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The Deal Wheel

The next article features a transcript outlining the Deal Wheel with Clay Clark, America's Palest Man & US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, and Mickey Michalec, top pharmaceutical sales rep, on Thrive15.com, one of the most affordable business schools in Florida!

Clay Clark:      The final part, this is part that I'm introducing today. This is like the master key. This whole thing is like a lock. You see this lock? Who here has a bike lock, has ever owned a bike lock, has ever met somebody who has a bike? Okay, great. So, here we go. You have little digits you put in, right?

Clay Clark:      You ever forgot your digits before? That's me on every lock I've ever had. We have a security code in our office and I'm like, "Oh, no. why'd they change it?" When you put in the wrong number, does it open?

Mickey Michalec:     Nope.

Clay Clark:      No matter how hard you pull. Agh. That's how sales are. You put in the right code and it opens and it's magic. But if you don't, it won't work. Some of you guys are like, instead of doing the rapport, we've changed this to a W. We're like, W-N-B-C. W, whoa, needs benefits, close. Whoa. Then you're like, "Well, what I'm going to do is I'm going to put in the close here over here and I'm going to change ..."

I've heard one person do that last night. They did the old close hard and then come in for rapport. So they were like, "Hey, I'm calling you from Oral Roberts University, how are you? Hey, can we count on you for a donation?" I heard someone actually do that. They heard me walking by and they were like, "So, how would you rate ORU?" They kind of come back into needs now and then the benefits. They're like, "So, how did you decide to go to ORU?" It was just like this backfilling. You see how it messes everything up when you get the order wrong?

We talked about dating tips, how not to get a date, remember? When you meet a girl don't tell her that your long-term intentions are to procreate. That's not probably a good move within the first ten minutes. You don't want to say that, right? Maybe after marriage or something, but not day one. You want to get the whole dating thing down first before you go in for the close, right? Okay? Cool?

Now, isolate. This is the final part. In any kind of sales that is on the planet earth you are going to have people that object. When they object they are going to say things such as ... Give it to me. You know, now is not a good ... Hey, right now money is a little bit tight. I don't have any money. We talked about it but I'm going to review them. There's three kinds of objections: No need, no time, no money. No matter what product you sell, I have no time, I have no need, I have no money. No time, need, money. Time, need, money. Time, need, money. Time, need money. Right?

How many of you know people with no money but they still have cable?

Mickey Michalec:     Right.

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Clay Clark:      Come on. Yeah, you got to get that cable. No gas in the car, but you have cable. How many people know people who have no money to put gas in the car but they have spinners on the car? Right? You know, the button in the middle of that trunk and they just, eh-eh, I know. Who here knows people who have zero cash living in an apartment maybe without air conditioning but they have unbelievable clothes? Who here knows somebody who has zero, zero money but yet they find on a huge amount of money to spend on sporting events or concert tickets? We all do, right? We all choose to spend money on what we value. We can find money for what we value. That makes sense?

                        You have to just mentally understand that the majority of people who say like ... If you call me about any kind of donation I'm going to tell you that I don't have time. That's usually going to be my objection because it's my move that I've mastered. "Hey, can you ..." "I don't have time." Cool? Some of you might say no money just because you're so used to saying no money you'll just say no money no matter who calls you. Some of them say no time; that's my move. Some of us will say I have no need. "I don't want that." Right? We all are going to have some objection. Every person we talk to is going to have no need, no time, no money. It probably makes sense to get good at dealing with those three objections. Make sense?

                        Let's go into the script real quick and let's look at the part on there where is says "The Deal Wheel" under ninja moves. I'm going to go ahead and object, right, I'm going to object. I need some air suction right here; this doesn't work unless we fully Deal Wheel. Let's fully Deal Wheel. Let's go with Joseph the Broseph. Here we go; I'm going to insert an objection. Here we go. Financially, we're a little bit tight right now. I went out and bought too much stuff last weekend.

Mickey Michalec:     Ah. Let me ask you, why is that?

Clay Clark:      I don't know. Just, financially, we just don't have any money right now.

Mickey Michalec:     I can appreciate that. In fact, many people that support the university have felt like this when we first connected with them. What they found was, because of the dollar-for-dollar matching grant that we have received from a super generous donor, even a twenty dollar donation from everybody would make a huge difference. So let me ask you this, would you be willing to donate ten dollars or twenty dollars?

Clay Clark:      Ugh, ten dollars.

                        Okay, that's good. See how that works? Pretty easy. That's how it goes. You got that? Cool?

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