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The Path To Success

The following features an in-depth transcript of a Thrive15.com training with Clay Clark (US Small Business Entreprneur of the Year) talking about the path to success on one of the most successful business schools in Florida, Thrive15.com. 

Clay Clark:    So how long should you stay somewhere as an employee before you're able to move into that? We have one guy who worked [inaudible 00:00:12] final [capstone 00:00:12] dot for you, an ORU student who worked with us a few years ago. His name was Nick.

    Nick came to our business with I think about 20-something-thousand of debt. I don't want to get the number wrong, but he had 20-something-thousand of debt and he was like "I'm paying that off." 

    Ariel [inaudible 00:00:27] you remember this guy. I don't remember the exact number but he had 20-something-thousand dollars of debt and so he says "I'm moving in with a roommate and then another roommate and then I'm only going to wear a few various things and I'm going to eat super cheap." Well he paid off his, he got crazy and paid off his student loan in a year. That's because he was focused on it. 

    I know people right now who are 45, 46, who still haven't paid it off. I'm just trying to tell you it's up to you guys, right? If it's to be, it's up to me sort of thing. You have to do that and I want to encourage you guys that on this campaign I'm not trying to sit there and say I don't care about anybody else, but I just want to give you an example. I've seen Ms. Heard have two or three outbursts of awesomeness, so I'm watching you because I'm trying to catch you being awesome because it requires you just continuing to push, to push, to a point where you're not comfortable any more.

    I've seen Joseph kind of start here and push and push and push and now his biggest thing I'm working with you on is trying to get you to share with the team and encourage other people, so that's going to push you, right? So I just want to encourage you guys, we all can do this but we have to decide right now we're going to over-deliver, okay? 

    As we get on the phone here, I want to encourage you, you know what the script says. You know you need to build rapport. We know we need to find their needs. We know we need to give them benefits and we know we need to go for the close. I'm just asking you can you try to do it better than if I'm standing there watching. Can you try to "wow" because if you do wow me you realize that when you hit me up via Facebook or email and say "Hey, Mr. Clark, I'm trying to get a job at Williams or Level III or at this ministry, I'm looking for a letter of recommendation, you know that I will be forced, because I have a soul to reciprocate, right? I will feel the need to do it, right? Now for some of you who are slacking as much as possible, trying to do the least amount of effort possible when you asked me for [what 00:02:19] I will be forced to say "No," all right?

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    It's up to you, right? It makes sense? Why is that? I can appreciate that. That's great. Okay, cool, so we're going to go ahead and get started here. We're going to dial for an hour or power. It is now almost 7, so we're going to dial from now until 7:50, okay? So 7:50, one hour of power, all right? One hour of power. We can do it and no matter what we do, we have to beat Joseph. We want him leaving here humble so give them the bad call list, hang up on the phone when he's on the phone with somebody, start screaming in the phone when he's on the phone, whatever you have to do to take down his sale numbers. Okay, awesome.

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