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Business Niche

The following features a transcript from a deep Thrive15.com training, one of the best business schools in Florida, as Clay Clark talk about finding your business niche from his experience as the US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Clay Clark:      We're going to teach you how to find that niche so that you scratch it, all right. We're going to teach specifically how to find a niche that you can solve a problem you can solve in the market place. You can charge customers to solve that problem and get paid for it. If today you ever felt stuck and you don't where to start, this episode is for you. 

                        We're trying to help you discover your big niche. Some people call it niche; your big niche that will help you achieve your dreams. What's a niche? It's where you fit in. Your specialty, the thing you'll do that you're kind of where you fit in the world and your own little specialty that you can do to make some money there. Step one here to discover your big niche that will help you achieve your big dreams is we have to define our goals, okay? We have to define our goals. I want to make sure that everybody who is watching this that you do this.

                        If you need to pause it right now and do this, that's fine but you have to do it, okay. What you have to do is you have to one: define your spirit goals, your mind, your body, your relationships, and your final one, your finances. You have to do it. If you do not have these goals written down, I promise you you will not achieve them. That's hard. If you don't have these goals written down, you cannot achieve them. You have to write them down, you have to write them down whatever you're doing. Please write them down. Spiritual goal, and I'm going to give you a time limit.

                        One year from now, where do you want to be with your spiritual life? Mind, these are actual skills. One year from n ow, where do you want to be with your skills one year from now. Body, in terms of your fitness, your physical fitness, where do you want to be one year from now? In terms of your relationships, maybe you have a brother you haven't talked to or you have a girlfriend you want to marry or you maybe you have a dude you want to get closer to or you have a partner you want to meet a mentor you want to get to know. The relationship, it's where you want to be one year from now.

                        Financially, where do you want to be one year from now? One year. You have to define those goals. That is absolutely important. Now why is it so important that we do that? Somebody is watching right now and saying, "I just don't know what my goals are right now? I'm just kind of I don't know." Well here's the thing, you have to have some sort of goal because step number two in our system here is you have to put a price on it.

                        As you ask yourself, "What does it cost for you to achieve that goal? What does it cost for you? Now as in relationships, I can't put a price on that. Well I think you can. Going to the ... Onto coffee, going out to eat. Maybe you're taking your girlfriend on a date. Maybe you're paying for the wedding, paying for a vacation, maybe taking your kids to the pool, maybe taking your kids to a country club, maybe taking your kids to a movie.

                        Maybe taking your kids to a park, maybe taking your kids to ... I have five kids, so I'm thinking about a lot of kid things. Maybe you're single, maybe it's just taking someone out to eat; meeting people. Maybe it's having an apartment. I don't know but you have to, it costs you money. It costs you money to stay in shape. What does it cost to go to the gym? What does it cost for supplements? What does it cost for a trainer? What does it cost to be in a class? What does it cost, what does it cost; what does it cost? Things on the planet earth, the planet earth cost what? Money.

If you're looking for business schools that teach practical and entertaining material from millionaires and mentors, Thrive15.com is for you! For less than $50/month you can find your business niche and more as you start and grow your own business!

                        Mind, skills; I mean is it healthy to go to a workshop? Yes. Does it make sense to pay a thousand dollars to go to a workshop? Let's say you're a sign printer, you're in the printing industry or you're an insurance sales person, should you pay to go to a seminar occasionally to learn some new skills? Yes. In certain professions, does it make sense to go back to college? Yes. Does it make sense to get certain certifications? Does it cost money? Yes and spiritually. Some of you guys go to a church for your tithe.

                        You give ten percent of what you earn. Some of you have a faith where you give back. Some of you have certain ... You want to travel to a place on account of spiritual journey but what does it cost? That is the question is what does it cost? Step one, you have to define your goals and then two, you have to ask yourself, "What does it cost? Now as we move on, phase number three, okay. Again, step one is to define those goals, right? Step two is to ask yourself, "What does that cost?"

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