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Damario Solomon Story

In this episode, Clay Clark (US Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner) and Damario Solomon-Simmons (Attorney at Law) discuss the type of people who want to be entrepreneurs on Thrive15.com, one of the top business schools in PA.

Clay:    Now a lot of people say this who want to be entrepreneurs. Once you’re an entrepreneur you quit saying this, but a lot of people who want to be an entrepreneur will say this. They will say, “Well, you just have to be in the right place at the right time.” However, the gentleman who started at McDonalds, Ray Kroc, he says one of the most important requirements for major success is being in the right place at the right time and doing something about it. You seem like you do something about it. What’s your process for getting yourself in the right place in the right time around the right people? What is your process? What do you [crosstalk 00:00:44]?

Damario:    One thing is to be very intentional. I figured out a long time ago that life at the core of everything is all about relationships. That’s the best. Outside of your time, the best asset is relationships. Obviously, we want to have liquid wealth and tangible assets, real estate, but time and relationships, so I was very intentional of what the relationships I want to make. I would do things like, when I was thinking about being a football coach, I literally went out to Nashville, Tennessee for the National Association of Coaches convention and literally just booked a flight there and got to Nashville, Tennessee.

I did not have a room, I was not registered for the conference, but I said, “I need to be there,” because if I want to be a coach, I need to be where coaches are, and from that experience, I met people. A coach was leaving, let me live in a room that was already paid for, and I met people. In fact, I had a job offer. I tell my wife all the time. I had a job offer from Jack Harbaugh, and I don’t know if you’re a football fan, but Jack Harbaugh has two sons, John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh. Yeah, I tell my wife all the time, I didn’t take that job because she didn’t want to move to Kentucky. I said, “I could be in the Super Bowl,” but anyways, absolutely you have to be able to understand that principle.

    Thrive15.com is meant to inspire you and is one of the top business schools in PA.

Clay:    You could have been coaching.

Damario:    I could have been coaching.

Clay:    Now you coach clients. 

Damario:    I think absolutely. I still coach, just not football.

Clay:    No, I think before you’ve been able to coach clients, you’ve learned to be able to coach yourself.

Damario:    Right.

Clay:    Is there anything that you do on a daily basis? What’s your routine? I’m just going to put it up here on the board because this is big. I want to get into the science here. What time do you typically wake up?

Damario:    If I’m doing things the way I want to, I get up at 6am.

Clay:    6am is like the target.

Damario:    Right.

Clay:    It means things are starting off right.

Damario:    Now you’re up at 6am. What happens then?

Clay:    You want full?

Damario:    I do. I want to know, because I think there’s a lot of people that are going, “I want to be successful. I’m waking up though at noon and I’m not making a plan.”

Clay:    When I get up at 6am, the first thing I do is I pray.

Damario:    You pray.

Clay:    Then I go, and then I’m in the bathroom. I handle the bathroom essentials.

Damario:    You get ready.

Clay:    Right.

Damario:    Then I come out and I do my quiet time.

Clay:    Quiet time after you pray, after the …

Damario:    The initial prayer is thank God, “I’m thankful for being up.” Once I put my feet on the ground and everything is working, my eyes is working, my ears, I can hear, all that stuff. That’s a short prayer.

Clay:    You’re getting ready and then you’re having your prayer, quiet time here.

Damario:    Yeah, quiet time, and what I do, I pray and I read something, usually a devotional, and I try to spend 10 minutes in meditation.

Clay:    When are you done with that process, like 7?

Damario:    No, that goes from 6 to 6:30.

Clay:    6 to 6:30 is when we’re doing this here, and then what happens?

Damario:    Then I take my dog out.

Clay:    Take the dog, what kind of dog do you have?

Damario:    I have a Yorkie terrier that will be 17 years old in May. He’s blind. He can barely hear, and I have to pack him around like he’s a little kid, and it’s the funniest thing.

Clay:    You are a devoted father of that dog, right?

Damario:    I am devoted father of that dog.

Clay:    Now, so at 6:30 you’re out walking the dog, taking the dog out. What happens next?

Damario:    Then I come back in and then I work out.

Clay:    You work out. From when to when?

Damario:    I just try to work out from about 6:45 to about 7:30.

Clay:    7:30 you’re working out. This is your ideal day here …

Damario:    My ideal day.

Clay:    … then what happens?

Damario:    Then I come back, I do my after-workout shake, and then I take my shower.

Clay:    Shake and shower.

Damario:    Yeah, that’s about, probably about …

Clay:    That should be a new restaurant, Shake and Shower.

Damario:    That’s probably until around about 8 to 8:15, 8:20.

Clay:    Yup, got it, now what happens?

Damario:    Then I try to read the USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the Tulsa World.

Clay:    Really, so your USA Today, you’ve got the Wall Street Journal, you’re reading. Then, when do you stop that?

Damario:    I usually do that up to about 9, 9:10, 9:15.

Clay:    Then what happens?

Damario:    Then I walk next door to my office and I try to get there at 9:30 and start the day.

Clay:    9:30 you’re in your office, and then you jam out there until when? When are you …?

Damario:    6:30.

Clay:    You work until 6:30.

Damario:    I consider from 9:30 to 6:30.

Clay:    6:30.

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