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How To Take Control

In this following featured transcript, Caleb Taylor (Thrive15.com Correspondent) discusses investing principles Clay Clark (US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year) on Thrive15.com, one of the best customer service training programs!

Caleb Taylor:    Okay.

Clay Clark:    So what I'm saying is you have to immerse yourself. So if you want to become successful, start hanging around successful people ... step one ... do it, log on to Thrive, watch as your brain explodes.

Caleb Taylor:    And I know what you do is you're very aware of the stuff that's coming in your brain. You're aware of the stuff you're reading, you're aware of the posters you have on your wall. That affects your belief in your faith, I bet. 

Clay Clark:    If you come to the Thrive office, do we not have success stuff everywhere?

Caleb Taylor:    By the way, if you read his book ... rip out that page, and come to the office he'll give you a free high five

Clay Clark:    Free high five ... we redeem that. It's available ... it's something we offer.

Caleb Taylor:    Do the free high five thing.

Clay Clark:    But I surround myself with those positive imagery because I need to encourage myself .But you've got to immerse yourself in success ... the intense study of success.

Caleb Taylor:    And then you choose to invest the time. I know a lot of people waste time, too ... they're wasting their time working hard ... I guess, maybe, in their way ... 

Clay Clark:    How much time? Fifteen minutes a day.

Caleb Taylor:    But it's being aware of it. Again, Robert keeps talking in that same book ... says they work hard at trying to save, but they waste a lot of time. 

Clay Clark:    Well, okay ... here's the deal ... There's a belief system here that, at the very beginning of this belief ... and I don't want to get too deep right now ... but there's a belief system. And you have either a poverty mindset or you have a prosperity mindset. This is A or B. Other people will call this a poverty mindset or a success mindset. But the one thing you have to look at is poverty ... whoa, that was kind of cool, that's red ... how poverty ... people believe that there's scarcity. I'll give you an example. Do you know that in Iraq ... this is 2014 ... in Iraq, the Russians just found a massive amount of oil. Have I told you about this yet?

Caleb Taylor:    You have not told me. 

Clay Clark:    This is beautiful. The Russians have this belief that there is more oil to be found. So, here we helped to liberate Iraq, and we're like, "nah." Because the people who are in charge of looking ... as a country, we've kind of chosen to ... a lot of people have chosen to believe in peak oil, which is the belief that we've hit the maximum amount of oil we could ever produce and, moving forward, there will be diminishing returns. The Russians are like, "Nope. We are going to find oil because there's more of it." Do you know they just found one of the largest oil reservoirs ever? It's something like two times larger than any previous discovery. 

Caleb Taylor:    Wow.

Clay Clark:    And do you know that other people found a huge oil reserve in the Dakotas in the United States? So we're finding more oil every year than we've ever found before, but these other people are like, "Nah, we're running out." Well I don't know about you, but until the year ... right now it's, what, 2014?

Caleb Taylor:    It is, that's correct.

Clay Clark:    I'm not really worried until the year 2614. And I'll be dead then, so I don't care. So my whole thing is scarcity and prosperity ... scarcity is, "there might not be enough for everybody. I don't want to be too successful because that would take from you." And people who are prosperous say," I want to be so successful so that you can see someone who is successful and I want to give a little bit extra for you." And that's the mindset. So you've just got to train yourself to have the prosperity mindset.

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