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Art of Leadership

In this featured transcript, Clay Clark (US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year) talks with David Robinson (2-time NBA Champion & co-founder of $250 million Admiral Capital Group) on Thrive15.com about customer service training and the art of leadership!

Clay Clark:    Let's just say this. Let's just say, because I worked at Target and I remember at Target, that's where I got my big break by the way, it was at Target.

David Robinson:    There you go.

Clay Clark:    Where a guy came through the line and long story short I just tried to really offer that high degree of service and it led to an internship that led to a connection that led to a ... but if I'm watching this, let's say I'm working at a burger place right now, somebody who's making the minimum wage and I'm trying to work my way up to the top, what can I do in terms of offering a high degree of service? Say I'm a janitor at a Spurs games, what can I do to move up from the janitorial level to maybe management level?

David Robinson:    The very first thing you can do is try to distinguish yourself. I'd say that one of the great ways to do that is to offer that extra degree of service. Very few people are willing to go out of their way to help people and when you do that managers will notice that and you will advance because of your heart and your work and your ... all of the things put together, but certainly be a person that people want to be around.

    I know in your life you don't like to be around people who suck life out of you and nobody wants someone like that working for them. I would say the best way to catch people's attention is to offer that extra degree of service because there's so few people that are willing to do it. 

Clay Clark:    It's sort of a weird shift that has to happen because by ultimately focusing on helping others it ultimately helps you the most. If you're working at this job and you want to get promoted, the number one key to that is just focusing on exceeding the expectations of everyone and really offer the high degree of service like George Washington Carver spoke of, and ultimately that's going to boomerang back to you.

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David Robinson:    Absolutely, it is a defining characteristic and it is one that will distinguish you from other people very quickly because we all have those experience where you call up somebody, they're rude on the phone or they do a crummy job when you ask them to come and fix something at your house. Those are experiences you remember because they're frustrating and they're too common but every once in a while you ran into that person who was extremely kind and helpful when you were tired and frustrated and they changed your whole outlook. Those people stand out far more than the more common disappointment.

Clay Clark:    David Robinson I appreciate you talking about these principles and I really appreciate you allowing me to mention some of the work you've done off the court, even though you don't like to talk about those sort of things [inaudible 00:02:46] something you do, but again I appreciate you being an example that we can look to and say, "This guy might not be perfect but he's at least aiming at the right idea." I appreciate you so much.

David Robinson:    Thanks Clay.

Clay Clark:    Thank you. 



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