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Prerequisites To Success

In this transcript, Deedra Determan (Founder of three websites visited by 100,000 moms monthly) and Clay Clark (speaker of choice for Hewlett Packard, Maytag University, and more) discuss the importance of having prequisites to success on Thrive15.com, the best sales training program.

Clay:    My name is Clay Clark and I'm the CEO of Thrive15.com. Today we are joined with Deedra Determan. We're going to be teaching you the 10 concepts you need to know before you can grow. I guarantee you that in today's training, you're going to find some principles that could be worth millions and millions of dollars to you.

    All right, we are back here with Deedra Determan. Not [Dee-terman 00:01:06], stop pronouncing it wrong, it's Determan. We're here talking about 10 concepts that you need to know, that I need to know, we all need to know, before we can grow. 10 concepts you need to know before you can grow. There's a lot of stupid things that I've done for a long time. It seems like once a year I would discover a new epiphany. I've tried to distill 10 concepts that every entrepreneur needs to know. As we [inaudible 00:01:32] because Deedra is a very successful business woman, PR, Consultant, Media Guru. We're going to go over the principle. Get your feedback on the principle and just maybe you can show us how we can apply it. It'll be kind of a fun of ... Like a hot seat almost but the seat is not super hot. Here we go.

    Think big. Concept number 1. You have to think big. This is what our main man Donald Trump, Real Estate Titan, author, TV personality, the guys who always says, "You're fired." That guy. This is what he says. "If you're going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big." What does that mean to you?

Deedra:    Absolutely. I think thinking beyond just your little local business. Could you do it across the country? Could you do it across the world? With the internet today it's a lot easier to have businesses that you can do internationally online. 

Clay:    I want to hear with that [inaudible 00:02:21] just a second. Just think about the ... Regardless if you're on the left or the right side of the political spectrum or maybe like you're watching from Costa Rica and you don't even register on the left or right of the political spectrum. The point is people say, "Gosh, you know, these taxes are so high today. Taxes are so high, you know, there's just so much taxation, there's so much ..." Think about this, I was born in 1980, Deedra's born like '87. When I was born, you had ... I first booked my first DJ events, I literally had to mail a stamp to the customers. I lick it, stamp and I send it out. Customer and then mails the contract back. Takes 7 to 10 days. You want to get a hold of somebody? No one has a cellphone. If you had a cellphone, you're that fancy person, that [snoody 00:03:07] person.

Deedra:    You're rich.

Clay:    You got the backpack phone that they use like in the military. You've got that in the back of your trunk and the cellphone bill for getting it, if you did have a cellphone, you have like 200 minutes. If you got an inbound call, you say, "Hey, could, I- I- I- I-, I have to call you back at a land line." You hang up and you call them back from their phone. That's what we dealt with. There is never been a better time to start a business than right now. Internet? Awesome. You can market to people all over the world and Thrive15.com, a top sales training program can help you do that.

Deedra:    Ship products ...

Clay:    Ship products, it's awesome. This is a great time to be in business but I want to know, if I'm a business owner, how can I apply the principle of thinking big? Maybe I'm just a bakery. Maybe I'm just a restaurant owner. How can I think big?

Deedra:    I think a mentor is a great person to help you with that. Just thinking beyond just your everyday is always important. Reading books and figuring out how other successful people did that.

    Took a small idea. A mom I know that was making hand-stamped jewelry out of her kitchen now ships all over the world. That's the beauty of the internet.

Clay:    Thinking big to me is all about to think about big in your lifestyle. Going, "Am I happy with my fitness? Am I happy with my relationships? Am I spending enough time with the ones I love?" Then asking yourself, "How am I going to do it?" Instead of going, "Well, this is just all I can have." Because if you think that way, that's what you're going to get. Now, thinking big is big. Think big. Challenge you right now, ask yourself what area are you limiting your thinking. What are you thinking small? I think small a lot. If you want an idea of examples of how think small, look at my journals over there, I've got a lot of examples.

    Point number 2. This is concept number 2. We have to know before we can grow. Follow the proven path. Napoleon Hill, best-selling author who I named my son after. He says, "A Carnegie or a Rockefeller or a James J. Hill," or a Deedra Determan, "Or a Marshall Field accumulates a fortune through the application of the same principles available to all of us, but we envy them," We envy Deedra, "And their wealth and success without ever thinking of studying their philosophies and applying it to ourselves. We look at a successful person in the hour of their triumph and wonder how they did it, but we overlook the importance of analyzing their methods and we forget the price they had to pay in the careful and well-organized preparation that had to be made before the could reap the fruits of their efforts."

    Deedra, when you hear this idea that anybody can become successful by following these principles, did you really believe that?

Deedra:    Yes, I do. We started 918moms.com, it was all about what could we do that everyone else was doing in town in [inaudible 00:05:58]. On television it's videos so we created video on the sight, you can have ads. In print, there were advertorials, people were writing about businesses while we started doing advertorials on our website. Everything was online, really trying to go out there and go, "We have all that." You can buy Radio-TV print, we've got that all online.


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