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Overcoming Objections

In this transcript, Lee Cockerell (personal friend of Mickey Mouse from his time managing Walt Disney World Resort) talks with Clay Clark (US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year) about customer service training and proactively overcoming objections on Thrive15.com!

Lee Cockerell:    I love the definition of responsibility. Somebody told me responsibility; the word really means your ability to respond. Do you have the ability to respond to a customer? CPR, if I feel down right now with a heart attack does anybody in this room have the ability to respond? 

Clay Clark:    Do you?

Lee Cockerell:    We have nobody here. Priscilla left and she can. I always made sure all the ladies around me could do CPR. I want them to be able to respond. Or do you have the ability to respond when a customer has a problem. Maybe you’ve taken a course on this website; how to deal with a customer complaint. 

Do you have the ability to respond when an employee’s not performing? Or do you need to go listen to one of these videos, and learn here’s how you do it, and here’s how you do it properly. How do you learn to respond in life; education, training, experience, so when it happens you’re ready. You can pretty much anticipate what kinds of things are going to happen. 

Clay Clark:    You’re about proactively training people how to respond before they run into the problem.

Lee Cockerell:    Absolutely.

Clay Clark:    I see this a lot of times. 

Lee Cockerell:    People die. 

Clay Clark:    When you don’t do it, a lot of times in small business I just need an example of recently I was working with a company and they were talking about how the front desk person never knew what to say when people would ask about billing questions. It’s common sense. What’s common sense? I was trying to explain; really common sense is not common if I’m familiar with this area. If I’m new to this particular kind of business I have no idea what’s common. Really there’s maybe four or find problems that keep happening over and over and over, or maybe  ten problems that keep happening in every business? 

Lee Cockerell:    I’d say nine times out of ten the same things happen over and over and over, and there’s not many new ones every week. If you can get nine of them, trained on nine of them, when the odd one comes up that you’re available to help them get through it then they know how to handle that one. After awhile you’re not going to see much differently. There’s not that many new things.

Clay Clark:    I know in sales, in your business you didn’t do a lot of cold calling, or anything like that. In sales if you’re in outbound sales you always have people object about price. They object about the time, they don’t have time to talk to you, or they don’t have a need for what you are selling. If you train people how to deal with those three, then that’s pretty much all you ever deal with. It’s interesting. 

Lee Cockerell:    Overcoming objecting, overcoming objections, and we know what the objections are going to be in anything we do in life, and you prepare for them.

Clay Clark:    Let me ask you, as it says you’ve wrote in book, it says, “You need to create the magic by eliminating hassles.” What does that mean?

Lee Cockerell:    A hassle for me is if I’m dealing with a company and they’ve got these policies, rules, and I want to take something back because it didn’t work, and their policy is we can’t take it back because you opened the box. I said how was I going to know it didn’t work until I opened the box, and they get really; you hassle your customers. If you hassle me I’m not coming back.

    I bought Priscilla a suitcase once at Costco. Got it home, what do you think she said? It’s not big enough. She needs a big suitcase when we travel. Took it back; it took 30 seconds to return it, no questions asked. I went to Sears, remember Sears?

Clay Clark:    Oh yeah.

Lee Cockerell:    It used to be a big company. I took a faucet back once. I had spent half the day there. I had to see the GM; it was like I was being indicted for theft. Why are you bringing this back? Do you really have a receipt? It was unbelievable. I never went back there again.

Thrive15.com is one of the best places to learn customer service training! Learn from mentors like Lee Cockerell, the former Executive VP of Operations of Walt Disney World Resort!

Clay Clark:    It’s interesting, but there’s an insurance company that I use for my insurance. I do a lot of work with Farmer’s Insurance. Farmer’s, for the kind of insurance that I pay for it’s a little more expensive, but they specialize in being able to make sure that you have all the insurance you need for your equipment, or for your company. I remember paying a little more for it, and thinking man this is a little more expensive. My agent took more time to discover my needs and find out what I needed. 

When we had camera equipment stolen, I had a check in 7 days. It was a quick process where with another company, as you mentioned; I felt like I was being indicted, I felt like I was having to prove my innocence. I had to provide police reports, and then another report, and then verifica…. It really is a night a day difference, and the price becomes almost unimportant when there’s great service.

Lee Cockerell:    People don’t even tell you they’re not coming back; they just don’t come back. If you hassle me; I’m busy, I don’t have time for this. If you hassle me I’m not coming back. There’s a lot of places to go buy a refrigerator. A lot places to get a cup of coffee. There’s a lot of places to get anything. I can go to Amazon and never come back to anywhere.

Clay Clark:    You won’t tell anybody, you just won’t come back. Now let me ask you this?

Lee Cockerell:    Priscilla will; she’s let you know. She’ll write you a letter that you’ll be sorry you ever... I just let it go. My grandmother’s like that. She’s one of these nice people from Oklahoma, Bartlesville, she would never complain to somebody. 

Clay Clark:    She won’t come back

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