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Becoming Wealthy

This transcript features Clay Clark (Founder and COO of Thrive15.com) and Tim Redmond (Business Consultant and Growth Coach) teaching practical steps on how to become wealthy on Thrive15.com, one of the top business schools in PA.


Clay: Tim Redmond how are you my friend?

Tim:  I am doing great Clay, so good to be here today.

Clay:  Since last time I saw you, you've spoken Brazil; is that right? Were you in Brazil?  Where'd you speak? The big audience that's on Facebook where were you? 

Tim:  That was Brasilia, went to Rio. I just got back from Quebec which is a little bit north of Rio in Canada. Actually, went out to the country of California and just came back there yesterday.

Clay: Well, not to one up you, but for any of the Thrivers watching this I went to Old Boggy. That's a town outside of Tulsa.

Tim: Old Boggy I like it. Yes.

Clay:  I went to Old Boggy. While you were going to Brazil, I went to Old Boggy. I know you're jealous.

Tim:  Yes.

Clay:  For anybody watching this today before we get going as we teach this step-by-step guide to becoming wealthy, the reason why I'm so excited about talking about this is because thrivers are always asking, "Where do I start? What is like the first step I need to take?" Today we're going to be getting into the specific step-by-step action steps you need to take to go from where you are to where you want to be.

 Before we dive in too deep into it, I just wanted to really just give you a little bit of background as to who Tim Redmond is in case you haven't watched any of the other series or maybe you haven't watched his bio segment. Here we go. Tim has been featured in John Maxwell's famous Twenty One Laws Of Leadership book, the best selling book. You've spoken around the world this month. You've help grow tax and accounting software from two employees to four-hundred employees which actually generated over a $120,000,000.00 of profits before selling it to a Fortune 1000 company. Tim, could you tell us a little bit about your background and some of the challenges that you dealt with growing up? 

Tim:  Well, I mean I love business, love growing businesses. I started out really rough. When I was born, I was born with complications, a cleft palate, had numerous operations. They didn't expect me to live hardly through the first couple weeks. Had broke my leg several times as a little kid, was deathly afraid of my own shadow, was very introverted. I grew up in a very large family. There's eleven of us kids. We were a football team coming in to a place here.

Clay: Eleven?

Tim: It was eleven. Same mom and dad or at least they claimed that. I'm sure that some of my brothers and sisters or maybe myself was adopted. That's all okay. We all worked together. Whenever we came into a place, everybody knew the Redmond's had shown up. "Do you have a brother named ... ?" I'd say, "I have a brother named whatever you're going to say. I have a brother named that."

Anyway, had a number of challenges, had even three of my siblings that were killed in various accidents. I was in an accident with one of them. Had to learn to read and write all over again. They didn't expect me to live through it. My brother died. They didn't expect me to live. It was just overcoming a lot of obstacles, a lot of challenges.

Clay:  If you're watching this and I know that because of the time and the Thrive edutainment format a lot of times we don't deep dive into certain things. You've obviously grown up with physical disabilities. You've lost three of your siblings. If you've watching this and you're dealing with some stuff, we've all dealt with some stuff. We don't want you to feel like you're not qualified to achieve success just because you've had some adversity.

 What we're going to be doing today is we're going to be going through each one of these step-by-step processes here. As we go through these we're going to be bombarding you with a notable, quotable, statistic. Just a fire hose of knowledge. It's going to be awesome. What we're going to do though, Tim, I'm going to ask you to breakdown each one of these points into some third-grade knowledge, so at least I understand what's going on.

If you are interested in one of the top business schools in PA, then checkout Thrive15.com.

Tim: Yes, let's do it.

Clay:The third-grade level and share some big stories with us.

Tim: I'd love to.

Clay:  It's just going to be a lot of fun. Let's go ahead and dive into it like an Olympic diver. Tim, here we go.

Tim:  Boom.

Clay:  Step number one: Take complete ownership of your life. Tim, according to the June 6, 2014, article that appeared on cbsnews.com on their Money Watch segment, six out of ten Americans ... Probably not you people but other people. Six out of ten Americans do not believe that the American dream is possible. They believe that the American dream is dead according to this recent poll. Tim, without getting political in your mind why is this? Why are people not believing anymore the American dream is possible?

Tim: I believe that they're not playing with their full heart. They've been discouraged. They've been knocked down. They have been disappointed. They've tried things that didn't seem to work. A lot of it has to do with this first thing of really taking ownership, complete ownership. What we end up doing is we end up, when bad things happen to us, we either blame ourselves and go down into the depths of despair or we blame other people or blame the economy. We never take an ownership of what we need to take ownership of to help push us forward.

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