big ideas when your first and only employee is an idiot.

                        In a lot of businesses today, we have a lot of ambitious entrepreneurs who want to go out there and start a business.  But because we don't have a lot of capital and we don't know what to do, and we don't really have a partner, we end up hiring a dude or a lady.  Somebody that we just met who might or might not be the most intelligent, most savvy business mogul in the world, but yet we have to go from one to two and from me to we.  In other words, your big ideas won't happen.  So we're going to teach you specifically about how to deal with the specific daily things that happen when you are kind of going from one person to two, and from me to we.  It's going to be awesome.

So as you are watching today's episode, you need to ask yourself what do you need to do to apply these principles in your own life and business.  Otherwise, today's episode may be just more meaningless than posting a picture of your lunch on Facebook.

                        All right.  Today we're talking about big ideas and implementing them when your first and only employee is an idiot.  What?  Oh, what I'm saying is that we are here to teach you how to implement your big ideas when your first and only employee is an idiot.  Let me tell you this. When you start a business, all right, here we go.  Let's talk about it.  This is you, this is you. Oh, this is you.  You are going to start a business.  So you have this great idea.  Oh man.  You, right now, you have this idea that's come to you.  All of a sudden a ray of light from heaven.  You have this idea.  This idea, this big idea is going to be awesome.  Oh, oh, this is good.  Oh man.  I don't know exactly what your idea is, but you have a big idea right now.  Because if you didn't have a big idea, you wouldn't be starting a business.  You have an idea.  You say, man my city is not ready for this idea.  Oh man, this is going to change the game.  All right.

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                        So when you have a big idea, let me tell you something about big ideas.  When you have a big idea, it usually corresponds with having what?  Right here.  A really small, small wallet.  Right?  A very, very small wallet.  Okay?  Now most entrepreneurs that I know, we have this.  We have little time ... come on, maybe I'm helping you here.  We have little time and we also have, little, little money.  Sometimes we even have little time and then we even have less money.  So we have no time and then even less money.  We have a big idea and yet we have little time and less money.  But we have to start a company.  We can't wait until we have a bunch of money.  We can't wait until we have a bunch of time, so we just get started.  Right?

                        So let me ask you this.  When you have a big idea, no experience by the way ... you have a big idea usually with no experience ... you have a big idea, no experience, little time and less money, what are you going to do?  Well, you're going to hire the first person with a pulse to help you, who is willing to work for no pay.  Right?  I mean, if you can find a dude or a lady who says "hey man, you've got a little time, very little money, you've got no experience and you've got a bid idea.  Sounds good."

                        It is a general rule, when that happens, you are going to have an idiot or somebody who is near an idiot, who is going to be working for you in some capacity.  I don't care what business you have, it is going to happen.  So what you are going to have to do, is you are going to have to realize hey, not only is the person who is working over here for you, one of your first people, an idiot, but you, also, might be an idiot.  Because I was an idiot.  So I had no idea what I was doing.  This person doesn't know what they're doing either.  But we have got to somehow find an ability to be able to grow from me to we.  We've got to somehow grow here from me to we.  Right?  We have to do that.

                        Let me ask you this.  Would you want to work for somebody who has no experience, no time or no money?  No.  You don't want to work for somebody who has no time, no money, no experience.  We want to work for someone who has actually had success.  So if we're going to convince people to want to work with us, we're going to have to master these seven principles.  These are seven principles, right now, that will help you grow from me to we and you can do it, but you are going to have to become an expert of these seven.  Am I helping you?

                        I know you're watching this.  You're feeling like man, he's talking to me here.  How does he know that I have little time, little money, no experience and a big idea?  Well, because we all start there.  That's where it all starts. 

                        So point #1.  Principle #1, we have to master as we grow from me to we, from me to we.  Full disclosure, any coughing you hear has nothing to do with the Starbucks coffee.  It's phenomenal.



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