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“I’ve seen Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins. Clay made a far greater impact.” View Reviews »

“With tools like Thrive15, people of any age can learn to start or take their business to the next level” - Forbes

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Decide to Thrive

My friend, this is your year to thrive. If you are ready to design the life you want and to build a business that is capable of realistically providing you with both the time freedom and financial freedom needed to make it happen, the Thrive15 2-Day Workshop is for you. At our 2-day Interactive 15 hour workshop, we will teach you the specific and detailed action steps that you must take to build a turn-key and profitable business that has the capacity to produce you sustainable profits. You will learn best practice systems for marketing, search engine optimization, sales, time management, hiring, firing, accounting, personal finance, and leadership. We will answer all of your business questions before you leave.

“If you ever want to start or grow a business, Thrive15 teaches you specifically what you need to know.”

- Clay Clark, Founder
of Thrive15.com as seen
on Bloomberg

Learn the proven systems to create both time & financial freedom

  • 16 hours of workshops (NO upsells)
  • Building a Multimillion-Dollar Business
  • Building a business that works without you
  • Achieving Both Time and Financial Freedom
  • Balancing Faith, family, finance, fitness, and friends
  • Team Management Mastery
  • The Millionaire Mindset
  • Hiring and Firing Effectively
  • Online Marketing Mastery
  • Linear Workflow Enhancement
  • How to Generate Leads and Sales
  • How to Raise Capital Effectively
  • Lead Generation
  • Becoming an Effective Executive
  • Growing Your Business
  • Accounting and Financial Coaching
  • Social Media Marketing on Steroids
  • How to Realistically Become an Automatic Millionaire
  • Interactive Time Management Mastery
  • Chik-Fil-A’s Customer Service Training
ANYONE can afford
to attend!

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In the end, a passion — or at least an aptitude — for business can help enable and fund passions for any number of things. - Fast Company


  • Watch what workshop attendees have to say
    Workshop Attendees

    “I’ve seen Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins. Clay made a far greater impact.” - Lance Dawson

    EXP Story
  • Watch what workshop attendees have to say
    Taylor HallGeneral Manager, Tulsa Oilers

    “The biggest thing that we noticed was the needle-mover. More sales, more attendance, more success in business.”

    Taylor's Story
  • Watch what workshop attendees have to say
    NikkiFounder, Mocha Butterfly

    “I recommend coming to this workshop because it’s an intimate setting...Great people. I’ve met some really cool people doing some cool businesses, and the teaching style and the presentation are awesome.”

    Nikki's Story
  • Watch what workshop attendees have to say
    Danielle SprikFounder, Sprik Realty

    “Clay and his team have been extremely instrumental in helping us build our brand, market our business, the homes we represent. Everything that we do is a direct line from Clay and his team and all that they’ve done for us.”

    Danielle's Story
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check 2 Days check 4 Days check 3 Days check 6 Days
check Business System Creation check Motivation Focused check Locating Deals in the “Hidden Market” check Business System Creation
check Steps to Grow YOUR Business check Potential Hot Coal Injuries check Creating Multiple Sources of Cash Flow in Real Estate check Steps to Grow Your Business
check Laugh + Learn Interactive Format check Arena / Motivational Seminar Style cards Relentless High-Pressure Upsells check Beautiful Scenery, Courses Taught in an Intimate Setting in Hawaii
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If you cannot attend the event, you are allowed to reschedule for a different date.

If you cannot attend and do not wish to reschedule, contact our Customer Service Department and we will apply your payment towards the purchase of Thrive15 learning materials, including the online school, interactive workbooks, etc.

After attending the program if you are not satisfied, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at the event. Refunds are given at the event only. You must have attended the entire event and request your refund at the Customer Service Desk.

Join Like Minded Entrepreneurs

Our intensive 2 day workshop will teach you the specific steps and proven systems you need to implement to grow your business, no matter what the industry. With scheduled seminars, hands-on training, and more, you will be equipped with the specific action items and proven strategies you need to transform your business.

Join our workshop and learn how you can create both time and financial freedom by growing your business.

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Meet the Business Owners Who Built Thrive15.com

Thrive15 Mentor | Clay Clark Clay Clark

Founder of Thrive15 /
U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year

The Thrive15.com Business Coaching Experience
Thrive15 Mentor | Dr. Robert Zoellner Dr. Robert Zoellner

Thrive15 CEO /
Optometrist / Entrepreneur /
Venture Capitalist

  • Clay's Business Ventures
  • Hosts of the Thrive Time Show - Live Monday-Friday 12PM to 2PM Central
  • Dr. Z's Business Ventures

The Thrive15.com Business Coaching Program was founded by former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark. It is headed by massively successful optometrist turned entrepreneur, Doctor Robert Zoellner.

Thrive15 - HoneybadgerWith the Thrive15.com business coaching program you now have access to proven business systems that have been personally used by Doctor Zoellner to build a thriving auto auction, booming optometry clinics, a successful major bank investment, a growing medical equipment company, an always growing sleep center and many other successful businesses. Both Clay and Z used these proven systems and strategies to turn their dreams into reality, and now so can you.

Clay is the founder of a successful marketing firm, a world-class entertainment company, a successful chain of men's grooming businesses, a party rental company, a video production company, a real estate company, an advertising firm, and the massively successful online business school and coaching platform, Thrive15.com.

Thrive15 Headquarters - Video TourHowever, he is most known for all of the businesses he has personally helped others launch and grow by providing their leaders with the wealth of knowledge he has attained through studying the past and present "giants in business." Clay's stockpile of knowledge based on business case-studies combined with Dr. Zoellners business history of success is what has led to the creation of the world-renowned business coaching program used by Thrive15.com.

With our business coaching program you have access to proven systems used by millionaires and top performing entrepreneurs. As an example, our proven management and time management systems have been developed by (Lee Cockerel) the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 people. Our public relations and branding strategies have been created by (Michael Levine) the public relations consultant of choice for Nike, Pizza Hut, Prince, Charlton Heston, Michael Levine, Michael Jackson and more.

Our world-class leadership training includes teaching from NBA Hall of Famer turned successful entrepreneur, and founder of the $250 million Admiral Capital Fund, David Robinson. Thrive15.com provides you with the best coaching available to ensure your business success.

Coaching Team

Our Team of Expert Coaches teach step-by-step instructions on growing your business.

David Robinson NBA Hall-of-Famer
Clay Clark Thrive15.com Founder
& SBA's Entrepreneur of the Year
Meet the Mentors
What attendees are saying

"Any question I had got answered. And I wasn't just answered, it was displayed. When you can show physical proof of the answer, that's priceless. Absolutely priceless."

Geoff S. - Founder, Florida Salt Scrubs

"I've seen Jack Canfield. I've seen Tony Robbins. And Clay made a far greater impact on me than any of those other speakers..."

"The biggest thing that we noticed was the needle-mover. More sales, more attendance, more successes in business."

Taylor H. - General Manager, Tulsa Oilers

"What's a goal that you've been putting off for a while? Do you want to write a book? Let's go...Where do you want to grow?"

"They did every single thing that we could think of. When I need something, I just go to them and it happens."

Steve C. - Executive Vice President, Total Lending Concepts

"I heard him say, 'No, you've got to pay more attention to your kids. I thought, I want to hear his speech. Anybody that puts family in front of everything else, their priorities I want to hear about."

"Thrive15 was without question the pivotal moment in my business. I went from lacking confidence to becoming empowered to grow my business."

Kat G. - CEO, Barbee Cookies
Thrive15.com Headquarters

Where is it located?

Located in the heart of Tulsa, you have access to a ton of fine dining, a huge golf facility, and our huge, state-of-the-art facility.

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Increase Profits and Decrease Costs

With our proven systems that are taught by award-winning entrepreneurs, you can learn how to grow your business and expand profits at the same time you are decreasing costs and becoming more efficient. Every business can grow in different areas and we will help you identify those areas and give you specific steps to take to grow your business to the next level

Hands On Training

Hands-on Training Workshops

Need to learn about Search Engine Optimization? Or how to market your business in the digital age? We have hands-on workshops where leaders in the respective field will teach you what you need to know.

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