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Goal Setting

The following article features a transcript between Clay Clark (US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year) and Dennis Meader (Thrive15.com Guest). The two of them talk about the importance of setting goals on Thrive15.com, one of the most practical business schools in Florida. 

Clay Clark:    I guess what I would ask you is to find the social media person and to find the content person, what do you need to do? Because it looks like you already have the content.

Dennis Meader:    Content person's easy, because it's just somebody who can work in WordPress and do invoices and just administrative-type stuff. The social media marketer, that's a new kind of ... Some people call them, what? Community managers, things like that. It's a very sought-after position all over the world right now because of the whole social boom that's going on around us. What I'm trying to do with the social media director is making them more of a managing editor versus a continual content producer. 

Clay Clark:    How do you find this person, though? Specifically, what do you have to do to find that person on a weekly basis?

Dennis Meader:    It's a good question.

Clay Clark:    Here's ... I'm going to get in ...

Dennis Meader:    If I found another social marketer person that I knew was good at social and then I could just focus on ...

Clay Clark:    Yeah.

Dennis Meader:    If they were teachable, that's the other problem.

Clay Clark:    Let me throw this out, real quick. If the elephant in the room ... Justin, if you're watching this, you know what I'm talking about. He used to have marketing strategies that consisted of, "Well, if I can find someone that I know ..." The problem is, his goal was the grow it in every city. Well, in every city, you don't know anybody, so you have to make a system that from day 1 could do that in every city.

Dennis Meader:    Yeah.

Clay Clark:    I'm going to give you some stuff, because we're going to build a weekly schedule that'll work for you. I think this will help you. I want to make sure before we erase this here, we know that $325 is our profit per customer. We know that we have to have 50 customers per week, and that's what we need to do to get to where we want to go. We know that we have to have here ... We're going to have to have those 3 amigos hired. Fifty dollars profit per customer. Okay. 

    Here we go. Here's our schedule, my friend. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I'm not putting Saturday on there because I fundamentally don't believe in it and I don't think it's necessary, so here we go. You're talking to a guy who used to work 80 hours a week. Here we go. Monday, we're going to have to do a group interview one day a week. One day week, we have to do a group interview where we ... When specifically are we going to interview these social media people? As a general rule, you have to interview 10 people before you find one for any position. 

Dennis Meader:    We've got to have the money to pay the people.

Clay Clark:    No, you don't need to. I've never had money first [inaudible 02:49]. 

Dennis Meader:    Well ...

Clay Clark:    Just work with me on it.

Dennis Meader:    I'll stay with you.

Clay Clark:    Okay. When, though, specifically, would you go ahead and post on Craig's List and post that you're hiring and post on your social media? When would you put out the message that you're hiring?

Dennis Meader:    Probably Friday, Saturday, so that people can see it over the weekend. 

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Clay Clark:    Okay, so we're going to do job post here. I'm just writing this down. Job post. What time of the day?

Dennis Meader:    I don't know. Afternoon.

Clay Clark:    Okay, so we're going to say here, because this will make it really specific here, so I'm going to go ahead and put here: 12:00pm job post. I'm telling you, as a general rule, when I work with entrepreneurs, the big idea is exciting, but the small specifics never get discussed, and then therefore they don't ever happen. We're going to get into it, so 12:00pm we're job posting. Then when are we going to interview people? When they respond and say, "Yeah, I'm interested in the job," you're going to have to, as a small business owner, you're going to have to do this thing called the group interview where you interview all the people at one time.

Dennis Meader:    Okay.

Clay Clark:    They all come in at the exact same time. It doesn't matter what position I'm doing. If I'm doing sales, if I'm hiring for doctors, I don't care. I'm going to interview one time, because I don't have much time or much money.

Dennis Meader:    Okay.

Clay Clark:    What time of the week would you want to do your group interview?

Dennis Meader:    Probably Monday at lunch.

Clay Clark:    Monday at lunch, okay. I'm going to say this because I want to help you. Most of the people who are going to apply for the job usually already have a job, and so they usually have to come after work.

Dennis Meader:    Okay.

Clay Clark:    I'm going to give you one night a week where your wife's not super happy, but we'll go ahead and put it down here. I'm going to say 5:30. 

Dennis Meader:    Do it on Wednesday.

Clay Clark:    Wednesday.

Dennis Meader:    Because I can do it at 6:30 on Wednesdays. 

Clay Clark:    Okay, so 6:30 on Wednesdays?

Dennis Meader:    Yeah.

Clay Clark:    Okay, so here we go, 6:30 on Wednesdays. This is our group interview, so 6:30 on Wednesday, and that's going to be our interview. Now we're starting to get real.


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