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Give to Others First

In this transcript, Caleb Taylor (Thrive15 correspondent) and Clay Clark (Founder of Thrive15.com, one of the top business schools in PA) discuss the importance of giving to others first.

Clay:        Yeah, what's up?

Caleb:    We're talking about networking today.

Clay:    Boom.

Caleb:    The topic that we're focusing on is how giving to others first is important.

Clay:    Sure that.

Caleb:    Give to others first and we all like to receive gifts and services.

Clay:    Did you like your birthday gift?

Caleb:    I was just hoping that ... I did.

Clay:    Okay.

Caleb:    That was one of the weirdest birthday notes. The gift was a book and on its cover it said, "Happy birthday, Caleb. Get back to work now." That was it. That was my birthday note. I loved it [crosstalk 00:01:31].

Clay:    Well, it came from a real place.

Caleb:    I know. I love it. It was great.

Clay:    Okay. Good to see you.

Caleb:    What people love to see, love to receive gifts, love services when you present a value. They love that.

Clay:    They do.

Caleb:    That builds rapport and you believe that that's something people need to plan out and then do every time they're networking.

Clay:    This is sort of a crazy power and I don't want to get off of here, but I want to throw it out here for you. The law of reciprocity as defined by Napoleon Hill is unbelievable.

Caleb:    Break that down again.

Clay:    The law of reciprocity as defined by Napoleon Hill is unbelievable. Here's what happens is, is that unless you like a hole in your soul, if you throw a gift to somebody and you exceed their expectations and you wow them and you give them, not flattery, but a sincere gift and a compliment and a verbal bouquet of celebrating their life and achievements and you help them. They feel inside this inner like gravitational pull pulling them back to you like they have to reciprocate. They're like, "God, I feel like I ... " You don't believe me, check this out. 

    My son is six. What happens is he's going to turn seven. What will happen is people will send out invites to the party. Let's say, all my son's friends, their names are Jackson for some reason. All his friends are Jackson. Anyway, you invite the Jacksons to a party. Let me tell you what, when the Jacksons are planning their kid's party, they're going to be like, "We should probably invite Aubrey too because he invited us," thus reciprocation. You go, "We're talking about parties. We're not talking about business." 

    In business, the same thing happens. This law, you see it in the life of kids birthday parties. I'll give you an example. My daughter used to go to Metro Christian, which is a great school and all of these girls, they invited my daughter to this party. This one girl she had to make sure she has a massive birthday party and she invites all the girls to come to her party. She's like five or six. Then we're planning my daughter's party. We don't even know these kids and we're like, "I think we should invite this kid and that kid because after all, they did invite us to their party." 

    Unless you have a hole in your soul, you're going to want to reciprocate. That's how it work. The whole idea is that you could activate the law of reciprocation by doing unto others first what you'd have them do unto you later.

Caleb:    Can you find this in Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich?

Clay:    Well, Napoleon Hill has these books. They're called The Laws of Success which are kind of a ... It's right here, The Laws of Success and these books here, you talk about ... This book, I read ... Every time I read this book, it sort of ... 

Caleb:    What is it like?

Clay:    Oh my gosh. I mean, it's powerful and he lays itout here. It says, " The power that can bring you whatever you want on the earth," The Mastermind. He talks about building a network here. This book, I'm not kidding you, like every time I read it like ... If I read this book, I will make immensely more money that ... I got to have to just put it down because it's like ... 

Caleb:    Too much money.

Clay:    Literally, it creates so many opportunities.

Caleb:    Yeah.

Clay:    I do it and it keeps me busy for a year. This book here, I'm just going to let you [inaudible 00:04:49] on this cover here for a minute, but it's unbelievable the power on this book.

Caleb:    I love it.


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