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Wheel of Wealth

The next article features a transcript from US Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark, and a Thrive15.com Guest, Dennis Meader, discussing what it takes to find time in your schedule to achieve your goals, and how the Wheel of Wealth plays in that on Thrive15.com, one of the key business schools in Florida. 

Clay Clark:    I'm going to ask you, there's two relationships we got to put on here. What time per a week are we going to take time to get to know those key relationships, whether it be the banker or the ...

Dennis Meader:    That's where I do constant with social media.

Clay Clark:    Okay.

Dennis Meader:    I mean, everybody in Broken Arrow, it's like now from business owners to people in the city to ...

Clay Clark:    Well, let me give you a different example. I'm talking about more of like a face-to-face, like example, one of the businesses that I worked with.

Dennis Meader:    Yeah.

Clay Clark:    He just got a massive loan from a banker who didn't even review his packet, and he had gone into foreclosure, and the banker was like, "I like you. Don't worry about financials," ...

Dennis Meader:    Right.

Clay Clark:    ... or I was able to for Thrive, basically, raise millions of dollars because of who I know. Through social media, I'm not going to know you well enough where you're going to write me a two-million dollar check.

Dennis Meader:    Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Clay Clark:    You know what I'm saying, so for that face-to-face time, we need to have at least one of those a week.

Dennis Meader:    Yeah, and up until January, I tried to do once a week, where I met with another area marketer or something like that. Then, I also usually take one or two days a week, where I stop in and out of all the businesses that work with me or are looking to work with me. 

Clay Clark:    Mm-hmm (affirmative). Kind of like a mentor, maybe somebody who has achieved what you want to ...

Dennis Meader:    Yeah.

Clay Clark:    ... and you want to take them out, or maybe it's a key, strategic relationship. What's the time that we could block off here because it has to be a scheduled time.

Dennis Meader:    Right. Friday morning.

Clay Clark:    Okay, so Friday we'll do coffee. Okay, so we're going to put 9am, and we're going to go mentor time. Cool? Now, relationships. You got your relationship with your wife. That's cool. We got this one going. Now, this is good one. Saturday we do, admittedly, work right now from two until ten.

Dennis Meader:    Yes.

Clay Clark:    Okay, I've done that before. It is in my new book, Keys to Making My Wife Mad, but I would recommend that you would hire Joe.

Dennis Meader:    Yeah.

Clay Clark:    Joe's like, "When do I work?" You're like, "Joe, you work from five to nine three nights a week, and on Sunday, from two to ten." "Oh, cool, so I can party on Saturday night? I don't have to wake up until two?" You're like, "Yeah, Joe." "Awesome." There's just people like that that are willing to do that.

Dennis Meader:    Right.

Clay Clark:    Different people, okay, so you got that. Now, as far as the body, now, I'm not cool, and I'm not a fitness expert, but I can tell you on Thrive, we're interviewing best-selling authors and multi-millionaires, the guy who used to run Disney World, and all these guys have a set time they workout, and every one of them so far has been like a three to five day a week guy.

Dennis Meader:    Yeah.

Clay Clark:    This is from the very beginning of their career. They didn't get to the top, and then start working out. It was kind of like a discipline, and most of them hate doing it, so they do it in the morning because it's the most practical for them, but I'm just asking you, what days a week could we ... We don't want to cut away from wife time. We don't want to cut away from the kids. What are maybe three days a week we could schedule something?

Dennis Meader:    What I'm trying to rectify in my mind is I'm taking that eleven hours that I had before that you told me I could take from nine in the morning till ten at night or whatever I've been doing, and I'm shoving it up to four in the morning, so now I got to get up at two to workout.

Clay Clark:    Yeah. Yeah, so let's just, let's look ...

Dennis Meader:    Can I hire someone to sleep for me?

Clay Clark:    Well see, I've debated that before. Let's just say this though. Let's just say that we're going to workout from four to five ...

Dennis Meader:    Okay.

Clay Clark:    ... three days a week, okay. Three days a week, we kind of lose that extra little, that competitive, or that secret sauce ...

Dennis Meader:    Yeah.

Clay Clark:    ... but now we've got, really we're working now from 5:30 until 5:00, okay?

Dennis Meader:    Yeah.

Clay Clark:    You're a slacker. You only worked a total of twelve hours, and most entrepreneurs I know, who are successful, do work about twelve hours a day, just going to throw that out there for you, okay? All right, so we've got this system going here, and then you get crazy again. On Thursday, you go from four to five.

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