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Keeping It Simple

The next transcript is taken from a Thrive15.com training that teaches the importance of keeping your business simple with Thrive15.com founder Clay Clark, US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year! 

Clay Clark:      Now, the fourth and final principle when it comes to keeping it simple, all right, is people will not buy if they do not understand it. All right? People will not buy if they don't understand it.

                        Now, this is tough because I used to have a company called DJ Connection. We provided entertainment for brides and grooms in their wedding. I had to make sure that the bride understood this is how we market. This is how much it costs. This is the service that's included. This is how we do our quality control so you know if you're going to be happy. This is how much your final payment is going to be. This over here, this is how we train our staff and recruit our staff, and this is how we're going to handle our customer service between now and the day of your wedding.

                        I'd explain to her. Here's the deal. At DJ Connection, this is how we market to her. We do things differently from any other company. We offer unlimited time with every package that we offer. We offer absolutely a totally customizable playlist. Any music you want, except for Michael Bolton, we'll get it for you. We go around a scale of 1 to 10 how energetic you want our DJ to be. We tone up or tone down our DJ based upon what she wants.

                        Fourth, we do a customized timeline planning for each and every wedding that we do, and, five, is that, between now and the day of your wedding, we want to become like your favorite wedding vendor. We want to wow you. Okay? For all of that, it's going to cost you, I'm making up a number here, but about $600.

                        Now, what you get with those $600 is you get badabing badaboom, badabing badaboom, badabing badaboom, and, in terms of quality control, after your wedding, we're going to send you a survey and, based upon your rating, that determines how our DJs get paid. We do have a quality control system in place for you, kind of like a warranty. Then, after your wedding or the night of your wedding, this is how much is due. Right now, today, there's a $150 due. On the day of your, $450 due.

                        This is how we train our DJs. These are the DJs who will be DJ-ing for you. This is how we train them. You can know they're good because this is how we do it. Then, this is our customer service. This is what we do between now and the day of your wedding to wow you. If the person understands what you do in a full transparency, they love it.

                        I'll give you a good example. There's a big movement right now in New York City and other cities all across the world where your chef prepares the food in front of you. Awesome. If you go down to the Trump Hotel, right now, 2014, in New York City there, you go down there, and it's phenomenon. The hotel is called The Empire Hotel. Right by there is one of the Trump properties. You can see all the chefs in the window preparing the food.

                        There's a Mexican restaurant just around the corner from The Empire there where you can actually order guacamole, and they make the guacamole right in front of you. They call it live guacamole. You order the guacamole, and a guy actually takes the avocados, cuts them up, adds in the cilantro, the tomatoes and all the different things, and he makes it right there in front of you. Something feels good about it because I know exactly what you're putting in it. I understand it, so I can pay for it. There's something transparent about that.

                        I book, I buy an airline ticket from Tulsa to Chicago. I understand that I'm paying this much money to go here. There's something transparent about that. It's so easy to understand. A lot of us have this really complicated brochures, these really murky systems where no one understands. People in the service business are notorious for this.

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                        I'm just going to go off on one specific example right now that just blows my mind, just makes me crazy. I talked to a graphic designer about three years ago. I asked him, "I want to get product X made. How much will this cost? To make this product, how much will it cost?" and he says, "What we're going to do is I'm going to run it by the creative team and then, after I run it by the creative team, we're go ahead and start working on it, and then what we do is we just charge for the billable hours, the billable hours that we do. Then, after we charge you for that, we'll make sure that we get you your bill, and then we'll deliver product X."

                        I'm, like, "What is your team doing here?"

                        "What we do is we have a very complicated process. We're very creative. We look at the elements."

                        I'm, like, "How much is it going to cost?"

                        "It will be hard to tell you because we have a process. It's very ... but we will charge you for the billable hours and then we will charge you for ..."

                        "How long will it take?"

                        "It's very hard for me to estimate how long it would take. I believe it would take potentially somewhere between six weeks and two weeks. When do you need it done?"

                        "Two weeks."

                        "It'd be hard to guarantee, but I could probably get it done in three weeks. Maybe four weeks."

                        I can't buy that because I have no idea how it works. I don't understand it.


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