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Cash Works For You

The following article features a transcription from a Thrive15.com training with Clay Clark (US Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year and Entertainer of Choice for Maytag University, Southwest Airlines, Valspar Paint, and QuikTrip). Learn about how to make your cash work for you in this training on Thrive15.com, one of the most practical business schools in Florida. 

Daniel Mckenna:    What's up guys? My name is Daniel Mckenna. I'm the Executive Producer here at Thrive15. Today we have Clay Clark speaking to a call center of our nation's youth. We're in the category of mindset and we're talking about the path to success.

    Specifically we're talking about learning how to make your cash work for you. Unless you want to work until you're 95 years old, you're going to want to have that cash doing a little bit of that work for you, so today we're talking about Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant. It's going to be epic. You don't want to miss it.

Clay Clark:    Some things we're going to go over real quick here, okay? Who has ever seen this thing before? This little diagram? Anybody seen this before? Okay. This is going to be huge for you. You might want to replace that apple with a pen and piece of paper or you can cut yourself and write with blood. Whatever you have to do. Okay, here we go.

    This is called the Cashflow Quadrant. The Cashflow Quadrant. I don't recommend you do that. That's just something that if you're really serious. This is called the Cashflow Quadrant, okay? The Cashflow what?

Audience:    Quadrant.

Clay Clark:    Cool. All right, here's the thing, most people have no idea what this thing is, okay? Cashflow Quadrant. Okay? Yet it doesn't matter what study that you guys read here, you're going to discover that most Americans do not ever get out of the rat race. What is the rat race? What is the rat race, guys? What's that?

Audience:    The eight to five.

Clay Clark:    Okay, that eight to five. What else is that rat race? Give it to me. Come on. Explain it to me.

Audience:    The mortgage, car payment.

Clay Clark:    You've got the mortgage. You've got that mortgage thing going on. You've got that mortgage going on. What else do we have here? What else?

Audience:    The paycheck to paycheck.

Clay Clark:    That car payment, that house payment, that kind of check to check sort of thing. Okay, so let me ask you, somebody here who's really smart, somebody here who's really, really smart. Who here, that's your goal right now? Your goal is I want to hop into that rat race. I want to stay in that. 

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    I want to get a sweet mortgage as soon as possible. I've come all the way from South Africa to get this car payment. I'm not coming back. No, no. I have got that mortgage. I am going to go check to check. I hope to work at a middle ... I want to be mid-management at a job that I don't even care about because, because right? In our country it doesn't matter what study you look at, about 50% of people no likey their job, right? Over 90% of humans cannot retire. 

    They actually have a negative net worth. Actually how many of you have no debt other than student loans? Anybody have no debt other than student loans? That means that people, after working their entire life have less money than you have now.

    Okay? Nobody decided that they wanted to do this. I don't think anybody says that's what I'm going to do. Why is it that everybody, 90% of people, look around, look around, look around. Point at everybody except for you because you're the only one who's not going to do this, right?

    Why is it everybody in this room with an exception of one out of 10, in our group of eight that means it's statistically probable that maybe none of you would have this success, right? Only one out of 10, right? 

    Why is that then everybody just goes down the same path? What is the deal? Let's look at the two paths. Let's compare them, okay? This is path number one. You have the employee, right? Self-employed business owner, investor. This is the good path. One, two, three, four. This is the path.

    This is what you want to do. Employee, self-employed, business owner, investor, right? Now, the other path, the one that almost everybody goes down, let's talk about. What do you do first? 

    You become and employee, right? Then you get in consumer debt, right? Right? Then you get stuck as a mid-level employee, right? Then you get a little more debt, keep going. Then what happens? You get laid off, right?

    Who knows somebody who went through this story? Who knows this story. Okay. Then it just keeps happening and then you die. All right? 

    We don't want to do that, right? We have to look at this. First off, as an employee how do you get promoted out of your job? Being totally real, totally biased, totally like why does he say those kinds of things? I'm just telling you because I care. Right now I am on the verge of wanting to hire Miss Heard, but I've already been convinced that I would hire Joseph without an interview. Right?

    What is it? How do you get to where an employer, because I don't have a bias. I came in here, I'm certainly not hiring him because we're the same race. I'm not like well, we're going to look for a fellow Caucasian here. That's what I'm looking for. No, I didn't come in here looking for somebody I share the same religious views. I haven't talked to you about it. Didn't talk to you about politics.

    Why is it that everybody in the world except for that rare human that goes down this path, this is only 10% of people do this, 90%, why is it that you've heard people say well, that's just political at work. Who's heard someone say that? It's just political.

    I don't care. If I'm in business, what's the goal of my business? To make money. I don't care about the politics. I don't care what skin color he is. I don't care about your religion. I don't care. I am just here to make money by offering value to customers.



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