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What Thrivers Are Saying

See what Thrivers like you are saying about Thrive15.com and the impact it has made on their life.

Video Testimonials

Check out some loving videos we got from our current Thrivers.

Thrive15 Testimonial | Kat G. Thrive15 Testimonial | Clay S.
Thrive15 Testimonial | Jennifer T.
Thrive15 Testimonial | Nick S. Thrive15 Testimonial | Dan S.
Thrive15 Testimonial | Stephen N.
Thrive15 Testimonial | Bang the Gong

Audio Testimonials

If your ears are still itching to hear what people are saying about Thrive15.com, stream this baby!

See what Thrivers like you are saying about Thrive15.com and the impact it has made on their life.

  • "I think if you were to go to one of those sites that evaluate schools, Cornell architecture would rank in the top 3 in the US. When you go to Cornell, and I'm sure it hasn't changed, there's no, almost zero training on how to be an entrepreneur and how to run a business. And whatever is provided is not considered to be important by the students; they don't prioritize that at the time. They prioritize studio classes, and the professors who have never built anything are giving them critiques on their work and stuff like that. And when go out in the real world, you enter this world of entrepreneurship."

    - John F. | Southport, CT

  • "I have been getting on YouTube, everything i need to know about life I learn on YouTube. Anything I do at work I learn from YouTube so I have been trying to find videos and expertise and guidance on accounting and budgeting and stuff like that but I have never had any kind of classes in that. So when I heard about this it kind of fell right into my lap… I have been thinking about trying to take a business class but the thing is, it's a class. I am a hands on type of guy. So to go to a school and to have to do four years worth of basic math and poetry and sculpting classes just so I can learn what I really want to learn, I don't have time for that. I have two businesses I have to run plus a kid, so if its something that is an online course that I can take in my, what would be, off time then it is absolutely worth trying!"

    - Tyler L. | Military Thriver

  • "It started off as listening to it, then I started watching it, and I was like Oh my god, where has this been my whole life? This is incredible. And I just started watching one after another… And I love the test questions, the test questions, really got me to think about things that I haven't really thought about before. I can raise capital, I actually know people how to raise capital, but I have no idea what I really want to do. And that's the thing, trying to figure out what I want to do, that's the only thing holding me back."

    - David G. | Danbury, CT | Thriver of the Month (October 2014)

  • "I feel like I am an entrepreneur at heart. Yes I am in the military, but I don't foresee it being a lifetime career. Even if it is, afterwards I still want to open my own business some day. I am always finding new ways to get smart on today's entrepreneurship."

    - Kate T. | Military Thriver

  • "Specifically, one of the things that I agree so much with: a lot of people have this misconception that if you get a degree and go through college, that you're automatically going to make money. Things that I've seen really, especially now, nothing's a guarantee. And there are a lot of people that don't know how to make money. That's one thing that struck me is how do you take it to the next level."

    - Cy F. | Tulsa, OK

  • "Being ex-military I know that you follow someone through a minefield rather than trudge your own path. And it's the same in business, it's like a minefield. If you don't watch out, you're gonna step on those mines. So I figured, any mentoring that has systems to help avoid mines is better than none."

    - Dan L. | Military Veteran

  • "I love the idea of what you guys are doing. Just doing this education in the first place is a pretty awesome thing. The fact that you guys have built something that doesn't seem like learning; you know you got that points thing they talk about, I really like that idea. It adds a different element to learning, it makes things a little more fun. It's not as much pressure to learn things. It really is the cutting edge of education I think. I really love the layout like that, I think it's the future of education."

    - Chris H. | Navy / Army Vet 

  • "We both feel like we're in this weird place in our life right now, in a good way, personally, spiritually, business-wise, we're in such a growth mindset, we're so hungry to learn. Our thoughts are changing, we were both raised with nothing and have worked hard our whole lives but for somebody else. We never really, we didn't have examples or mentors to say it's really important to have a personal growth plan and to develop yourself as a person, and in the business world as well. It just seems like everything has just kind of clicked… So we're just ravenous for information and education, and so that's what really spurred it to start off, we just couldn't get enough. Seriously, every spare minute at night, we're watching Thrive."

    - AJ H. | Tulsa, OK

  • "I don't usually reply to standard welcome messages, but I had to make an exception for this! I'm just getting started on the site, look forward to learning a ton from the mentors. Thank you and the team for your work on this resource."

    - Corinne C. | Singapore

  • "Nicely done! Definitely something above and beyond that separates you guys from the pack. It really is those little details that make all the difference. I'm loving the site and all of the content so far… I have a college degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and the information found in these lessons is far superior and more applicable than anything I learned in college! Thanks for kicking out such great content. I look forward to working my may through the videos, re-watching many of them, and sharing this great resource with my friends and peers looking to get out of the 9-5 grind someday soon. Thrive on!"

    - Chris M. | Grand Forks, ND

  • "One thing I hate is that I'm in school and I feel like school is winning. It's holding me back, and I know it's holding me back, and I just hate that. So any chance that I can, I'm just trying to learn something else, and make sure that my business and my goal is moving ahead and it's not waiting for 4 years or 5 years. Another fun fact about me is that my family moved here from Ukraine 10 years ago. All we had was $300."

    - Mykhaylo P. | Originally From Ukraine

  • "Seriously, I cannot thank you, your staff and everybody enough for making everything that you guys do just … What it's been from me and people like me all over the country even though I know that your Beta. I look forward to what you guys are able to do for everyone all over the world and in the masses. It's just absolutely amazing and I thank you and thank you to your staff for everything because without all of this and your vision it wouldn't be possible. Thank you so much. Have a great day and thank you again."

    - Julie N. | Las Vegas, NV | Boost Package Winner

  • "I'm an entrepreneur and building a business right now. I'm about 8 months into my adventure. Any kind of inspiration, guidance that I can get to get better at building the business, I'm all about that. It sounds like the courses, and the presentation, is really impressive and you know that's what attracted me to the site. I decided to enroll and start taking advantage of the site and the content that's there. It's very straight forward and the subject matter. experts there, and 15 minutes per day creates a habit that you can start to do on a daily basis. I think it's very resourceful."

    - Daryn B. | Capistrano, CA

  • "I actually really like this because I just, whenever Clay talked about yesterday how you don't need to go to college, I have been stressing about that. I just went to college last year, for a year. And I didn't get my degree, I haven't finished. I was like Do I really need to do this." All of the classes I took I was like, Well, I already know THAT information. This is information I already know. I need different information. I don't care about this information, I need different information that I'm not getting access to." So this is another reason why I like Thrive, because I feel like I'm getting the information I want as opposed the information I don't want, that I'm paying for that I don't want."

    - Angela M. | Baraboo, WI

  • "It's an interesting concept. I've always been interested in business and startups and growing a business and everything. We have a business, an online business, and I also operate MissionStatement.com. So it was an interesting concept to me doing kind of like business school but from people who have actually done it versus people who are more theoretical about it. I don't have a lot of time to do classes but I'm definitely interested in starting to know more about the Thrive15!"

    - Yolanda L. | Alexandria, VA

  • "I'm a huge fan of the online classroom idea. I've helped businesses put on quite a few webinars and seminars, and coordinating sort of email push programs for businesses. I'm a big fan of that style… and I thought that I like the way it is set up. One of the things that I personally found is that I think that many of those programs tend to be aimed towards more of a female demographic and this isn't. Something that I've run into with my husband is that right now he is limited non-military professional development that he can do just because of time. Afghanistan keeps him busy. He still has a couple years before he gets out, but with everything that's going on we're trying to be proactive and be prepared; the job security isn't quite what it used to be with veterans."

    - Kristen S. | Wife of Military Thriver

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