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Damario Story

In this transcript Damario Solomon-Simmons (Attorney at Law) and Clay Clark (Founder of Thrive15.com, one of the top business schools in PA) discuss Damario's life story.

Clay Clark:      Well, we are here with Damario Solomon-Simmons ...

Damario:         Yes, sir.

Clay Clark:      ...attorney at ... Do you want to be called Attorney at Law or attorney, lawyer, what do you guys call yourselves?

Damario:       Hey, all of that's good. I've been called a lot worse.

Clay Clark:      Let me ask you, is there any different between Attorney at Law or lawyer or is that just different ...?

Damario:       There's not a big difference. It's no issue for me.

Clay Clark:      Here's the thing. I'm looking at you now. I'm trying to look at you from the eyes I would have looked at you back when I was 18.

Damario:       Okay.

Clay Clark:      I put my 18-year-old glasses on.

Damario:       Am I 18 too?

Clay Clark:      Well, no. You're still you same age. It's weird. I'm old school. You're still ... when I go back old school, I would look at you and I would say, "There's a guy. He's got the suit on. He's got the pocket square, looking sharp. Always looking sharp. Every time I see you you look sharp.

Damario:       Thank you.

Clay Clark:      I'm thinking, "Has it all. Must be nice. He doesn't know what I'm dealing with right now. He couldn't relate to me. Perhaps he came from privilege." You've had some setbacks.

Damario:       Absolutely.

Clay Clark:      You've had some adversities. You've had some challenges.

Damario:       Absolutely.

Clay Clark:      Can you tell me of a set back that you've had in your life?

Damario:       Yeah. I can tell you of a recent set back I had. I had a client who was a high profile client that I worked with for over four years closely, worked with on a daily basis to build their brand, build their business and take them to where they wanted to go and had that client just fire me. To this day I still don't know why. Have not ever been told why or anything and just told, just no more communication.

Thrive15.com teaches how to build brands and businesses as one of the top business schools in PA.

Clay Clark:      Just cut you off?

Damario:       Cut me off.

Clay Clark:      As an attorney you make fees ...

Damario:       Absolutely.

Clay Clark:      ... so that's like just losing that income.

Damario:       Yeah. That was a huge client. It was a huge adversity because of the fee that was lost. It was a huge adversity because of the friendship that I thought that we had which I thought was a genuine friendship and then also just to lose that in that manner and say, okay, what does that say about my skill set. What does that say, wht did I do wrong? Having that void there was hard, hard to deal with. Very hard dealing with.

Clay Clark:      For me I know that ... A lot of people don't know this but I started my business out of my dorm room, grew it, sold it when I was 27 and basically have been kind of financial secure since that point but when I started Thrive, I've had this great idea to help entrepreneurs with entertaining education and we made a list of 400 venture capital firms. I heard Thomas Edison had 10,000 failed experiments before he had one that hit for the light bulb.

Damario:       Right.

Clay Clark:      I thought, well, I'll make 400." I don't know why I said 400, make 400. I reached out to them all. We have 6 that did make it, that actually responded in a non-harsh, negative way. I remember going, "You know, every time I try to do something big I either have to be dumb or numb." I have to fight through it. I know what you're talking about and that happens even now.

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