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Time Management Maxims

The following article features a transcript from Clay Clark (US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year) speaking on time management to a group of young adults on Thrive15.com, one of the most practical business schools in Florida. 

Daniel:    What's up guys? My name is Daniel McKenna. I'm the official hype man here at Thrive15.com. Today, special treat for you. We have Clay Clark. He's speaking to our nations youth and he's talking about maximizing every minute of your day. Specifically, we're talking about managing your time. This is huge, this is a bomb of information. If you can't manage your time effectively, you're not going to get as much done, you're not going to be as productive and you're not going to reach your goals nearly as quickly as you would.

Clay:    What we are going to get into here is this concept of managing your time and maximizing every minute of your day. I want you guys to grab a pen real quick. I want you to jot this down, okay? Managing time, maximizing every minute of your day. Somebody here tell me who your hero is. Who's somebody you look out to? I need to hear one person or two people to ... Who's someone you look up to?

Speaker 3:    My mom.

Clay:    Your mom?

Speaker 3:    Yeah.

Clay:    Cool. Mom, awesome. Mom. Anybody else? Somebody give me example of somebody that you look at and go like, "That's pretty cool." I'm going to choose one then. I'm going to say Billy Graham. That [old freak 00:01:45], old Billy Graham or the Christian University we could say Billy Graham. Cool? Billy Graham. How many hour of the day does he have? Have. Did he have.

Speaker 4:    24.

Clay:    24? He had 24. Anybody who want to debate? 24? In those 24 hours, he had to get more things done in that time than other people to have more success, right? Now, he quantified the amount of success that he had to how can he keep track of how effective he was. I know for him, he was really into reaching people that he called [lost 00:02:24], right? Trying to share with them the gospel. That's how he did it, right? He reached millions of people all around the world, right? That's the story, right? Oral Roberts, the guy who started this school. Same deal. Now, why is it that those people could reach like hundred of thousands and millions of people and some people ... Who here has met somebody who has a church, has about a hundred of people in the church that doesn't get bigger, it doesn't get smaller it just stays there. What's going on? What's the difference, okay?

    I'm going to get into this for you, okay? First stop, a little quote here for old Benjamin Franklin. Blow your mind a little bit. I'm not sure why he's writing and he's talking as old English tone here but I'm going to read it to you. "Dust thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of." Right? Then, do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of. What's he talking about? Someone want to tell me? What is [inaudible 00:03:29]? What is he speaking of?

Speaker 5:    To not waste your time.

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Clay:    I don't think anybody here would say, "I don't love my life." We're not really using it wisely, does that makes sense? What's in our example? You have a car. Maybe someone gave you a car. Have you ever heard of people there that knows somebody who has a nice car and then they treat it horribly? How many of you wish you had a nice car? Right? Somebody says, "I love my car, they don't treat it well." Right? Same as I love my wife, I love my kids, I love my husband, I love my girlfriend, I love my ... They don't treat them well. Life is like a gift you had. Does that makes sense? That's your thing, you had a 24 hour gift everyday. In order to manage your life, you have to have a day timer. A what?

Speaker 6:    Day timer.

Clay:    Day timer. I have never met, never met, probably never will be, a successful who does not have a day planner. Never. Yet, 9 out of 10 people I meet do not have one. Do you see how this could be a problem? How are you going to get something done if you don't have a?

Speaker 7:    Day planner.


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