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Happiness Is Your Decision

This transcript features Clay Clark (COO of Thrive15.com) and Tim Redmond (Business Consultant and Growth Coach) who talk about happiness being your decision. Subscribe to Thrive15.com so you can be a part of the top business schools in PA!


Tim:                I know I've arrived when I've got a 2 wow thing, when somebody says, "Wow," and then just subconsciously they say it backwards a second time. Just something to think about. Seriously, they are saying, "Wow. Wow." If it gets 2 wows, I'm like, "Yes! I'm going there. I'm making it."

Clay:                Let's think about it real quick. Disney World. You walk on to the park. I was just there with Lee Cockerell, who used to manage that place, and I go, "That volcano. Wow."

Tim:                Wow.

Clay:                Then the customer service, just the way people ... There's no trash on the ground. There's millions of people and there was no trash on the ground. Again, it's that, "Whoa."

Tim:                I actually have a story in my book, Power to Create. I say this when I'm talking about the wow. I love talking about the wow. I actually talk about my experience in Disney World. I got to talk to Lee about this, where my kids are riding rides. I've paid all this money for my kids to ride rides and do all this stuff here. I'm spending the day picking up and crumpling up napkins and throwing them on the ground. I'm looking at how long it takes for they have somebody to come by. Honest to goodness, I'm doing this. How long it takes for them to come by and pick it up. I actually took the paper and hid it into the trees, honest to goodness. The whole day was doing this. The longest it took, even hiding it up, there's this one place that's got the trash can and it's got this little ... The thing goes up into these trees a little bit, and you can see it plain as day. Three minutes is the maximum time that I had. Usually what happens when I tell that story, the entire crowd goes, "Wow." I said, "That's it. That is why Disney has this thing." That is a wow experience.

Clay:                Lee would probably hate you and or love you for this. I don't know how it would go. I think you at some point ...

Tim:                Honest to goodness I did this.

Clay:                This is amazing. Lee, when you watch these, just know he did that with love. He was just doing some market research there. Now, final key to happiness. Final thing that there's a lot of ways to be happy. There are the big 3 I hear all the time, is you have to be fired up with enthusiasm or be fired with enthusiasm. The hall of fame football coach Vince Lombardi.

Tim:                I love it.

Clay:                This guy, if you're not into football, the point is, he took a lackluster group of guys who, historically it's been shown, they didn't have much talent.

Tim:                We love cheese.

Clay:                He convinced this group of men, the Packers, that they could in fact be the world's best football team if they would just come together and bring enthusiasm in a pursuit of excellence. This is his quote. He says, "If you aren't fired up with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm." Again, "If you aren't fired up with enthusiasm, you will be fired, as in cut from the football team, with enthusiasm." What does that mean?

Tim:                It requires us to play on the stage of life. I'm an entrepreneur. Whatever that is, we almost glorify that, but you are a creator of value and service, and you want to do that. The service and product is so valuable, and the way you deliver it is so unique and remarkable, that is causes people to say, "Wow." What this says to me is you will not and cannot be successful unless you carry it out with enthusiasm. "I'm just so depressed. I'm so down." I'm like, "Sit up! Get involved! Jump in! Don't play not to lose. Play to win!"

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Clay:                Here's something, because we own a video company and a photography business. One thing that makes me just insane, but if you watch James Cameron. That's the guy who came up with Titanic and Avatar.

Tim:                Oh gees, yeah. Titanic and Avatar.

Clay:                He's not a college graduate. If you look at Spielberg, super successful director and screenplay writer. If we look at George Lucas. I've read as much as we can find on these guys, and I've watched interviews with them. They are passionate. They are excited. They are into the movie. When they're making the movie, they're into that movie.

Tim:                Sure. They absorb it.

Clay:                Then I meet these guys that come out of film school who, you can't hear them talk. They bring no enthusiasm to any conversation. They look tired all the time. They say, "I'm artistic. I'm more introverted."

Tim:                And you're poor too, aren't you?

Clay:                You are poor.

Tim:                That's what I ask them.

Clay:                I'm just saying, the enthusiastic people in any profession are the ones who ultimately win.

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