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In this transcript, Clay Clark (US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year) discusses the career path of the entrepreneur on Thrive15.com, one of the most affordable business schools in Michigan! 

Clay Clark:    Pay attention to today's episode because it really has the power to encourage, to inspire, but more importantly to guide your path from the employee to the investor. You're going to love it.

    Remember at Thrive15.com we all believe that knowledge without application is meaningless, so as you're watching today's episode, take the time to ask yourself, what do you need to do to specifically apply these principles in your own life and business?

    Otherwise today's episode may prove out to be more meaningless than having a GPS where you punch in the address of your own home and then you just follow the magical arrows from where you are to where you live.

    All right, well today we are talking about the career path of the entrepreneur. Maybe you want to be a successful entrepreneur, maybe you started a business and we're going to map out your career path. The career path specifically of the successful entrepreneur. The entrepreneur who's gone beyond just surviving to the entrepreneur who is actually thriving. 

    What is the career path that you have to go on? We're going to talk about the four jobs in the career path of the entrepreneur, of the successful entrepreneur, of the award winning entrepreneur because a lot of times people say, gosh, what's my next step? I own a business, but what's my next step?

    Or I'm thinking about owning a business, but what's my first step? Today we're going to teach about what's step one, what's step two, what's step three, what's step four, how to specifically move from where you are to where you want to be.

    Let's go ahead and deep dive into it here. Topic number one here is the technician, okay? The technician. I'm going to write this up here on our super board here. The technician. The technician. 

    This is somebody who thinks that he can do it better. Right now if you're working at a jobby job and you find yourself working for somebody. Maybe you're working for an insurance company or you're working for an automotive company or you're working for a sales company. 

    I don't care what kind of company you're working for, phase number one is we have to be a technician. Which is somebody who can technically get the job done at the top 10%.

    I've studied successful entrepreneurs, millionaires, moguls and I can tell you you don't see a lot of bottom feeders who then jump into the world of entrepreneurship. You see people who are at the top of their game.

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    If you work at a company right now and you find yourself, you're one of the top 10 sales people working for the company. You're one of the top 10 people working for the insurance company. You might find yourself looking around going, "You know, I think I can do it better."

    Well, there's a good chance of that, but you really don't want to start your own business or to move into a different field unless you are at the point where you could be promoted out of it. 

    You should be in that top 10%. Right now, step one, if you're working in a job as an employee, and we all have to start somewhere, we have to ask ourselves are we truly in the top 10%? To give you an example of this I used to work at a company called Faith Highway. We sold evangelistic commercials to churches all throughout the United States. We had to literally cold call pastors.

    When we cold called these guys we'd have to convince them that our products were in fact the right commercial advertising products for their church. We had to cold call a church, send them out a promotional product and then we had to followup over a series of calls to convince them to buy a 10 to $15,000 television commercial.

    Without getting into all the details, I can tell you this, I was definitely not in the top 10% for a long time. Yet, like a lot of you, I felt like man, I want to start my own business. Well, the thing is I had no business starting my own business until I could at least master where I was because this was a company that was a sales culture. We had to sell.

    I was not good at sales. Because I wasn't good at sales, I really was kind of stuck. I had to ask myself, and I was mentored by a guy by the name of Ron Hood and Ron Hood said that my stinking thinking was getting in the way of my big sales.

    I actually had to mentored by Ron in order for him to teach me how to get into the top 10% of the sales force there. I can proudly say over time my skills improved to the point where I did hop into that top 10% of sales. 

    I began to be one of the top performers. At that point, I began to ask the question man, I think I can apply these skills in my own business. I think I can go out there and start my own business, but you really, I'm just telling you as a entrepreneur right now, you want to be somebody who has kind of mastered where you're at before you move on.

    You have to be the master of one particular craft or skill. You have to be good at something, okay? If you want to start a software company, you probably need to be good at software. If you want to start a graphic design company, you probably need to be great at software. When I say great, I'm talking about in the top 10%.

    If you want to start your own video company, you need to be in the top 10%. If you want to start your own insurance company, you need to be in the top 10%, but you need to be in that top 10% before you move on. If not, you really have no business moving into phase two. Again, phase number one is the phase of the technician.



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