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Big Fan

In this transcript Arthur Greeno (Chick-fil-A franchise owner)  and Clay Clark (Founder of Thrive15.com, one of the top business schools in PA) discuss the importance of turning your buyers into big fans.

Clay Clark:    What companies in your mind are known for welling customers? Someone that I thought of was I thought of Whole Foods, Apple, you’ve got South West airlines, Starbucks. There are companies that you look to and go, “Man they set the standard.”

Arthur Greeno:    Disney.

Clay Clark:    Okay.

Arthur Greeno:    Disney is phenomenal.

Clay Clark:    This is an example of wowing the customer. You told me a story the other at church which just blew … No, your wife, your beautiful wife told me the story at church. You go into Disney world and somebody got sick, right?

Arthur Greeno:    Yeah, one of my sons got dehydrated. It was towards the last days of Disney and we said, “Hey, let’s go. The park hopper pass.” Which is an upgraded pass so that you can go from park to park. We said we are going to go to every park. We got on there … Again I have six kids, and we went about 30 feet in the main street and he threw up everywhere just right there in the middle of main street.

Clay Clark:    He loses it.

Arthur Greeno:    I apologize Mickey, you had to clean your shoes, but that’s how it works.

Clay Clark:    Did you get it on his shoes?

Arthur Greeno:    No, we actually, but it might. Anyway, we stayed in that one park for the rest of the day and we made sure we took care of our son, took him in the air conditioning, got water in his system and everything was fine. I thought, “I paid for an upgraded service but I wasn’t able to do it because my son got sick.” I called and said, “Is there a way that I can … We had a good time we had fun but can I get a refund on that part?” It probably would have been a refund about $200. They responded with, “Send us the information send us your tickets.” I sent it all to them and they were verifying that what I was saying was accurate. Then they asked, “Are you telling me you didn’t have a magical time?” I was like, “My son got sick I guess we didn’t but the rest of the days we had a good time.” She turns around says, “Well, because you didn’t have a magical time on that day and I noticed on the day before that you guys left early.”

I said, “We did leave early because my kids were all worn out.” She said, “We are going to go ahead and send you two free all day park hoper tickets for your entire family ...” I think it was $1800 value or something of that obscene nature, “… so that next time you can come and have a magical experience.” We did and we went back a couple of years later. I told hundreds about this story. When I look at that I always go to that Chick-fil-A saying, “I remember what Disney did for me.” I always walk only going that’s amazing. 

Clay Clark:    We are trying to help the folks out there that maybe have a business and they are having a hard time. People always say you need to generate word of mouth. Have you ever talked to a business owner they say, well … If you’ve ever had to a successful company they say, “Well, all of our business comes from word of mouth.” That’s wonderful but how you generate the word of mouth. I’m just trying to give some ideas here maybe to help the entrepreneur out there that feels like, that’s great for Disney and that’s great for Chick-fil-A but what about for my business? 

    One of the companies I work with is an appliance store. In this appliance store I convince these guys to start making fresh baked cookies every single day. They have these great appliances and I’m like, “Why don’t you fire them up make cookies, have milk, people come in offer it to them, put out a tent up front, do some fun things, do inflatable for the kids on the weekend?” They are going, “We are an appliance store why would we do inflatables?” I’m like, “Because humans buy appliances and usually the humans who buy the appliances are the wives and usually the wives have the kids and if the kids come then they …”

Arthur Greeno:    Absolutely.

Clay Clark:    … “are just having a big booming year because we’ve got inflatables and cookies in the appliance store.” Let’s pretend for a second you put on the hat thinking cap for a second. You and I go in together and we buy Arthur’s Muffler Shop.

Arthur Greeno:    Awesome.

Clay Clark:    How can we wow the customer? What are some ideas you would have. Instead of just giving me the invoice where it’s printed out on that old school paper where it’s like.

Arthur Greeno:    It’s half-greasy.

Clay Clark:    Half-greasy and the guy with the fingers that are all dirty and he is typing on the computer keyboard it’s just nasty and he types with the two fingers. How do we go from there to wowing the customer, we just replaced the Muffler how are we going to wow them?

Arthur Greeno:    I would say let’s start with what’s the experience when the person walks in? The person is expecting … No one is thrilled to go to a muffler shop. You already know you are going to have to spend some money, you already know that you are going to have to do something you didn’t want to do. Thrive15.com can help people have a great experience at your business as one of the top business schools in PA.

Clay Clark:    We are walking into the Muffler shop, we are walking in let’s pretend this is our …

Arthur Greeno:    That’s multipurpose building there.

Clay Clark:    Let’s pretend this is our lobby for some reason it’s doing a lot of Chick-fil-A business too but no. Anyways you have this Muffler shop; you walk in the entrance here talk to me about the experience that you would create here for this Muffler shop.

Arthur Greeno:    For me when I walk into a lot of Muffler shops I would walk in and you probably smell the smell of gasoline or oil and so it would be like what does it smell like.

Clay Clark:    Let’s go with the smell. We don’t have to get into the specifics tonight maybe, unless you want to but we want to talk about the smell.

Arthur Greeno:    Yeah.

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