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Stories of Success

See how our members are Thriving all around the world!

  • “I love it. Honestly, my success right now is because of Thrive...”
    Michael E. | Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Danielle Sprik Danielle Sprik Founder, Sprik Realty
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Pastor Kelly Pastor Kelly Founder of Faith Church
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Steve Currington Steve Currington Executive Vice President, Total Lending Concepts
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Taylor Hall Taylor Hall Tulsa Oilers General Manager
  • “Just wanted to give you an update on this past week! I signed up with HomeAdvisor and this one week alone I've gotten 7 leads! Four of them, I went out and talked with the customers and they have verbally committed to my services. They were impressed with my approach to doing business! Those projects range from $2800 to $4100!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Mykhaylo P. Mykhaylo P. AmericanHybridHomes.com
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | I've seen Jack Canfield. I've seen Tony Robbins and I will tell you that Clay made a far greater impact than either of them. I've seen Jack Canfield. I've seen Tony Robbins and I will tell you that Clay made a far greater impact than either of them.
  • “Thanks for answering my question- and for not giving out my ss# lol. I have applied your advice and we are hitting goal numbers daily- and I am obsessive about it (they think I'm nuts- and I think that's a good thing). Previously we were scheduling 340 new patients a month and we are on track to do 460 this month! Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Also- they do think I have a big stick. I'm the person who fires people for not performing lol.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Jen A. Jen A. BodyCentral PT
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Dr. Chad Edwards Dr. Chad Edwards Owner, Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Mickey Michalec Mickey Michalec Owner, Capital Waste Soultions
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Dominick C. Dominick C. Owner, Launch Academy
  • ““We are Thriving with the knowledge gained--our business concept is maturing in unexpected, but clear ways. So glad!””
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Melissa C. Melissa C. Owner, Ten Cent Coffee
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Don C. Don C. Owner, Score Basketball
  • “I love it. Honestly, my success right now is because of Thrive. I watched like 10 of your videos every hour. I ended up going to some meet ups and doing some networking and started actually scheduling my life. One thing lend to another, I walked into a meet up and offered my time for free and they ended up giving me a job at their start-up. I helped them get funded and raised about $1.5 million. They took me on full time. I’m also working on my own side business with some of my fellow Thrivers.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Michael E. Michael E.
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Cory Minter Cory Minter Owner, Trinity Employment
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Why not learn something new? Why not admit to yourself that you can learn more? That you can be better. Why not learn something new? Why not admit to yourself that you can learn more? That you can be better.
  • “So far has been going great. I've been, actually, I was literally in the middle of sharing the site with a colleague of mine, because I've been talking about everything I've been learning and I was writing that I have been more energized and more focused about growing my practice than ever before, in the last two weeks since I've been doing Thrive. It's just been awesome. ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Bryan S. Play Icon Pause Icon Bryan S. Thrivent Financial
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Justin Moore Justin Moore Owner, Elephant in the Room
  • “Everybody needs a gameplan. Thrive15 has helped me tremendously with that gameplan. We changed how I was charging, we changed the programs we were doing, we changed the advertisements we were doing, we started doing everything smart. We wouldn't be where we're at today without Thrive15.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Don C. Don C. Owner, SCORE Basketball
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Steve C. Steve C. Total Lending Concepts
  • “There is so much to love about the site. I like the "this is what you do and this is how you do it" approach to the material and I find it wildly entertaining! I have recommended your site for sure! Thank you so much for reaching out! I appreciate the help. I've wanted to start this business for some time and with your site, I feel I'm equipped to deal with the many questions I've had. I lost my accountant (my sister) a few years ago so I've been without proper counsel. Thanks for picking up the slack! ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Debbie B. Debbie B. Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Clay S. Clay S. Founder of ClayStaires.com and The Leadership Initiative
  • “Thrive15can be a really big part of helping you put one foot in front of another. ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Jill D. Jill D. Owner, Rustic Cuff
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Jennifer T. Jennifer T. Owner, Facchianos Bridal and Formal Attire
  • “Thrive15 is loaded with hard-hitting anecdotes from major players; which can make anyone a more valuable entrepreneur or employee. It’s not just a collection of videos either - the team invests a lot into every Thrivers’ development through Q&A, calls, and one-on-one sessions. The value far outweighs the cost of membership.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Joey C. Joey C. Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Couldn't have chosen a better speaker Couldn't have chosen a better speaker
  • “I believe that the training you'll find here is the best money spent. You could take courses and read books, or you could do it right here and save yourself time and money.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Jennifer T. Jennifer T. Owner, Facchiano's Bridal
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | I learned some great leadership skills and some personal accountability skills that we can take and implement in our business. I learned some great leadership skills and some personal accountability skills that we can take and implement in our business.
  • “Soon after speaking with him, I signed up, and began learning. If it wasn’t for Thrive 15, I wouldn’t know as much as I do about time management, or about starting my own business. In fact, I learned that I am in charge of my life, with time, finances, goals, and dreams. I now tell myself where I’m headed in life, instead of letting other people tell me. I would recommend Thrive15 to everyone, because it has surely helped me learn more about starting a business and taking control of my life than I have ever learned before. Thank you for making it possible for me and thousands of other people to do the same everyday!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Zachary D. Zachary D. Student
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | "I am overwhelmed with motivation!"
  • “Finding Thrive we were able to gain knowledge and apply those principles in our business, and I think every business owner would need this type of training whether thy're a Fortune 500 company or just starting out, simply because of the content that Thrive15 offers.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Steve H. Steve H. Owner, Residential Window Service
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | One of the best speakers I've walked away from One of the best speakers I've walked away from
  • “Thank you so much for your mentorship and putting your life into Thrive15. You and your crew have given me the tools to expand my rental home business from one house to four in just a few months.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Steven N. Steven N. Shanghai, China
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Learn to grow your business from good to great Learn to grow your business from good to great
  • “With my team, I like to assign 1-2 training each week, so that they're not too overwhelmed or distracted in that area. I have also been utilizing the action items for delegation to my team, which I have found to be quite helpful, though I admittedly am still trying to fully figure out how to best integrate the Thrive action items into my own personal management system. I could see the delegation system to be even more helpful for teams that are larger than mine, or those with multiple layers of leadership.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Augustine I. Augustine I. Wichita State University
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Cory Minter Cory Minter President/CEO, Trinity Employment Specialists
  • “After a month on thrive, my once small side project has come to a head and we will soon be producing 5000 sample units and beginning our marketing/PR campaigns. I have gone to networking events for the first time in my life, and received an offer (and accepted) to intern at a startup working directly with a millionaire mentor, who happens to also know connections in the industry my side project is involved in. Thrive has given me the excuse I needed to structure my life and begin putting consistent effort into learning, growing, and doing. Looking at my life right now, I hardly believe it. Thanks for a great first month Thrive, I can't wait to see how the community grows and I hope one day I will be able to contribute for the next round of entrepreneurs!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Michael E. Michael E. Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Tony Crabtree Tony Crabtree ABC Advertising
  • “I knew there had to be a better way, that's where Thrive15 came in. Thrive showed me what the next steps needed to be. And so I literally had a blueprint.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Dominick C. Dominick C. Founder, Launch Academy
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | "Clay really connected with the audience" -Thrivers
  • “What you are doing is better than a good thing, it is a GREAT OUTSTANDING thing. I will be forever grateful for Thrive15.com and will promote it as long as I have breath and it exists to help in it's success. If I had the cure to all diseases, would I not share it with everyone? You have the cure for poverty here!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Alan F. Alan F. HandUp Member
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Steve Cox Steve Cox ABC Advertising
  • “The trainings themselves, they will rock your world. It really will change the way you think, and look at, business.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Nick S. Nick S. Farmers Insurance
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Eddy Vehill Eddy Vehill Light House Advertising
  • “I have been so blessed by Thrive15.com! I’ve been tuning in everyday for the last two weeks and am hooked. You guys have been phenomenal with answering my questions and recommending resources. Thank you for making this level of service and information available to the masses. It is invaluable! I’ll be sharing this gem with my team and hope to help them become Thrivers as well! Special thanks to Clay for the phone call! :) Excited to put the lesson nugget into action and will report back with results. ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Robin R. Robin R. Rockwell Building Systems
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Augustine Iacopelli Augustine Iacopelli Entrepreneur
  • “Thrive15 has provided this confidence that I never had before. I've been able to look through the lens not of my capacity, but of my destiny.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Clay S. Clay S. Leadership Mentor
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Ken  Pelotte Ken Pelotte Professional Painter
  • “So after immersing myself this morning into some of Thrive's time management videos with Lee Cockerell, Rachel Faucett and you (Clay), I have to say: #1: Ooober respect and admiration for you and your journey, and #2 My mind is in outer space somewhere (blown away) with all the great content I received. ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Celeste R. Celeste R. MiniToMaximum.com
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Alexa Jones Alexa Jones Thiver
  • “We just couldn't get enough. Seriously, every spare minute at night, we're watching Thrive.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | AJ H. AJ H. Owner, Residential Window Service
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Tracy Pelot Tracy Pelot Thriver
  • “I resigned from a job I love, which is safe, wonderful, and comfortable. I resigned, with a 30 page business plan, some networking connections, PRAYER, and not much else. And I wanted to say thank you for establishing Thrive, as it was the practical, business advice that you and your team has helped provide that significantly boosted my confidence in making this possible.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Natalie S. Natalie S. The Ezer Project
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Cody Reynolds Cody Reynolds Thriver
  • “I cannot thank you, your staff and everybody enough for making everything that you guys do just ... What it's been from me and people like me all over the country”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Julie N. Julie N. Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Travis Ryan Travis Ryan Precision Collaboration
  • “In my brief time with the team at Thrive15, I have been blown away by the experience of being a member of this amazing website. As a user experience designer myself in SoCal, I'm always learning about companies that bring customer service to new heights. Well, Thrive15 and their awesome team kinda just blew every other company I've experience out of the water. Thrive 15 is truly remarkable and they really care about their subscribers. This genuine interest in their users and the desire to wow them is one of the many ways they stand out from any other educational service out there. If you haven't tried their service, you're missing out....”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Tomas C. Tomas C. Student
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Lori Crow Lori Crow Thriver
  • “It started off as listening to it, then I started watching it, and I was like Oh my god, where has this been my whole life?”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | David G. David G. Danbury, CT
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Scott Crow Scott Crow Thriver
  • “Honestly the experience has been amazing. I didn't have huge expectations going in so I'm floored with the quality of the information and how it's presented. It's an enormous amount of great advice which I've started to implement and noticed a spike in my productivity as a result. I wasn't one who you or I would call an entrepreneur but there were seeds of ideas for designs/products and services I'd always dreamed of doing. Now I can't help but work those dreams out into viable options for me to possibly due. The videos have caused me to really look deep into the formal education I want to do. To really see if it's going to help me get ahead or is going to lead me down a path where I don't really get much out of it where if I chose a different path I would of have a much greater outcome.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Anthony P. Anthony P. Civil Engineer
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Eric Anderson Eric Anderson West Passo Chamber
  • “I appreciate the support for veterans with the 1 for 1 because the real world is so vastly different from the military institution. Our training prepares us for many things but not for the things required in entrepreneurship or business.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Benjamin N. Benjamin N. Neufort Porperties
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | David Harper David Harper Sells Manager
  • “I seriously had the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE EVER.... I get a call today from Marshall (pretty sure that was his name) and he left me a message - so I called him back and he literally answers the phone and asks me "....how can I make your day more awesome?!" REALLY!!!!!?!?!?! I was blown away and happy from hello to goodbye!!!! We chatted about how awesome the site is, I provided him some feedback of some of the things I would appreciate seeing and it was just the best customer service experience. So I wanted to share!!!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Mindy B. Mindy B. Business Owner
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Joe  O. Joe O. Risk Management
  • “Ignorance is bliss is what I've heard and it's a lie because I have no idea how much money I've not made over the past several years because I didn't know about this company and not know about SEO!! ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Danny V. Danny V. Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Bryan Hall Bryan Hall Shell
  • “Ok-- use this to let Thrivers know how Thrive15 is the RockStar mentorship businesses need! Goal is 115.... We hit 124 patients this week! ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Jen A. Jen A. BodyCentral PT
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Becca Nogosek Becca Nogosek Rochester Chamber of Commerce
  • “After being at a job doing nothing but the actions of a robot all day with a less than zero chance of being seen as a creative person, I've really enjoyed the way you guys put the site together. You have a great message and a way of inspiring I think everyone can appreciate. (Not to mention... the way you guys banter is ESPN like). It's a great all around approach in my opinion. Thank you so far... ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Angel V. Angel V. Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Robin Michelle Robin Michelle Account Executive
  • “After being a Thriver for a few days now, I've come to the conclusion that "Boom!" is fantastically multi-use. One way is how my mind is always blown away with the knowledge I receive. I already am doing a couple of these, so that's a comforting reassurance that I am on the right track. The others you suggested that I'm NOT already doing....well....WOW!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Celeste R. Celeste R. MiniToMaximum.com
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Wendi Lanthier Wendi Lanthier Mortgage Broker
  • “Thank you for your quick response, my friend recommended me to join Thrive 15 and I have been nothing but overwhelmed by what I have learned and how much it's changing my life already.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Joanne B. Joanne B. London Bakery
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Josh Pruit Josh Pruit Filtration System Products- Sells man
  • “I really appreciate what you guys are doing at Thrive15. It has enabled me to see so many more angles on my business. I love learning about leadership, time management, marketing, etc. I don't have any employees yet. Although I have managed a team in the past of 45, I wish I would have attained this knowledge then. I can't wait to get to Tulsa to meet some of you in person, and share OUR success stories. God bless you guys! Keep up the amazing work! ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Andres H. Andres H. www.dinnerwithachef.com
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Todd Langlen Todd Langlen Thriver
  • “Since joining Thrive 15, I was able to delve myself into a couple of its contents and browse through what you guys offer and I am absolutely in love with it so far! Furthermore, I am beyond impressed with the level of care and love you guys put into this service, it truly shows. I immensely appreciated how Mr. Clay Clark took time out of his day to lend a hand.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Dilyar A. Dilyar A.
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Jeremy Devaal Jeremy Devaal Thriver
  • “The experience has been great. Thrive 15 has become lunchtime ritual for me. I listen to 1 to 2 episodes during my lunch break. It has not only given me many thought provoking ideas, but has changed my attitude at work and home. Keep up the great work!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Bryan G. Bryan G. Major Tool & Machine
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Paul Friedlander Paul Friedlander West Pasco Chamber of Commerce
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Marie Mich Marie Mich Practice Manager
  • “Way out Dude! LOL. That's great and I am sold. Way to go! I like Thrive15 already.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Alvin B. Alvin B. HandUp Member
  • “Thanks for reaching out my friend. Really appreciate the personalized introduction via YouTube. It's a nice touch. I've been enjoying the Thrive15 content. Thanks again!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Nathan M. Nathan M. MBA Professional Empowerment Coach
  • “I am looking to advance my career and found out about Thrive15 in one of Lee Cockerell's books. I already have my planning book to kick 2016 in the rear. I am prepared and ready to go. Thank you rock what you and your company does. ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Cayce P. Cayce P. Personnel Coordinator
  • “I really appreciate the personal experience video and am in love with Thrive15. I'm glad I'm taking Entrepreneurial Thinking at a university and Thrive15 just provides me with all the help/guidance I need, 24*7. It’s like a personal mentor saying "I got you back, Jack"! Here's to the Thrivers! ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Rachit G. Rachit G. Student
  • “I love the concept of Thrive15. The idea of providing short 15 minute educational videos is unique, and I’ve enjoyed it so far. I’m a 25 year old with an undergraduate degree in finance, embarking on a career with a large Fortune 100 organization. My dream is to own my own business, but plan to work my way up the corporate ladder in an effort to earn my way enough cash flow to pay off my remaining school loans and set aside enough liquid savings to jump in on the right opportunity.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Joe H. Joe H. Claims Team Lead
  • “A word of praise! Lee is a wise businessman. If only each and every company approached their business with his mindset our Nation's economy would thrive!! Thanks for sharing all the info on Thrive15.com.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Tim A. Tim A. Coffman Media
  • “I just wanted you to know how well of a job your team does welcoming new Thrive Nation team members. The video, emails, text and phone call were above and beyond what I expected. Thank you for making me feel welcome and open to communicating with your team.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Brandon T. Brandon T.
  • “Everywhere I go people are talking about you. We are working on surveys for our clients now and starting to figure out a training outline so I will have more information soon! When I need a little giggle today now I have entertainment – Thank you!!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Laura D. Laura D. Cherokee Nation
  • “I am so grateful for you and the whole Thrive15 team! I just watched the whole Time Management with Lee Cockerell and I have to say it was more interesting and valuable than anything I have ever seen on TV.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Carlos F. Carlos F. Army Reserve
  • “Basically just wanted to say thanks for your call. I wasn't expecting it and you "wowed" me! I also liked the personalized video that Marshall sent last week.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Joe H. Joe H. O'Fallon Family Eye Care
  • “I had a lot of questions I was going to ask Clay but after reading his book twice and being part of Thrive15.com I think he has answered them. Clay's book literally changed my life, for the better. ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Alex V. Alex V. Zounds Hearing, Inc.
  • “I have been a knowledge searcher for many years. I have been a subscriber of HBR for many years. But until I found Thrive15 I never had found anything as worthy.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Gabriel L. Gabriel L. Continuous Improvement Consultant
  • “The three things that I truly value about Thrive would include the following: 1. Practical, applicable advice that WORKS 2. The encouragement I receive when I start realize that I am BURNING BOATS and fear starts to edge in. 3. The interaction with individuals in Thrive, leaving me with a sense of connection and relationship. You guys are amazingly awesome and I am so grateful for your help.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Natalie S. Natalie S. The Ezer Project
  • “Wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you for your input and thank you for working so hard for me behind the scenes while we were back and forth for this. I'm humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude. Thanks for believing in me!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Amanda P. Amanda P. Preslar Music
  • “Thank you Thrive15 team for the gift - I am very appreciative of the book I received in the mail and I am so very impressed with your customer service! Seriously, way to go above and beyond expectations. Great job. I shall certainly spread the word.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Dena D. Dena D.
  • “Just wanted to let you know I’ve found a secret to making the principles on Thrive15 stick for life: grab a group! That’s why our sons joined me in the pursuit of the principles I found taught on Thrive15. Time management and other skills vital to life have helped us in academic and entrepreneurial ways. We’re seeing growth and application for these principles in every part of our lives.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Melissa C. Melissa C. Ten Cent Coffee
  • “Marshall (and Awesome Josh), Thank you for helping me get started in this. The information is very insightful and the videos are instructive and entertaining!! ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Leslie K. Leslie K.
  • “I really like what you guys are doing. When I heard about it, I knew I had to check it out. This is a huge need. It fixes a huge problem. It’s really cool to get in there and see some of the topics. It’s really easy to get to those details that you would have to mine out the book over so much time. I love just getting those little nuggets out of the videos. It seems like its good use of time. It just fixes a problem because a lot of these books are hard reads and they are kind of slow and dry reads.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Paul M. Paul M.
  • “It must be an amazing feeling, knowing you are helping people all over the world to make positive changes in their life. The best part is that these principles apply to all aspects of our lives, not just our “business life”. When someone is genuinely serious about becoming a better person, it naturally transcends to all areas of life and you are partly responsible for making it happen with our team. The rest is up to us as a team and as individuals.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Sonia T. Sonia T. Woodbridge, ON
  • “We normally don't have trouble selling our products. In fact, customers tend to come to us, we haven't really been proactively looking for them, which is something we've definitely changed. In fact, we landed 2 projects last week, worth $20,000! ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Camilo R. Camilo R. Bogota, Colombia
  • “These videos are amazing. The information here is priceless”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Khadija G. Khadija G. Thriver
  • “The video was awesome. I did mentoring in a few other places and this made me feel so much more appreciated, and it was awesome. Made me feel like you care about making me a great business owner.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Jeremy J. Jeremy J. Thriver
  • “Thrive15 is the most incredible educational blessing for entreprenuers since the wheel was invented. After watching a video on hiring, I knew that I had positioned myself to finally bring another team member on when I didn't think that I could. Thrive has helped my business go from a dream...to a reality. THRIVE ON!!!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Daniel F. Daniel F. Endlessly Creative Media
  • “SEO, in a matter of months, catapulted Launch Academy as a one-man band nobody heard of to the authority on ACT and SAT prep, becoming the major competitor of chain companies in the area. Today, over 50% of our leads are from organic Google searches, none of which are paid for. This year, we brought in over $16,000 in the first quarter alone and over $35,000 in the first and second quarter. That's 150% increase in sales and I know for a fact that SEO was a huge part of that. Was it tedious? Yes at the beginning. Boring? Sometimes. Didn't want to write some days? Absolutely. But, the numbers don't lie, it's a skill every business owner needs to be aware of if they want to succeed today.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Dominick C. Dominick C. Owner, Launch Academy
  • “The main thing for me is that Thrive15 is really a good way to organize all this information and tips and stuff. Basically, instead of going and reading Think and Grow Rich or going and sitting down and reading a book, I can almost get as much value from watching a 15-minute video. So for me, the place I really see the value I being able to retrieve that really important nugget or that really important bit of information. You know, when you read a book there might be 5 main points you get out of it, and at the end of the day that’s really what it comes down to. So for me, having those nuggets quickly accessible and that information and being able to organize well is really really valuable.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Jordan A. Jordan A. Thriver
  • “Thrive15 is one of the unique tools that I have seen. I like the fact that it is just short vignettes of the interviews, it’s not 45 minutes to an hour, it’s short and it’s sweet, you take some notes. I just operate better by taking chunks of information, and not through a fire hose. I think it is very unique.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Dennis B. Dennis B. Thriver
  • “I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I’m enjoying your content, energy and mission. Way to go! Thanks for everything you’re doing to help us all thrive.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Kathy M. Kathy M. Familiar Strange
  • “Tim Redmond is awesome! He's making the scary topic of accounting easy to understand.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | David T. David T. Mobius Nutrition
  • “I just got to say, Thrive15 is unbelievable. One of the best mentoring sites I have participated it and the humor is a big part of it. I actually want to go to this site everyday. I recently sent recommendations to two groups of leaders. One a dream builders group I participate in and secondly my area managers at Disney that have been very open to me speaking into their lives.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Jon L. Jon L. Thriver
  • “I want to thank you for the wonderful call this morning. It was a nice way to get my day going and really get my gears turning. I recently quit my job to pursue entrepreneurship full time and have struggled some these past weeks. Thrive has been that final push I needed to really put my head in the game and I can't express the positive energy that resonates from the community so far. I only foresee more greatness coming from you all in Tulsa and the entire Thrive community.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Michael E. Michael E. Thriver
  • “I used the site for the first time yesterday and was quite frankly blown away at the quality of content and mentors and I’m excited to get going again today and grow my brain :) Thanks to you and your team for basically just being the best! ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Amy F. Amy F. InnovationArchitect: Digital
  • “You also learn that success is just doing what most people won't or don't - it's all about passion, focus and follow through and everyone at Thrive15 can take credit for all of this. You guys have taken what recently could only be read in the countless self help books, business books, etc., and put it up in almost live in video with real people talking, giving real advice, and encouragement and talking about mistakes and challenges. You made me feel, by listening to these real people, that I can do it too.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | David M. David M. Broken Arrow, OK
  • “Also, the videos are fantastic! In the very short time I have been a part of the Thrive Nation, I've learned some neat little sales tricks from the mighty Mickey Michalec; the pen being my favourite. ”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Nathan D. Nathan D. Prescott, Great Britain
  • “I just want to say thank you for helping me out as I try and “zone in” on what it is that i want to do with my life. You guys have amazing quest speakers and everything I hear…is Rock-Solid-on FIRE. I’m a college student who is poor and has only run a painting business. I’m trying my best to make sure my ideas are something that i could take off with that could make me money one day. If anyone test the chance to read this and give me some feed back that would be awesome, if not I really just enjoy sharing my idea and…you guys are awesome anyway. I appreciate everything you guys.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Zach A. Zach A. Student Thriver
  • “I want to commend you on marrying the high touch experience with the high tech delivery of rich content! From Marshall Morris’ welcome call complete with personalized clap track to Daniel McKenna’s personalized intro video to the Honey-Badger-ripped box with the intro letter from “America’s Palest Man,” you’ve made the on-boarding process extremely welcoming.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Ron V. Ron V. DXP Enterprises, Inc.
  • “I got into a couple of the marketing and brand building videos which I found pretty interesting. Simply because I know nothing about branding or marketing and I thought it was cool that it was available to me. The amount of content stood out to me. I kinda expected there to be 1 or 2 videos. Without the quizzes. I got on there and was really impressed with the depth of it and the amount that was available to me!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Diana W. Diana W. Medina, NY
  • “Thanks Clay, I deeply appreciate your humble/humorous approach to growth in personal and professional life. I received my box with the honey badger scratches on it the other day :) I'm going to devour your book. Keep rocking on. I really enjoy Thrive15.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Charles R. Charles R. Thriver
  • “I’m one of those crazy people that at like 9 years I was introduced to Earl Nightengale and Napoleon Hill, so that was really a blessing. But we didn’t have anything like this then. I’m just under 40, and as blessed as I was to get exposed to that, there was nothing like the things available today like on Thrive15 and all these different places. It’s just crazy.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | David W. David W. WashGear
  • “The 15 minute thing was pretty awesome because I don’t have a ton of time, it didn’t seem like committing to too much for just 15 minutes per day. Some of them are like 2-hour seminars you have to watch, so this little 15 minute system is pretty good so I can do it while I eat breakfast. And actually I was very impressed when I went to the site with how it’s setup. The wheel where you rate yourself, it just seems a lot more personal.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Preston S. Preston S. Thriver
  • “You are doing something SO right! Thank you for the innovative approach to business-building know-how and personal skills. On top of the goodness we found on the website, you surprised us by taking it a notch higher.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Melissa C. Melissa C. Ten Cent Coffee
  • “ Totally enjoy the videos and I find them very useful and practical. Thanks for having such a great platform for intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs alike. Thrive15 is set for huge things and I wish you all the best! Best regards, Jeannie”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Jeannie C. Jeannie C. Thriver
  • “Thank you SO much for coming to Houston to speak to our organization! It was super – I feel motivated to block out quiet reflection time every day and be more consistent with my scheduling of marketing activities! I look forward to meeting you again – onward and upward!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Margaret J. Margaret J. President - Ideal Training Inc.
  • “Also, I wanted to thank you for the difference Thrive 15 has made in my career, which has experienced some significant changes since I was in Tulsa last December. My company (not my side business) had a change in leadership and some external challenges that gave me the opportunity to step up as a leader and manager. I would not have been able to do so without Thrive 15 - especially the leadership, team building and management sessions. I've been promoted to Vice President and added to our executive leadership team as a direct consequence of those actions. The promotion even came with a big company SUV - although not a hummer with my face wrapped on it unfortunately. Thanks again for the good work that you're doing which is transforming lives. Best regards to you and your team.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Donna M. Donna M. Thriver
  • “I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone at Thrive15. I joined my father in our small family business about 10 yrs ago. While we have grown, I have really only created a very demanding and low pay job for myself. Last year I told my wife I would give everything I have to the business for one more year. After that I would just go get a normal job. We needed to make more money but the only way we could do that is to do more jobs which require me to work even more .. not sustainable. I have already spent plenty of time reading books and listening to various business podcasts relating to business but few seemed to touch on the real things small business owners have to deal with. A few months ago I heard Clay on the Profit First Podcast. I was intrigued and decided to look him up and discovered Thrive15. I decided to give it a chance and actually signed up while stressing out about business during our family vacation. I navigated a little without much expectation. I didn’t really dig in too deep until I started listening to the podcasts. All of a sudden things started to make sense to me. In just a few short months we have totally turned our business upside down by completely reorganizing our shop and have actually made our first real hire. While we have a very long way to go and much more to learn, I actually have hope again that we can be successful. I wake up every morning now with a renewed love for the business and have no problems putting in late evenings and weekends. Since there is now a purpose and a goal it is not a burden to do so. You guys have no idea the change you have brought into the life of my family and business. It really is sort of like having a business coach. It can be lonely at times trying to run a business, not many other people get excited about talking about making checklists lol. I really do not feel alone and aimless anymore. This may all sound a little sappy but it is the truth. I have since been reading the Start Here Book and plan to try to attend a conference in the near future. I would love to one day be able to afford the personal business coaching but y’all have given me plenty to keep me busy until then. Again, Thanks for all you are providing at Thrive, it really is changing lives.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial |  Greg W Greg W Owner, Wild’s Cabinets & Flooring
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Kiley Kiley Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Zach Melendrez Zach Melendrez Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Tim Houser Tim Houser President of Askew-Houser Funeral Homes, Inc.
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | "He kept my attention, very active. Fun!" Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Hanna Walters Hanna Walters Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Hannah Carranza & April Segretto Hannah Carranza & April Segretto Thrivers
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Betty Brown Betty Brown Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Marty Lehman Marty Lehman Safety & PR for Mining Corporation
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | "Clay is one of the most entertaining & intelligent speakers I've had the privilege to come see" Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Sahar Zair Sahar Zair Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Steve Hulsey Steve Hulsey Residential Window Service
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Stan Greil Stan Greil Thriver
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Cody Wickersheim Cody Wickersheim Industrial Mining
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Steve Hart Steve Hart Executive VP of Badger Mining
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Dan Valeket Dan Valeket Industrial Mining
  • Thrive15 Testimonial | Clay Staires Clay Staires Founder of Leadership Intiative
  • “"Thanks again for a great presentation at our Messenger sales meeting. Several things you discussed have really opened my eyes to areas I can definitely improve. I've started recording my phone sales calls and it's crazy how such a simple practice can reveal so many areas for improvement!"”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Brad Brad Messenger Services
  • ““Clay, this is a game changer for me. Working with you has opened my eyes to so many things that are blocking me. It’s just been three weeks and I’m seeing mindset changes that need to happen for me. I’m in a different place! This is going to be a lot of hard work. But the potential for my company just went through the roof!””
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Brian Brian Home Builder
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Tyler Hastings Tyler Hastings Delricht Research
  • “With the teams marketing plan, our leads from the Internet were up 257% from 2015 to 2016.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Dr. Chris Tricinella Dr. Chris Tricinella
  • “The team was instrumental in launching my personal brand into the Tulsa market as a main news anchor. Our competitors had been in Tulsa for 20+ years with news but with the strategic marketing and promotional strategies resulted in the station becoming one of the top affiliates in the country and our news team quickly became a household name.”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Chera Kimiko Chera Kimiko News Anchor at KOTV News on 6
  • “Five phone calls today from seeing us on Google today for vehicle wraps and one for window tint. Boom!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Ryan Meyers Ryan Meyers CEO, Transit Advertising
  • “$93,000 in sales and $50,000 in profit in one month. Last 2 years was $0 in profit!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Ethan Ethan Ethan, Peak Medical
  • “By implementing an accountability system we were able to raise prices by less than 5% and raise profitability by 18%!! We are now opening our SECOND store!”
    Thrive15 Testimonial | Doug M Doug M Gaetano's Pizza Owner
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